DoF Challenge Caller List (Updated July 8, 2020)

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DoF Challenge Caller List (Updated July 8, 2020)

Post by Goldglo » Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:35 pm

Below is a list of callers available to call DoF challenges (last update: July 8, 2020). Please use the provided contact methods to arrange a caller for your challenges.


Caller Handle(s): Alasdair Galloway / Cajsa Storm
Availability: Most nights besides Wednesday, PM for availability
Notice Required: Please give 24 hours notice.
Contact: Discord (Lazy Visionary#2149)

Caller Handle: BardGallant
Availability: Open to negotiation.
Notice Required: At least 24 hours.
Contact: Best to email or DM on Discord.
Discord - And Everyone Else#9471
EMail -

Caller Handle: Charles Blackstone
Availability: Most nights of the week and weekend, PM for questions
Notice Required: Prefer at least 24-48, but can do emergency.
Contact: Discord (flybandito#8305)

Caller Handle: Claire Gallows
Availability: Saturday-Wednesday for challenges starting anywhere between 7p-12a ET. Thursday/Friday anytime after 7p ET
Notice Required: At least 24 hours ahead of the challenge is preferred but if I'm around, feel free to ask
Contact: Contact on Discord, PMs don’t get checked frequently enough (Claire#2278; send a friend request if needed)

Caller Handle(s): Conner Reid / Eden Parker
Availability: Available most nights - please contact for specific timing.
Notice Required: At least 24 hours preferred.
Contact: Discord is best (Eden Parker#7316)

Caller Handle: DUEL Cane
Availability: Generally anytime after 9PM ET
Notice Required: Preferably at least 24 hours, but can probably be there in a pinch.
Contact: Discord (MoxxieToxxin#6501)

Caller Handle(s): DUEL Lisa / Lisa Takamine / Max Lager
Availability: Available most nights, PM for availability.
Notice Required: Please give 24 hrs notice.
Contacts: PM Here or use Discord - Qui Qui#7489 or E-Mail -

Caller Handle(s): DUEL Michelle / Michelle Montoya / Tippletoe
Availability: Most evenings, except for Saturdays. PM/DM me for availability.
Notice Required: 24 hours.
Contact: PM or DM on Discord or E-Mail
Discord - Anne Ellis#0253

Caller Handle: Goldglo
Availability: Most nights after 9 EST. Might be able to do earlier depending on the day.
Notice Required: 24+ hours preferred but if on the night of, just ping me.
Contact: DM on Discord (Speradon#2786)

Caller Handle: Helea Alwin
Availability: Depends. PM for availability.
Notice Required: At least 24 hours ahead of the challenge.
Contact: PM me on Helea Alwin or contact me on Discord, it’s better to contact me through Discord private messages
Discord - Saya#2416
Email -

Caller Handle: Hope
Availability: Sunday & Monday, anytime
Notice Required: Strongly prefer a day ahead of time but up to five minutes pre-challenge
Contact: PM me via Discord or E-Mail me
Discord – TomJJ#0768

Caller Handle: Mallory
Availability: 8-10 Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; 8-12 Thursday and Saturday
Notice Required: At least 24 hours ahead of the challenge.
Contact: PM me on Mallory or contact me on Discord
Discord - Miskatonic09#8031
Email -

Caller Handle: Peaches
Availability: Available anytime other than Wed/Thurs evenings.
Notice Required: At least 24 hours preferred.
Contact: Discord is probably the best and optimal option as I can be reached easily there.
Discord - Queen Kaiju#1620

Caller Handle: Tenball
Availability: Pretty much any evening except Saturday
Notice Requires: At least 24 hours preferred
Contact: Discord or e-mail
Discord: ThomSolo#3257 (for contact purposes)


As a reminder: Callers are dueling officials and represent the respective sport(s). Please keep it impartial, friendly, and professional while calling a challenge, a tournament or running a hosted shift in the Outback and other sporting venues! Thank you for your assistance!

Callers who are available to call DoF challenges and not listed above, or callers that need to change/update information should DM Matt, Kheldar or Hope.
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