Can I Make My Own Items?

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Can I Make My Own Items?

Post by Amaltea » Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:29 pm

Can I make my own items?

Yes. The file must be no larger than 50 x 50 and 6 kb. The file name must be the same as the item name. It must be a unique name that contains no underscores and no apostrophes or other characters. Description for the item is optional. To get your item placed in your inventory send the file to requesting it be put in your inventory. Please be sure and include your username in the body of the e-mail and the email's subject should be very descriptive: RoH Inventory Item.

If the items are not created following the instructions they won't be placed in your inventory. Please don't ask for items to be distributed, all items will go in your inventory, you can then distribute them as you wish.

Example of correct image naming:

Image name: Spiked Club.gif
Item name: Spiked Club

Image name: Panthers Claw.gif
Item name: Panthers Claw

Example of incorrect naming:

Image name: spikedclub.gif
Item name: Spiked Club

Image name: Spiked_club.gif
Item name: Spiked Club

Image name: club.gif
Item name: Spiked Club

Example of correct e-mail submission:

E-mail subject line: RoH Inventory Item

Body of E-mail:
Username: (Your username goes here)
Image Name: Spiked Club.gif
Item Name: Spiked Club
Description: Wooden club with leather wrapped grip and 6 inch steel spikes.
Quantity: 1

Emails that do not have the items listed properly will be returned to the person for correction.



Q: I'm trying to give this icon to another player but they have an apostrophe on their name. Can you give it to them?

A: No.

Q: I do not want an icon(s) in my inventory. Can you delete it?

A. No.

Q: I remember having this icon in my inventory and now I don't see it.

A: We are sorry, but we are not responsible for icons disappearing.

Q: What kind of files are acceptable?

A: The system will only accept, JPG, GIF, and PNG.

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