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DoS Available Callers (Updated: 5/26/2019)

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:29 pm
by PC
Below is a list of callers available to call DoS challenges. Please use the provided contact methods to line up a caller for your challenges.

Callers that are available to call challenges and not listed below or callers that need to change/update information should private message PC or DUEL Lisa.

Caller Handle: PC / Andrea Anderson / Snow
Availability: Depends. PM for availability.
Notice Required: At least 24 hours ahead of the challenge.
Contact: PM me on PC or contact me on Discord, it's better to contact me through Discord private messages.
Discord - Saya#2416
Email -

Caller Handle: DUEL Candle
Availability: PM/DM for Availability.
Notice Required: 48 Hours
Contact: PM on Duel Candle AND Candle or contact me on Discord
Discord - Cooper#5234
EMail - TBD

Caller Handle: DUEL Claire / DUEL Sadie / Claire Gallows
Availability: After 11 PM ET on Sun-Tue & Fri. After 9 PM ET on Wed, Thur, Sat.
Notice Required: At least 24 hours ahead of the challenge but if I'm around, feel free to ask
Contact: PM Claire Farron (I check it more often than DUEL Claire or DUEL Sadie), or contact on Discord
Discord - Claire#2278 (send a friend request if needed)
Email -

Caller Handle: DUEL Glo / Goldglo
Availability: Most nights after 10 EST. Might be able to do earlier depending on the day.
Notice Required: 24+ hours preferred but if on the night of, just ping me.
Contact: PM (but PM Goldglo, I log into that much more frequently); E-Mail
Email -

Caller Handle: DUEL Eden / Eden Parker
Availability: Most M/W/Sat/Sun nights. Inquire for other nights.
Notice Required: Not really! If you message me and I'm available, you're all good.
Contact: PM me here, email - (If you're on short notice I will respond asap!)

Caller Handle: DUEL Lisa / Lisa Takamine
Availability: Available most nights, PM for availability.
Notice Required: Please give 24 hrs notice.
Contacts: PM Here or use Discord - Qui Qui#7489 or Email -

Caller Handle: DUEL Cane / DUEL No5
Availability: Generally anytime after 9PM ET
Notice Required: Preferably at least 24 hours, but can probably be there in a pinch.
Contact: PM Canaan or
Discord - N/A
Email -

Caller Handle: Mallory
Availability: 8-10 Sun-Thurs, 8-12 Sat.
Notice Required: At least 24 hours ahead of the challenge.
Contact: PM me on Mallory or contact me on Discord
Discord - Miskatonic09#8031
Email -

Caller Handle: Michelle Montoya
Availability: Most evenings after 9:30pm.
PM/DM me for availability.
Notice Required: 24 hours.
Contact: PM or DM on discord or email
Discord - dromeydungeons#0253

Caller Handle: DUEL Phil
Availability: M-F after 9 p.m. eastern, Sat/Sun all day.
Notice Required: 24 hours at minimum, but I prefer at least two days of lead time.
Contact: Discord preferred (kerouacatRP#0812), PMs on forum okay, email if absolutely necessary ( but I check that less frequently than the previous two methods.
Discord: kerouacatRP#0812

Re: DoS Available Callers (Updated: 5/26/2019)

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 3:51 pm
by PC
Updated to add Phil on 5/26/2019.