Beginner's Guide to Teambuilding!

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Beginner's Guide to Teambuilding!

Post by Hope » Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:59 am

So there's a new exciting thing-a-mabob coming up and you want to do it! This amazing quest/adventure isn't easy enough for you to solo so you know what that means right...? It means you have to party up :fistmelda: ! Now sometimes the best parties are the ones that meet at the front of the dungeon and decide to group up, sometimes it's hitting up the Looking For Group channel and sometimes the best way to go about things is just with your friends. All of these are great options- but to help with that and what comes after I'm going to go step by step with you below! Without further adieu, let's get into it!

p.s., this is not legal advice.

Step 1 - Read the Quest Text!

So many times we end up wandering around looking at the pretty scenery in video games and we wonder: wait, what was I supposed to be doing here? How long have I been killing mobs aimlessly for no reason? Ah yes, I commiserate with you, because I too ignore prudential information that is catered to help me. This is important in events too. Understanding the date, time and format can be ultra important for many of us before any of the next steps. Sometimes we just can't be available for things and that stinks but you have to remember most events in Rhy'Din come around again down the road, so it's okay. What stinks even more is putting together your party only to find out you can't actually do it :(

Step 2 - Party Up!

You read the quest text! Your inventory is stocked and you're prepared to head out and kill Hogg-- uh, some unnamed NPC! What comes next? Well as you approach your destination you see a few more adventurers. Some of them have been badly wounded and some of them look as though they have no add-ons, and that tank over there is using a 2-Hander! Yikes! Partying up is the next step. Having read your quest text, you know whether this adventure is shorter or longer and you've prepared for it. Sometimes the most rewarding quests are the ones that ask commitment, patience and pacing from you. So you want to party with like-minded adventurers who have the same mindset as you with the same goals. Sometimes these are your friends and sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone a bit. That's never easy but having a place where you can stick your hand up and get noticed helps a ton. If anyone reading this would like, please feel free to use this thread to advertise that you're seeking fellow adventurers! It's not easy but you will meet some great people who you normally don't adventure with and you can end up having a ton of fun and making some new friends.

Step 3 - Set Manageable Goals!

One does not simply Mordor into Mordor. People also do not win every game of Fortnite they join either. And in my case I usually lose most in awful fashion. What's super important in all of these examples are expectations and goals. Your goal can be to not drop a single point in thirty duels. Your goal could be to get that tricky DIS'd achievement :lol: or your goal could be to be the undisputed champion of whatever! What's important in adventures and quests is to align your goals with your party's. Sometimes we're in for different things and being up front with these goals is really important to have a functioning party. Sometimes we don't all see the same prize and that's okay, what's important is meeting somewhere that you all can agree on. A baseline I find super flexible and open-ended is: just have fun. Fun takes all shapes and sizes. For some people having fun is writing exciting articles that discuss strategy, standings, predictions and summaries of events. Sometimes it's providing live commentary and not going near the action at all. Take some time to sit down as a party at your local tavern and figure out what your goals are together.

Step 4 - Decide on a Cool Name!

Now we're getting into the nitty gritty. This is the simplest but hardest step in this entire list I promise. No one remembers the Joe Schmoe's. No one likes the Yankees either :-D but what we can all agree on is we'd all remember a team named The Goonies. Pick a cool name! It should be one that you're all eager and happy to wear because once the articles come out everyone will be reading your names ;)

Step 5 - Decide on a Cool Logo for your Cool Name!

Second hardest part of this list! You all played "darts", with knives, and decided that you're all going to be the Notorious Knife Jugglers! (SO COOL!) Now you just need a handy dandy logo! There are tons of free resources online but if you'd like any help, feel free to PM me or respond here if you'd like something a little more personal to your crew!

Step 6 - Accept the Quest on Time!

So above all else this one is actually the most important. You can do every other step on this list perfectly but this one is the final boss. Some adventures have a limited queue. You don't want to be the party who woke up 5 minutes early instead of 10 and miss your spot to the event! The early Orc gets the ale! Get all of your ducks in a row and be ready to sign that charter the instant it pops up in the pub! Being prepared goes a long way even in questing.

So that was a lot longer than I thought it would be but hopefully some of this will be helpful to you. I hope you all enjoyed this and hopefully we'll be running into each other in a quest soon :)
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Teambuilding!

Post by Goldglo » Thu Sep 10, 2020 6:29 pm

Wanted to bump this thread because I think it's a pretty good guide, and I'm hoping there are lots of teams out there vying to get into the upcoming DoS event!
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