Introduction to Casting

These lessons will last a lifetime. Or three. Instructing the young and old on the ways of magic and it's place in the world.

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Introduction to Casting

Post by Artemus Kurgen » Sat Oct 13, 2007 8:40 pm

"Alright, guys and gals, listen up."

Taking the moment to clear his throat, Artemus watched the students turn from their books and scrools. He wasn't sure if it was the quiet murmurings of the class memorizing their spells or working on pronunciation that had given him the idea he was about to announce, but it felt like a good idea now.

" You've been working hard on your incantations and hand movements over the laste few weeks. So, to reward you all, I'm going to let you work on some incantations of your own."

This news made the class get interested, little whispers coming from this table and that as they all were immediately concieving what spells they could devise.

"Nothing elaborate mind. Stick with what you each can handle. We've covered all the basics. Tone, confidence, belief, components, and hand motions, all of the things used in basic incantation for casting spells."

One by one he knocked off the basic parts to beginning casting on his hand to give the students a point to focus on as Artemus spoke. This was turning out to be a good idea, at least for now anyway.

"That's it for the announcement, get back to your scrolls and current studies. We'll set the date for casting your own spells on October thirty-first. You all heard me. Halloween."

Returning to his desk, Artemus pulled out his spell book and began writing. It's one thing to cast the spells devised by others. It's the talent of a true caster to create their own working spells, no matter how minute the effects may be. Everything had a use.
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