Shangren Fields/Shangren Motor Corporation Headquarters

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Location: Shangren MotorCorp Main Headquarters, 12 miles southwest of Rhy'Din

Shangren Fields/Shangren Motor Corporation Headquarters

Post by PslyderFTA » Fri May 12, 2006 8:50 pm

Shangren Fields is a smallish 20-acre plot, twelve miles southwest of Rhy'Din City, with a good section of forest, surrounded by a 4 foot stone wall, more of a property marker than a defensive measure. The main feature is a large barn-like structure, located very near a new stone-walled manor and 30' tower. The top of the tower has four large openings and a wide railed balcony running the circumfrence of the tower.

There is also a seperate two-story manorhouse a half-mile into the woods, very private.

Underneath the barn is Shangren Motor Corp, a completely subterrainean complex of automated assembly lines and parts manufacturing, with several tunnels running towards Rhy'Din and the Spaceport there. All defenses are manned by what appear to be pitchfork wielding peasants, which are actually pitchfork wielding androids, programmed to behave like peasants. All "help" is constructed and programmed on site, with several "plants" in and around Rhy'Din proper, providing constant 24 hour surveillance.
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