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Post by Random McChanse » Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:25 am

And so, finally, the 2006 Tour de RhyDin draws to a close...

It seems like forever since we started, and there's been a lot of excitement, surprises, and good times along the way. I thank all of you for accompanying me on this journey and realizing one of my dreams for our community of dueling enthusiasts. I hope you all had fun along the way, and here's to doing this again next year!

Well, enough of me getting all sentimental ;) , let's get to the awards!

First, the most coveted prizes of the tour, what you've all fought tooth and nail for the past weeks, the Jerseys!

The White Jersey, for the highest ranking duelist in the Tour who has not yet attained an official "elite" rank, goes to Bran Bale, who overcame Amaltea's dominance of the category in the late stages to take the lead, and finish in a tie for 3rd place overall with an outstanding score of 24 Tour Points!

The Red Jersey, for the best Swords duelist in the Tour, goes to Tasslehofl Momus, whose outstanding victories in the Swords Elimination AND Swords Brawl gave him 10 Swords Points, which allowed him to finish one point ahead of G'nort Dragoon-Talanador even without placing for Swords Points in either the Regular or Team stages!

The Green Jersey, for the best Fists duelist in the Tour, goes to Koyliak VanDuren, whose superior performance in the Regular stages, including one victory, allowed her to sneak past Matt Simon by a single point to make the final rankings 11 to 10 in her favor!

The Blue Jersey, for the best Magic duelist in the Tour, goes to Rena Cronin, whose two victories in the Magic Elimination and second Magic Regular stages, along with a dominance of the Dan rank in the Team stage, kept her a point ahead of Cory Havoick to win the Jersey!

Finally, I am proud to award the Yellow Jersey, the much-coveted prize for the best overall Tour duelist, to Matt Simon, who not only amassed a large number of Tour Points from the Fists stages as everyone expected, but duplicated his feats in the Swords stages and dug in through the Magic stages to seal his victory with 26 Tour Points, yet again a point ahead of his teammate, Kheldar Drasinia!

Last but not least, a struggle that rivalled the battle for the Yellow in its intensity, the Team Competition! We watched as the teams soared and dropped through the rankings, as GnomCorp pulled to an almost unassailable lead, yet Crush Bob pulled back in the end to cause likely the most surprising result of the Tour, a tie at 144 points each! However, GnomCorp, with its 7 collective stage wins to Crush Bob's 4, won the tiebreaker to make them the Top Team of the 2006 Tour de RhyDin!

That's it for the major awards, but I have a couple minor awards to give out for some interesting tidbits:


For the duelist who contributed the most points to his/her team, the Rocks for the 2006 Tour are Matt Simon AND Kheldar Drasinia, both of Crush Bob, with 45 team points each! Tasslehofl Momus of Knights of the Squared Circle came in 2nd with 42 points, and Cassius Maximus of GnomCorp in 3rd with 41 points.


For the duelist with the most stage wins, the Queen of the Hill for the 2006 Tour is Rena Cronin of GnomCorp with an amazing 3 stage wins! Coming in tied for 2nd were Tasslehofl Momus of
Knights of the Squared Circle and Vincent Smith of Cobra, each with 2 stage wins.


For the duelist (who participated in at least one Regular stage of each discipline) with the highest PDPD across all of his/her regular duels, the 2006 Tour El Constante is Cassius Maximus of GnomCorp, with a PDPD of 1.6 across 13 duels! In 2nd was Kheldar Drasinia of Crush Bob with a PDPD of 1.0 across 20 duels, and 3rd was Rena Cronin of GnomCorp with a PDPD of 0.89 over 9 duels.


For the duelist with the most Regular duels in the Tour, the Dueling Machine of the 2006 Tour is, you guessed it, Bran Bale of Cobra, with 25 duels! Tied for 2nd were Wyheree of Fearless, and Kheldar Drasinia of Crush Bob, each with 20.


For the duelist with the most shutouts across all disciplines during the Tour, the 2006 Tour Shutout Artist is Rena Cronin, who was the only duelist in the Tour to manage a single shutout!

(If anyone else has any more good ideas for further minor awards, just post it and I'll see if I can find the relevant info)

So, with no further ado, that's it. I officially announce the 2006 Tour de RhyDin to be concluded, finished, kaput, whatever have you. Again, I hope you all had a blast, and hope to see you again next year!
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