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Idle musings

Post by Jake » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:23 pm

The half-orc lay back against the headboard, a pillow cushioned under the small of his back, as he eyed Taneth and smiled to himself. He ran a heavily calloused finger down a line of polished stones embedded into the back of the bracer he wore on his right arm, glass, jade, glass, jade, ruby, jade, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, emerald, a blue opal, emerald, and then newest additions of another diamond, emerald, and a yellow opal. His finger paused on the last stone, and his eyes glanced to the table beside the bed where his other bracer rested. Mounted on the back of the leather bracer was MoonBeryl. The smaller stones on the right-hand bracer reflected his history in the Outback. The stone on the the left-hand bracer, his current rank.

He had never have imagined that he would hold another of them. He chuckled to himself thinking of the blue opal, the one he had nicknamed "BeerCooler" and the use to which he had put it. Taneth peeked back at him to see what he was chuckling about and smiled.

Jake winked at her and continued his musing. The Diamond Quest, the Slugfest tourney, the Tour, it was more dueling than he had done in years. It was good that he had not entirely forgotten how to do it after all the time he spent working at the brewery. Badsider was a success beyond any expectation he could have had. He credited the majority of its success to PJ, and her tireless, even obsessive, promotion of it. Every orc should be so lucky as to have a spokesmodel like PJ. He needed to make a point of speaking with her, soon, about their plans for a spring promotion.

And then there was the Madness tournament. He chuckled again thinking about the joint press release to refute the April Fool's Day prank indicating that he and Maria had withdrawn from the tourney in protest. He had not been so amused at the pounding on his door by the media early Thursday morning, when he was still sleeping, but a few threats of twisting reporters into pretzels had sufficed to chase them away. Then came Maria's call informing him of what was going on. A pretty good prank overall.

He was out of the tournament now, but that was ok. If he was going to lose, he was content with the loss being to Maria. And if they got stuck in the same division again next year, he planned on making sure it was his turn to win again. Still, the orc had not felt right about advancing due to a forfeit. So, by losing to Maria, Jake felt like the worthier dueler was advancing...this year.

And then there was Maria's teasing suggestion that he challenge her for her barony. A barony? For the half-orc? He was pretty sure she did not really mean for him to challenge, but then again Maria tended to be pretty serious about her dueling. Baron Jake Thrash. He rolled that around on his tongue for a few delicious moments. For these many years he had been content with the rank of Warlord. Warlord Jake Thrash had a good ring to it. The kind of ring an orc could appreciate. Baron. The thought lingered in the back of his head.

The half-orc lay back a little, thoughts wandering further. "I dunno about Baron, but Overlord has good sound to it..."

"Hmmmm?" Taneth looked back towards the bed at him. The layout was a simple studio, so the kitchen and dining area shared space with the living area.

Jake chuckled. "Nothing. I was just talkin' to myself." She stuck her tongue out at him and went back to rummaging around the small kitchenette. It was handy having his living space above the brewery.

Watching Taneth move around the kitchen, he was reminded of Jaycy's recent visits. He grinned to himself and wondered whether he could ever talk Taneth into a French maid's outfit. The orc had no idea what or where France was, but he liked the way they dressed their maids.

Jake climbed out of bed and sauntered towards the kitchen to see if Taneth needed any help with breakfast.
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