Kabuki Street

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Kabuki Street

Post by Eri Maeda » Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:35 pm

Kabuki Street

General Description: Located in the northeast part of Dockside, Kabuki street is an area of about nine blocks of main thoroughfare and a web of alleys and wynds between. Home to dozens of pachinko parlors and other entertainment attractions, the district is remarkable for the numerous garish lighted signage that makes the main roads very brightly lit. Due to the maze-like nature of some of the side streets it is difficult to discern the precise borders of the neighborhood. Many of the boundaries are informally marked with plastic faux chochin with electric lamps.

Kabuki Street important locations:

Sunny Mart - A small convenience store at the northern edge of the main crossing. In addition to being a normal convenience store it also serves as the official headquarters for the Kabuki Street Rengou-kai. A space in the back storeroom has a table where the Heavenly Queens meet and includes the white plastic outdoor chair used as the throne of Kabuki by sukeban Eri Maeda.

Pachinko Palace - The largest and most important parlor in the neighborhood. Three floors of pachinko games. The fourth floor contains Izumi and Na-rae's office as well as their rooms and a room occupied by their assistant Nako Iijima.

Toranomon Department Store - The favorite destination for bargain seeking delinquents. The building was initially constructed as the main station for a metro train line that was never finished. In spring summer and fall months a beer garden is in operation on the roof.

The soapies - A collection of buildings along the southern fringe of the neighborhood where clients can get a massage. Some say they aren't really massage parlors.

Former watch station - This abandoned watch station is located in the western residential zone of the district. It has several holding cells underground and has recently been heavily fortified. HQ of the Shinsengumi, the defacto police-force of Kabuki Street headed by Heavenly Queen Aya Mori.

Hotel Happy Laugh Yurigaoka - This is a couples hotel. Rooms available per hour or by special nightly rate.

Delinquent Dorms - Actually a collection of two apartment buildings and one former hotel. KSR delinquents who can't afford or do not wish to buy private homes live here, bunking four to a room.

Zama Shrine - A small urban shinto shrine along the canal. It's inner shrine houses a number of relics but it has no permanent priest. Hana the shrine girl lives on the grounds in a small house behind the inner shrine structure.

Uncle Rege's Ribs and BBQ - A popular restaurant in the center of the neighborhood. Operated by an octogenarian immigrant from Earth.

Kabuki Street Community School - This once abandoned three story school has been restored. Once the home of the reclusive Fujii twins, it is now a functioning facility for all grades.

Jusco - The competing megamart across the neighborhood from Toranomon. This branch has retained the original name after its Earth counterparts rebranded years ago. It features one of the few multi-level covered parking decks in Kabuki Street.

Happy Deluxe - A small alley restaurant with one grill for burgers, owned and operated by Fujiko Tanaka. Dine in space is limited to a few covered seats behind the curtain around the grill.

Area History:

After the creation of the canal the increasingly derelict area that would come to be known as Kabuki Street began to be settled predominantly by the dispersion of descendants of immigrants from the Japanese archipelago of Earth. After a generation the neighborhood began to fall under the control of a a powerful yakuza element and transform into a red light district. The yakuza overlords were abusive to the population and everyone suffered.

In recent years the yakuza were expelled by a powerful yanki gang formed when recent delinquent immigrants unwittingly prompted a delinquent uprising that drove the abusive organized crime family out. Seen by the native population as comparatively benign, the newly formed Kabuki Street Rengou-kai continues to operate the former yakuza businesses and works to ensure security and prosperity in the district. Strong ties of cooperation were formed with the neighboring Little Korea district, and there is now considerable cross traffic and economic partnership.
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