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Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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Photo Op

Post by Erin Dunbridge » Thu Jan 10, 2008 7:41 pm

"Why am I doing this again?" Erin was straightening G's collar, stepping back to make sure that his unbuttoned collar gave the right ambiance of down to earth while also respectful. She didn't move for a moment, pursing her lips, then with a nod of her head, she pressed down some wayward hair on his head and gave him a nod.

"Because if you really are a man of the people, you'll, you know-- serve the people. That, and I know this is a strange concept to you, G-man, but this is actually the right thing to do. So shut up and smile." She gave him a grin and shoved a shovel into his hand. "And try not to say anything too stupid."

"Who do I look like, Jade?" He rolled his eyes as he passed, and she laughed a bit, shaking her head. As G walked past Erin, she straightened the jacket on her grey pinstriped suit. She had it man-tailored, at least enough so that it gave the appearance of curves. That was another conversation she would have to have with Koy.... Taking her place beside G, he leaned in just a touch to speak in her ear.

"You know I'm just giving you a hard time for making me speak to the press again." Just as he said that, the press itself had started its jabbering. They were gathered on the empty plot of land not far from the orphanage in the WestEnd. Erin's idea had become a reality, simply because she mentioned it to G. She may be a bit fussy, but she certainly was happy.

It was midday and the sun was overhead. The sun was strong enough that the winter chill wasn't as harsh as it had been, and Erin was happy for it, being that she was minus a coat and in pantyhose. G didn't look at all bothered by the weather, though she was certain he wasn't too accustomed to the cold. He was good at seeming unaffected, that was a good sign.

"Yeah, yeah." Erin pressed the speech she'd checked over for insulting statements back to him. Really, Erin was just too paranoid. G probably made more friends than enemies when he was a little too blunt, but years in the royal family had made her overly cautious in any interaction with the press.

"Ladies and Gentlemen..." As G started, Erin relaxed. He could speak, there was no doubt about that. He had a calm and yet authoritative tone that was well suited for politics. Flipping open the leather folder she was carrying, Erin checked on his schedule once, before reclosing it and smiling up at the gathered press. "Today we're here to break ground on the Talanador School for Wayward and Less Fortunate Youths. This school is for those children who have been abandoned here in RhyDin with little hope and even less of a future.  With the aid of talented teachers and a concerned community, it is my hope that these children will go on to do great things for our city and community.   Only with investment in the youth of our fair city can we hope for it to become the more livable, productive, safer place we want and hope for."

"How's that?" Leaning down to speak in her ear, G had a dopey smile on his face. Looping one arm around her waist, he pulled her close and turned to smile at the flashing cameras, the shovel still grasped in one hand. "Smile, Erin." He spoke through his teeth as the cameras continued to flash. Unable to help from laughing, she turned her head a bit to face the cameras and smiled herself.

"Good job." She said under her breath to him as they finished and she took the shovel. Leaving him, Erin turned to go answer whatever questions the press had, while someone or other would lead G out of there and to wherever he was needed next.

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