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Post by Artemus Kurgen » Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:54 pm

As the students gathered in the auditorium with their families lining the walls, Artemus fought to keep his breath slow and even. Public speaking had never been his strong suit, but Vincent's victims deserved something as did their families. He knew many were unhappy with Vincent being back out on the street, but even he knew the watch would be hard pressed to keep him in a cell; though of course there were ways around that, amulets and such. Even a few choice bracelets and other items that could not be removed.

Adjusting his robes, Artemus moved to stand before the gathering of students, faculty, and family. As he cleared his throat, all eyes turned to him. Some held respect, others anger, while a good many held disappointment and that is what saddened him most. He knew that his inaction had failed those students and prolonged this too much.

"I had hoped that a day like this would never come while I remained headmaster here at the Arcanum. Yet such a day has come, and we must face what it has brought to us all," his voice carried over the now silent room, letting his words settle in. "We are all angry, hurt, and filled with sorrow at the loss of so many. These students were not just names and faces. But loved ones, friends, family, and peers.

Though they are no longer with us in body, they remain with us in spirit and memory. For memory is the true definition of immortality. They live on in our memories. When you think of them, you see their smile; hear their laughter; feel their warmth in an embrace. To forget them is to show that each is actually dead, while if we keep them in our hearts and memory, they live on within each of us. Their spirit remains strong.

As we make our way into the following days, months, and years, we will see places and events that will spark thoughts of them. Make us says "Archibald would be in stitches from laughing at this poster..." or "M&M would love this new tea". I know there are many here who listen to what I say and think they are just what is expected of me as the founder of this school. But I say to those playing with such things that it is not!" Growling angrily, Artemus slammed his fist onto the lectern, shattering the wood like a pile of sticks facing tornado winds.

"Each of those that have been stolen, yes stolen, from you were students of mine. Students of this school. I had each and every one of them in my classes. I have seen the bright minds that hide behind their puckish features, shy attitudes, and ink smudged noses from reading too many books. I read essays and project papers that would make even the most traveled Archmage say "I never would have thought of that". You have my word that their deaths will be avenged.

The actions of Vincent Smith, are unacceptable even in this realm. There was no cause or reason for it, he even said himself he simply did it because no one would see it coming. What is worse, is this man, and I use the word loosely now, is a member of the Temple of Divine Light. They too have done nothing to punish him or denounce his actions. It leads one to wonder what else they will overlook or ignore. Much like the actions of last year when the Myr'kulians attacked. So many took in refugees and put their own lives at risk to help those poor families, yet where was the Temple of Divine Light? An organization dedicated to healing, peace, and helping others. They cloistered themselves in their own walls rather than help protect anyone. We at the Arcanum opened our doors to the wounded, scared, and sick. We offered protection and sent faculty and advanced students to help out the watch and all the others who responded to the undead threat. Let Vincent's actions reflect not on this Academy, but upon himself and the Temple he is part of.

To those siblings of the fallen students, you will attend classes for free until your graduation date. To those families present today, the Arcanum will be creating several scholarships and grants in honor of these men and women that are no longer with us. Who receives them will be up to you to decide as well as the requirements of the scholarships.

While even to me these actions seem paltry to what truly needs to happen, they are all we can do at this time. I can only hope you will not let the actions of one man influence your feelings towards this establishment and the many other exceptional teachers here."

Artemus paused then to let them all think over his words and talk amongst themselves, as they had started to do, while he collected his next thoughts and words. These would be crucial to the next step in his plans.

"To those members of the press hiding in our midst I have only this to say. I will not stop until Vincent is brought to justice for his crimes against this school, these families, and this city. While he is powerful, he is not all-powerful, and can therefore be punished, or even killed if a committee of his peers see it fit. Many of you are also aware that he and I fought together in Team Dueling and the Iron Fist league. Let me clarify this, we did not do so out of friendship, but respect for one another under the knowledge that we do not know which is truly stronger, and acknowledge we would rather fight with one another, than against.

However, the die has been cast, and that unspoken agreement is no more. As Vincent told me he will not hold back should the watch, or myself come after him, I can say the same. I will no longer hold back in dealing with his criminal behavior, nor his disregard for life. Thank you."

Stepping away from the remnants of the podium, Artemus left the stage and walked through the crowd with his head held high, meeting all of their eyes with returned respect. He would keep his word, and they all knew it now.
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