The Great Helm's DoD Christening

Here lie the twisted tales of an alcoholic beer model, an undead P.I. pinup, a masochistic fashionista and their Voice of Reason. Welcome to the Den of Decadence.

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The Great Helm's DoD Christening

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It didn't take El Presidente too long at all. On her first visit to the Helm, PJ wasted no time in getting wasted. After all, that was Rule One of the DoD, and Step One in breaking in a new tavern.

Step Two: PJ, Rena, Charlie and Koy quickly found and dubbed their table. It was in the center of the room, where the four of them could see all directions. A spot was saved for Eve as well. (Where was Captain Sassy Pants that night, anyway?!) While Koy might have liked to find a more fashionable way to reserve the table for the Daughters of Decadence, PJ was old-school... and from Badside! Her nasty little boot knife made short work of carving a scripted "DoD" into the center of the table in large letters.

Step Three - PJ's personal chair: Anyone who knows anything about PJ knows that her drinking is serious business. When she sits down to drink, there's no leaving til someone's heaving! With this in mind, PJ's knife was again employed. This time the sharp blade carved into the chair between her legs - "PJ's Chair!".

Step Four: The inevitable technicolor yawning brought an end to the night, but after the other girls had gone, El Presidente paused at the door and etched out one more notice into the wooden door jamb. "Badsider Brew!"

Admiring her handy knife work, PJ grinned and stumbled after the rest of the Daughters of Decadence.

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