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An atlas of known places (both within and beyond Rhydin's gates)

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The Kitsune Foundation

Post by Karen Wilder » Thu May 11, 2006 3:03 am

The Kitsune Foundation building is a huge, featureless black tower located very near the Spaceport ( wherever it is finally decided that will be ;) ). The tower is 23 stories tall and clearly visible from the Home Team stands of the Kitsune Stadium, Home of the Wrecking Crew dueling team. There is a wide, straight road leading from the Foundation Tower to the Stadium, and trams run between the two whenever the Crew is dueling, so the fans can fill up the stands quickly. Victory parties tend to crowd this road quite often.

Crowded nearby are a trio of 5 story tall apartment complexes which serve as living quarters for people who work for the Foundation.

There are two large hangers on the Spaceport side of the Tower, large enough to hold either small freighters or destroyer-class warships. Larger ships are considered too large to safely land.

The top five floors of the Tower are listed as being "Executive Offices", but are actually empty. After two "terrorist" attacks, the Foundation president moved her office to an undisclosed location, while keeping up the pretense of maintaining the original offices.
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