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TdR Prizes

Post by Random McChanse » Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:24 am

Let's face it, getting little jersey icons each week (or upgrading the ones you already have) isn't enough for the more prestige-hungry among us. Therefore, we are providing even more prizes for those who prove worthy!

First is the money. Nobles will be awarded to the winner of each stage (Highest PDPD in Regular, 1st in Elimination/Brawl, 1st team in Team, 1st in Special), in the baseline amount of Total Entry Fees Collected/18 + Whatever We Want to Add (Special stages in particular will have bonus nobles for the winner). Ties in stage winners will split the winnings amongst themselves. Therefore, the more people who sign up for the Tour, the more money we'll be giving away!

Second is the final awards.

The final leaders in each of the jersey categories have traditionally received trophies to honor their achievements. However, this is the Tour de Rhy'Din, and this is me, so what better final prize then:

Shiny Jerseys! :D

These are special versions of the jersey icons, that are so shiny they have a glow about them! They are stored in the inventory separate from the regular jerseys, and state the status (final bearer) and the year in the mouseover.

The members of the team who placed the highest in the standings also receive a special prize: jerseys in their team colors to represent their elite status at special occasions! (If you notice, there's a theme running here.)

And that's not even the beginning of the awards we will have in store! The rest are secret, but will cover a wide range of accomplishments, and even a few gag awards to boot!
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