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Thank You(s)

Post by Goldglo » Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:14 pm

Hi everyone,

I want to say thank you to Random for dreaming up this whole event and for putting in hours and hours of behind the scenes work in setup and doing the standings.

Thank you to Amal for the graphics work and jersey updates.

Thank you to all the sport liasons (G, Neo, Wyh) and to all the callers, both planned and the 'on the spot' folks who volunteered when and where they were needed. Special thanks to Tass who, (and this is ancedotal but I think it's relatively accurate), called more DoF duels in 3 nights than took place during a 2-year span (2006-2008).

Thanks to all the participants who, though it's been a crazy 2 months of dueling, remembered that the duels (and the Tour) aren't about powerdueling, but about roleplaying and having fun. Thank you for sticking it out, especially in the early weeks, during those super-late nights. For those who got too into it and needed a break, thank you for realizing that and for maintaining perspective on the important things.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, the event, and each other these past several weeks and I hope you continue to do so with the Tour now behind us!

--Matt (the real one)
"If you are thinking a year from now, sow seed. If you are thinking ten years from now, plant a tree. If you are thinking one-hundred years from now, educate the people."

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