Tower of Earth Features for Future Keepers

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Tower of Earth Features for Future Keepers

Post by DemiBob » Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:07 pm

I wanted to quickly compile a list of features/changes left by Bob for future Tower of Earth Keepers to reference or explore. If past or future Keepers of Earth want to contribute to the list, please feel free.

Face of Bob: Once a mile tall and plastered to the front of the Tower of Earth, this stone replica of Bob's mug could be animated to address the entire Isle whenever he had something to say. Immediately upon losing his match to Jacen, Bob had it destroyed. The rubble is still at the foot of the tower. See this for the comic that went with it.

Mining Operation: Bob mined the Tower of Earth (and much of the ground beneath it) for precious metals, which he then converted into gold and platinum to be sold to various markets in the multiverse. At peek operation, Bob made over a trillion dollars a day. Jesse, the Tower of Fire Keeper at the time, was his partner, and he employed various other characters for small cuts of the profits. Bob left the operation in the hands of Jesse until he had to turn his Key over to Jacen.

Undead: Tunnels beneath the Isle are full of undead, thanks to Jesse, and Bob discovered them during some of his exploring of the Tower. He let them out and used them for labor. He instructed Jeeves, his personal assistant, to have them rounded up and returned to the tunnels at the end of his Keepership.

Ahni's Vegetables: There remains a well hidden grow room deep within the Tower where Dave the Ent grows Ahni's vegetables.

Candy Apple Tree: Even more well hidden, Bob produced a unique form of plant life after consuming far too many of Ahni's vegetables, combining the powers of the Tower of Earth and Bob's own unique magic. It was originally going to be for a Candy Apple Tournament akin to the Golden Apple Tournament, but real life got in the way of getting it started.

Portals to the Tower of Fire: As part of the mining operation, Bob and Jesse had portals running back and forth between each other. The portals operated by various means (some ran through 4th dimensional space, others through the elemental plane of fire, and other still were functionally 'normal').

Rail system to the Tower of Fire: Also a part of the mining operation. HIGHLY UNSANE. Bob was more concerned with doing high speed train corkscrews than he was with moving material to the Tower of Fire.

Recording Studio: While Keeper, Bob recorded and released an album. The studio is still there. It is of the highest quality.

Most of this information can be found in these threads: ... hp?t=30285 ... hp?t=30349
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Re: Tower of Earth Features for Future Keepers

Post by Mallory » Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:58 pm

I really should have added to this a while ago, but here are some things I played into while Mallory was Keeper of Earth:
  • There is confusion among at least one of the Isle goblins regarding how exactly to address the Keeper of Earth, and may refer to someone as "Keeper [Name] of the Coarse / Medium / Fine Earth!" It is unclear how widespread this has become.
  • In the clearing before the Tower entrance, there are a number of overgrown statues from when the witch was teaching herself how to shape stone. One of them is an unseelie assassin named Ruithen Fangborn, who has been petrified since April 24th, 2019.
  • Bubblegum and peppermint lodes have extruded themselves into the Tower's lower chambers, perhaps a lingering effect of the activities of a previous Keeper.
  • There are a number of dust mephits who help or helped to maintain the library. Their penmanship is exceptional as a result of many, many hours of transcribing various tomes for Mallory's own collection.
  • There is a blank ledger in Mallory's handwriting located in one of the studies that has an index listing dated exchange rates for various gemstones and precious metals, as well as numbers for how much of given materials she found she personally was able to transmute in a single day.
  • There is a stream that cuts across the clearing in front of the Tower, inhabited by a massive elemental named DROXX (capitalization is key), who refers to himself in the third person and is quite friendly, though rather loud.
  • There is another elemental of gray basalt with olivine eyes named Tachya, and she acts as a steward of sorts to help guide the Keeper around the Tower.
  • Deep within the Tower is a grotto lit by strange crystals, filled with pools of clear, cold meltwater that is well suited for scrying and divination.
  • There are a few underground gardens. One of them contains a few common "recreational" plants.
None of these are set in stone (har har) but are things that I played as being aspects of the Tower, and future Keepers are welcome to do whatever they like with them.
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