Golden Ivy Tavern, Version Deux

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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Golden Ivy Tavern, Version Deux

Post by G » Mon Jan 09, 2006 8:40 am

The new construction had begun.

He contracted a company that was skilled in clearing debris to quietly remove the ruins of what was the famous Golden Ivy Tavern. He paid well, so they did their job as quickly as possible, thus, when the week had passed, there was no longer any sign that a building had stood there.

The second company Gnort had contracted with was to set the foundation and dig the tunnel to meet with the Dragon Fyrentennimar's lair. Again, as he paid very well this time, due to wishing the tunnel a secret, the workers spoke not of their job, and finished the foundation in less than a week.

The final contractors were to build a new tavern to Gnorts specifications, which he had gone over in great detail with a well known architect. As the new tavern would be larger and better than the old, he'd paid the most for these workers. Woodworkers, designers, furnishers, plumbers, carpetners, etc. were all hired to make very sure that the new structure would be comfortable, have a lived in feel, and have the space and feel of the old tavern.

There was no electricity in this building. There was no need. Modern contraptions and technology such as that, gas and oil, space age mumbo jumbo had no place in his Tavern, much like it was unable to exist in the home country of Urnst. So, he kept with that style mainly because it was more enjoyable and more homey. Candle and lantern light, wooden floors and beams. Everything was old fashioned.

It would be like the old tavern in the way that when the freezer was delivered, and the cooling system he devised long ago was completed, that they would be connected to his dragon's lair, keeping the foodstuffs cold, and the tavern itself cool in the winter.

In fact, in act and appearance, the New Golden Ivy was simply a larger version of the old, with one structural difference that Gnort had added for his personal use and intrigue. He designed and had built one large tower, extending up in the sky a good 57 feet from the doorway to the top of the actual tower. A flag would add several feet to it, should he decide to place one. This new tower would be for Gnort and permitted guests.

Once this building was completed, he had prepared a deal with a paid of mages this time around to cast unbreakable wards over the entire structure to cause not only initial damages to repair themselves within a night, but to prevent such occurances as the first taverns destruction from happening once more. Of course, such services do not come cheaply, nor do they come at monetary payments. He would have to part with valuable magic items to complete this warding.

Soon, it would be completed, and any who need a safe haven from the evil, sick, and wrong would have someplace reliable to go.

For a small fee, of course.

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