Common Ownership Agreement and By-Laws

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Common Ownership Agreement and By-Laws

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Common Ownership Agreement

As of this date, October 4, 2018, the website Rings of Honor aka, and all of its contents including subpages and databases, and any eventual iterations of such (hereafter "the Site") is held in common ownership by all of its members. Any decisions fundamental to the Site's ongoing or future existence will be made as outlined by the By-Laws stated below.

The purpose of the Site is to provide a venue for collaborative creative writing and a matrix-based game. The Site is not for profit and non-commercial.

The Common Owners of the Site do not claim ownership to copyrightable material posted by individuals prior to this date and hereafter.

The By-Laws

Membership Board

A Membership Board (hereafter "the Board") will be established for efficient operation of the Site. The Board will consist of five community members. The members will be responsible for making major decisions for the Site. Major decisions include financial decisions and technical decisions that will affect primary Site functions. A majority vote of Board members will be binding. No abstentions.

Should an absent Board member cause a Board vote to result in a tie, the decision-making vote will be cast by the senior-most staff member who is not a Board member. Seniority is determined by length of official service.

The Board members assume no legal or financial liability in connection with anything that may occur on the Site. The Board is a decision-making body only.

The founding Board consists of the following members:

The community member known as "Kalamere"
The community member known as "Jake"
The community member known as "Mallory"
The community member known as "Eden Parker"
The community member known as "Mai Sato"

A Board member may withdraw from the role at any time. Open positions on the Board will be made public. Any community member may be considered. The Board, including the individual stepping down, will hold a vote on the new member within two weeks of the public announcement.

Board members may not miss more than three consecutive votes, or fail to respond to contact for more than three uninterrupted months. Should a Board member need to be involuntarily removed for absenteeism or misconduct, a vote on removal will be conducted by the sitting Board and the current staff. The resulting open position will be filled by vote of the sitting Board and the current staff.

Board positions may be filled by current staff members.

Leadership and Staff

In addition to the Board, the following positions will continue or be created:

Sport Coordinators
Roleplay/Membership Coordinator
Site Administrators

Non-major Site decisions may be decided individually by the Sport Coordinators, the Roleplay Coordinator, and the Administrators at any time. These positions, and any additional positions deemed necessary, will be filled by the Board as needed, with consultation with the outgoing individuals.

Financial Control

An individual Treasurer will be entrusted with and responsible for managing major Site expenses including domain and server purchase. The Treasurer may also be a Board Member, but it is not required. The Treasurer bears no individual financial responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the Site.

Community contributions for Site maintenance will be welcome. Contributions are voluntary and confer no greater benefits nor ownership beyond that previously stated.

A PayPal account will be created for the purpose of collective contribution. The Treasurer will establish the account, and provide one Board member with the necessary access information to the account. At all times, the Treasurer will share PayPal access with one active, sitting Board member. The Treasurer will provide account statements to the Board twice a year. The Treasurer will make no financial decisions and will make no purchases unless directed by a majority vote of the Board.

Should there be insufficient funds to continue operations, the Treasurer will inform the Board with 60 days notice. If the Board fails to locate sufficient funds, the Treasurer will inform the community at large with 30 days of notice of the insufficiency. If no funds are located, the Treasurer may cancel any accounts necessary or allow domain registration and server ownership to elapse to avoid individual penalty.

The first Treasurer will be the community member known as "Eden Parker."

The Treasurer may withdraw at any time. The open position will be made public. Preference for the position will go to current or former Board members. The Board will vote to fill the position.


Should the Board at any time decide that Site maintenance is no longer necessary or viable for any reason, they must provide 30 days of notice to the community of impending Site dissolution. During the 30 day period, any community members wishing to assume Board membership roles may volunteer and be voted on as a replacement as described above. If an insufficient number of Board members stands forward, the community will be informed with as much notice possible of impending Site dissolution.

In the case of dissolution, any funds remaining in the account of the Treasurer will be donated to one or all of the following non-profit charity organizations:

Cancer Research Institute,
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,

The above is agreed upon by the founding Board members of the Site:

Member # 1 /s/ Kalamere , community member known as "Kalamere"

Member # 2 /s/ Jake , community member known as "Jake"

Member #3 /s/ Mallory , community member known as "Mallory"

Member #4 /s/ Eden Parker , community member known as "Eden Parker"

Member #5 /s/ Mai Sato , community member known as "Mai Sato"

Treasurer /s/ Eden Parker , community member known as "Eden Parker"
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Re: Common Ownership Agreement and By-Laws

Post by Mallory »

As of March 17th, 2020, the Board members have been updated as follows:

The community member known as "Mai Sato" has been replaced with the community member known as "Michelle Montoya."
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