An atlas of known places (both within and beyond Rhydin's gates)

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Background - Talsiny became a nation-state one hundred and five years prior when the local bishops of several regional states united under Cardinal Benito Emmanuel to organize a united defense against outside threats. This coalition grew stronger and encompassed more and more of the day-to-day governmental affairs of the individual states. Most governmental decisions were made by the five-member Bishops' Council and headed by the current Cardinal. The ogliarchy was disposed this past May when Cardinal Eduardo Moscinom was accused of murdering a popular businessman some years prior. A successful coup ousted the disgraced Cardinal and put child-king, Zenith Nausikaa Ganderfald, in charge of the Bishops' Council.

Location - South of RhyDin, a peninsula extending out into the sea with several small islands off the coast.
Area - 301,230 sq km
Area Comparative - slightly larger than Arizona
Coastline - 7,600 km
Climate - Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot, balmy summers.
Terrain - mostly coastal lowlands, some plains.
Natural Resources - marble, fish, zinc, arable land
Natural Hazards - Regional risks include landslides, flooding, mudslides, and land subsidence in the island-city of Venim.

Population - 28,133,509
Age Structure - 0-14 yrs: 20.8%
15-64 yrs: 66.5%
65 yrs and older: 12.7%
Median Age - total: 32.2 yrs
male: 30.2 yrs
female: 33.7 yrs
Population Growth Rate - 1%
Nationality - noun: Talsinian
adjective: Talsinian
Religions - approximately 93% Roman Catholic
Languages - Common (official), Latin (official)

Government Type - Monarchy
Capital - Talsiny City
Administrative Divisions - 5 regions (Venezia, Campania, Liguia, Venim, Abruzzo)
Executive Branch - chief of state: King Zenith Nausikaa Ganderfald
regent: Lord Cletus Ganderfald
cabinet: The cabinet is under the authority and appointment of the monarch
Legislative Branch - the 5 regions are each represented by a Bishop appointed by the Cardinal of Talsiny
Judicial Branch - Tribunal Supreme (judges appointed by the monarch on the basis of nominations by the Bishops' Council)
Political Pressure Groups - Talsinian merchants associations and guilds, the large landed familes (Ranfold, Bossi, Mastella, Di Pietro), the Cardinal of Talsiny and the Roman Catholic Church

Economy Overview - Talsiny has a diversified economy dominated by agricultural goods, including grapes and olives, and have several ports that are heavily active. There is some industry focusing on dress-making and ceramics. Tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years in large part due to the country's vastly untainted shoreline. The new monarch has significantly reduced the tax burden, thus, spurring a new economic boom. Rich in natural resources, Talsiny has had a historically stable economy. However, these measures should aid in encourage the distribution of wealth and continue economic growth.
Labor Force - 10.2 million
Labor Force by occupation - agriculture 32%, industry 35%, service 33%
Agriculture products - fruit, vegetables, fish, grapes, grain, olives
Industries - tourism, clothing, ceramics

Technology Overview - Technology in Talsiny is limited to basic man-powered or naturally-powered machinary. Gun powder weapons are limited to cannonfire both on land and sea. There are no rifles or pistols. Most of the middle and upper class homes and bath houses have vast aqueducts and lesser water systems, allowing drainage as well as some minimal indoor plumbing.

Miltary Branches - Army (Talsinian Guard), Navy (Marine Miltary of Talsiny), Monarch's personal guard (Nausikaan Corps)

(Style imitated from CIA's World Factbook)
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