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DoM Cash Shop & Player Auction House (April Fools)

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Hello! Duel of Magic has been looking into the idea of a Cash Shop and Player Auction House for a while and now feel comfortable in presenting it to the community at large. Special Perks like Wins, Ranks, Mage Spells, and Special Challenge Grants will become available for purchase soon to the Duel of Magic community!

Here is a sneak peek:

DoM Monthly Subscription*
6 Month Subscription - $ 12.99/month
3 Month Subscription - $ 13.99/month
1 Month - $ 14.99/month

*Subscription is per character, not player.

When subscribed to Duel of Magic you will be given: 5 wins per month, a special challenge grant that will bypass the 30 day waiting period (must be used within the monthly period), a custom color added to your character name on the official standings, a special subscriber only Twilight Isle sub-forum, and an achievement for your profile.

DoM Starter Package

$ 9.99, one time use per player - not character.

Once bought you may apply the DoM Starter Package to any character of your choice (This character must belong to you). The Starter Package character will have 5 Wins applied to their record and 30,000 Silver Nobles deposited into their forum bank.

Mage Leveling Boost
1 Time Purchase per Character - $ 59.99*
Price will be discounted depending on the boosted characters current rank, starting price begins at $ 59.99

Once purchased you will be asked to provide the name of the character you wish to be boosted to the rank of Mage.

Mage Spells
Mage Spell - $ 19.99 for 1 or $ 29.99 for both

Once purchased you will be asked to either choose between Nether Ray or Immolation (if you purchased only the one spell). There is no Rank Requirement.

Title Transfer
Transfer a title from one character to another* - $ 19.99
Title Transfer cannot be used between players. Title Transfer may only be used to transfer a title between one character to another that is owned by the same player.

Player Auction House

A Player Auction House will be implemented to allow community members to buy or sell characters, held titles, and/or grants. Prices will not be fixed by the Duel of Magic Coordinator Staff.


Please look forward to the implementation of the Cash Shop and Player Auction House at the start of the next cycle! Thank you for reading!
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