Kurgen Keep, Chimera Valley,

An atlas of known places (both within and beyond Rhydin's gates)

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Kurgen Keep, Chimera Valley,

Post by Artemus Kurgen » Fri May 12, 2006 1:55 am

The Tower is located 5 miles Southeast of the city. Surrounded on three sides by steep mountains. The structure's top level clears the tallest peak by nearly 100 ft. This same mountain range spans out into the lands of Malenia, Holndar, and parts of Dane ( have an old continent map not sure it is is from Bellum or Graymantle. got it from Psly's player, and the other from Collie-mun). The only open path is to the north of the tower where the valley opens out onto a large plain. The valley is roughly a mile and a half wide and three miles long. Acting as a natural defense there is a dense forest which runs the width of the valley about 100yrds from base of the tower.

The mountain wall to the south of the Tower proper runs along the norhter border of Malenia, a thick forest located a mile or so on the other side. ( Milenia belonged to Sidartha I believe) There is a wide river that runs through the western mountain range and feeds into the river which empties out into the same body of water that runs along Dockside.

In the tower itself there is a large mural of the enire Kurgen line going back to a creature called Chimera which was imprisoned in the Age of Dragons. This creatures is the fountain head of the family and the reason that each of them is born with the ability to take an animal form. A mirror of this same mural sits in a blackwalled temple deep in the marshes of Blackmoor.

There are ten floors of the main tower. A stairwell that starts at the back of the tower and spirals around the outter wall keeps several of the Kee's floors open. The ground floor of the Keep is a large entrance hall. Huge basalt pillars carved into images of animals line the middle of the room. The flagstones that cover the floor are a dull gray, but painted into the stones at the center of the room is an image of a wolf, a leopard, and a falcon.
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