Tabula Rasa

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Tabula Rasa

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Tabula Rasa, formerly the Lytes Cary Manor, is situated on a several snug acres along the shoreline of the Seaside District, not far from the Seaside Baronial Manor. The Lytes-Cary family built the home several centuries prior and maintained it throughout mainly as a primary residence for the affluent family. Unfortunately, the last in the line of increasingly poor financial decision makers had driven his family to ruin, forcing them to sell off their RhyDin holdings.

Certainly one would expect quite a bidding war if such a prime piece of historic architecture came up for sale. Yet, there was none. Instead, the property was purchased by a singular interested buyer, a one Charlotte "Charlie" Nausikaa -- an athlete and local businesswoman with a questionable reputation and an even more ominous past. There were of course suggestions among insiders in the real estate business that the current Baron of Seaside Manor, Damien Mortis, may have had some influence in assisting with the speedy sale for his old friend, Miss Nausikaa. After all, Mr. Mortis clearly was not the most forthright individual to ever hold that title. Still, those rumors were adamantly denied by Miss Nausikaa's attorney.

Tabula Rasa, meaning "Clean Slate" in Latin, is claimed as a residence by a rotating number of women, harboring them in its safe confines from the ills of the world. The only permanent members of the household are Miss Nausikaa herself, her ward Zacharie Torry, and Miss Nausikaa's personal assistant Katie Barnes. Regular longterm guests such as spokesmodel Miss PJ Ramirez and Stitch In Time co-owner Miss Erin deVernon each have a suite in the home for their own private use. Yet, rooms are always kept at ready for the house's many visitors -- clients whom often follow Miss Nausikaa home from her private investigation and security firm House of Retribution or members of her band of sisters called the Daughters of Decadence.

Although, the stone home is on the side of the street opposite the ocean, there are no structures between it and the ocean, giving the front windows of the home unfettered ocean views. A low stone wall and the owner's infamous reputation are all that gates Tabula Rasa from the outside world but typically that is all that is needed to dissuade unwanted visitors and door-to-door salesmen.

Ivy covered posts and a low iron gate give way to a cobblestone path as old as the cobblestone road before it. From the front walk, one can spot the cozy gardens behind the house that spurn the traditional tailored look and instead are filled with wild flowers and natural hardwoods as is the fashion of the gardener -- a slightly autistic young man who takes no heed to how one is supposed to style such gardens. The long cobblestone path leads to the rarely-used front entrance which opens into the an equally unused hall. However, the Great Hall built in Tudor fashion does house an impressive art collection from Talsiny, Fermoy, and the surrounding regions.

The home is furnished with relaxation in mind and luxury as a distant second, offering a mix of a traditional style and modern conveniences to accomplish the task. The ground floor is comprised of a large kitchen which remains the domain of the gardener's kind-hearted mother, a connected dining area that can seat up to fourteen and is used far more often than the cavernous Hall, a study with shelves of books lining the walls and an inglenook fireplace, a sunny sitting room that typically serves as the main gathering area for the household's members, and the house staff's living quarters which on top of the gardener and his mother includes the young Torry boy's nanny.

The second floor consists of ten bedrooms, six of which are full ensuite rooms with comfortable sitting nooks. The sole room kept locked off from the rest of the home is an attic-like room a flight of stairs in the back of the house. While the view over the gardens from those high floor-to-ceiling windows must be splendid, Tabula Rasa's owner allows none of her guests to view it. The rumor among the household's occupants is that the attic serves as the owner's art studio but they would not dare risk her wrath to be certain of that fact.

Despite its grand exterior, Tabula Rasa is never intimidating. Without the depressing failure of Lytes Cary family hanging over its head, the home seems alive with rebirth and renewal. It is an atmosphere encouraged by Miss Nausikaa as she hopes those things for the building's residents and guests.

Here, there is peace and gentle birdsong and an overwhelming sense of safety.


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