Gardenhome Orchards

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Gardenhome Orchards

Post by Eregor » Sun Sep 22, 2019 3:08 pm

While the apple orchard outside Gardenhome Tower was there before Eregor took up residence in the meadow, he has expanded it and added additional varieties of fruit since then. The pathway leading from the Tower to the orchards is lined with berry bushes as well, and there are beehives producing fresh honey.

These trees and bushes, along with citrus fruits and grapes grown inside the dimensionally-transcendent Tower itself, have come to supply a small but robust business, Gardenhome Orchards, providing both fresh fruits and choice beverages to buyers throughout Rhydin. Many a homemade pie or cobbler has been filled with Gardenhome apples or peaches.

Although Gardenhome does produce some beverages, inquiries about ciders or brandies are generally referred to The Brambles Orchard.

Available products

Fresh fruit:
- apples
- peaches
- plums
- cherries
- oranges
- grapefruit
- lemons
- red and white grapes
- blackberries
- raspberries
- strawberries

- orange juice
- grapefruit juice
- lemonade
- sangria and sangria blanca
- plum wine


The most recent addition is a pumpkin patch*, which will have its first crop ready for the fall of 2019.

* - Sightings of the Great Pumpkin are not guaranteed.
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