Dueling Houses HQ and Expanding Roleplay

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Dueling Houses HQ and Expanding Roleplay

Post by PC » Sun May 12, 2019 5:17 pm

Hi! This post doesn't have really much anything to do with rules, tournaments, etc. It's more of a way to reach out and share some thoughts that maybe some of you might enjoy playing into!

I never really went into much detail about where the main 3 Dueling Houses headquarters are at. Most I've said is that they were underground and everything past the windows were glamour, though looking back on that now I think it could be somewhat lacking when it comes to creativity and not really allowing much in a way off possibly something to play off of. Which is why I think a fresh idea and going into more detail could be a better approach.

As they currently are.

1. The War Room ( House of Steel Headquarters )
"The right tunnel from the Arena leads to The War Room, the house hall for the House of Steel. Books of war tactics, weapon arts, and historical battles line the library walls. A glamour of summer peers through the windows with images of knights training, jousting, or even holding a melee. Only those belonging to the House of Steel, or are invited by a member, may enter."

2. Pillars of Olympus ( House of Stone Headquarters )
"The remnant of the pantheon awaits those who step into its halls. Pillars of stone and gold stand tall while artwork and statues depicting the heroes of the past standing triumphant along the walls. A glamour of the sky gives way to a sea of clouds with only the highest peak of Olympus being seen off in the distance. Maybe you'll see a God or Goddess looking back at you? Only those belonging to the House of Stone, or are invited by a member, may enter."

3. The Adventurers Lodge ( House of the Wilds Headquarters )
"The left tunnel from the Arena leads to The Adventurers Lodge, the house hall for the House of the Wilds. The smell of wood and the sound of a crackling fire greets all who enter the lodge. A glamour of never-ending winter falls just beyond wide windows. Is that a giant moose, a bear, or a darting deer? Observe the wildlife as it plays out before you! Only those belonging to the House of the Wilds, or are invited by a member, may enter."

The idea would be to instead allow the tunnel entrance to each of these headquarters to be a portal of sorts. Nothing flashy, it would be like walking right though a hall but finding yourself elsewhere in the city of RhyDin.

The War Room, if a person were to leave, would be a small estate found on a grassy plane. While the depictions of battle seen outside the windows is indeed glamour ( the windows themselves would be playing the scenes ), the land outside would be the rolling grasslands of land east of RhyDin city, most likely past the Kaiju Lake.

The Pillars of Olympus, due to its location in the air, would be a little on the unknown side. The structure would be part of a small floating island while the ever present cloud cover below obscures much of what could be underneath. Could it be land, or ocean? It might not be a good idea to jump to find out.. Geographically, it would be somewhere in the west.

The Adventurers Lodge, the snowy location is an easy one. In the high points of the snowy mountains just north of RhyDin city. While not within the field of vision of the windows, there would be other cabins up there too -- most likely part of a wintery vacation retreat that's no longer in use ( the cabins would be empty, or maybe there's someone still living there? That's up for the players to decide. )

By doing this I would like to encourage more roleplay elements to the game, as well as allowing custom houses more flexibility with their own headquarters if they'd like to add them. Have a place in New Haven and would like to set up a portal-way leading from a nearby alley from the tunnels next to the Arena/Annex? Sure! Want it to be leading up from a cellar in Dockside into your characters establishment that is being used by your private house? Perfect! If you're interested in doing this with your private house then feel free to either reply to this thread or the other OOC Dueling Houses post ( like this (link) ) with a link to a description post that I can add underneath your custom houses information. Twilight Isle would have helped with the open three houses and their locations & tunnel/portalways, but if you'd like to say your character does it themselves, it's all good. ICly there's a lot of tunnel space to rent next to the Arena and Annex!

If you'd like to play into this, feel free! Or if you'd like to treat the houses as they are now, that's great -- since your character doesn't need to venture past the comforts the headquarters provide if they don't want to.

Thanks for reading!

- Na-rae's player.
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Re: Dueling Houses HQ and Expanding Roleplay

Post by Mallory » Fri May 17, 2019 9:41 pm

Toyako Onsen, headquarters of House Kabuki.
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