Palazzo Drachen Walde, RhyDin

An atlas of known places (both within and beyond Rhydin's gates)

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Palazzo Drachen Walde, RhyDin

Post by Azjah von Drachen Walde » Fri Dec 21, 2007 8:20 pm

I am Baroness Azjah Telyria Danaan von Drachen Walde. My homeland is the Barony of Drachen Walde, which when loosely translated means The Dragon Wood or Forest. And the Marcher Territories of Triberg.

I am the sole surviving member of the family, and hold the CEO and primary stock holder of Drachen Walde Industries. My presence in RhyDin is an old story, but suffice it to say I am not native to this realm of diverse creatures. I am a star wanderer amidst magic users who would prefer to use bladed weapons or fists to energy pulsars and other manmade weaponry.

I have established a branch of Drachen Walde Industries in RhyDin due to the reduced costs of raw materials and labor. This cost savings does take into consideration the increased shipping costs, and the workmanship is acceptable. I employ approximately 400 workers in RhyDin and surrounding areas.

My home is on the northwest side of RhyDin, and is in the architectural style of an Italianate Palazzo. There is approximately 16,000 square feet of house, built in an open square arrangement.

Rooms run along the sides with an open garden and fountains in the center. The gardens are formal Rennaissance style with fanciful topiary and elegantl fountains. There is a strong Meditteranian influence to the settings, unlike the very Germanic world I was born into.

The horse stables mirror the house arrangements on a smaller scale.

The colors of the exterior of the buildings are palest coral, white and dark wood. The drive way arcs gracefully around the front of the house. There is a 6 car garage where my favorite vehicles are housed.

My passions are cars, good scotch, and better horses. The cars are: 1 Ferrari Testarossa in bright red, a silver McLaren SLR, a two tone green Maybach, a red Ferrari Enzo, a steel blue Maserati Quattroporto, and a red Lamborghini Murcielago. I like cars. The faster and sexier the better.

The stables are fairly small, only housing 20 horses. I stand six stallions, whose fees are at private treaty only, and maintain 10 brood mares. The remaining stalls are for foals that are for sale.

My life's motto: It is my destiny to not merely survive, but to thrive, with passion and style!
Azjah Telyria Danaan
Marchioness von Triberg
Baroness von Drachen Walde
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