Case 003, Session 02: Michelle Montoya

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Case 003, Session 02: Michelle Montoya

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Michelle stepped toward the door again, knowing the directions that the sign would say, she knocked and entered, seeing Remus pouring over books intently. He glanced up, pushed his glasses up a bit and looks somewhat startled, then glances to his watch. "'s time isn't it." Michelle gave a gentle nod. "Please then, come in."

"If I remember correctly, you were struggling with your conscience during our last session. You said you were inhabited by a wraith at a ceremony, and it made you hurt a few people." He paused briefly to see if she would interject anything else, and then continued..."What do you remember of the ceremony, or of the inhabitation?"

Michelle spoke softly. "I don't really remember much actually. I do remember that I was fighting one of Shakira's cat-demons. I don't remember much more, just that shortly after the fighting started I was inhabited."

Remus nodded. "Do you remember what you did while inhabitated?"

Michelle began to fidget. She was not comfortable about this, knowing that people she cared about had been hurt. "I began to become very violent. I was fighting against people that I knew. People that were fighting for what was right...and I was fighting against them. The violence in me increased every moment. I couldn't feel any pain. It got to the point where I could have killed someone." She couldn't look Remus in the eye as she spoke, she was nervous. "Eventually, I was knocked out. When I awoke, the wraith was gone."

Remus sighed softly, nodding as she spoke, trying to reassure her. "Michelle, what you are describing is typical of what I've researched. The wraiths feed on your pain. If you were fighting, you were probably experiencing pain, allowing the wraith to enter. Then, the wraith kept you from feeling any pain, and you fought until exhaustion came into play and you were knocked out. Once that happens, the wraiths will leave. So, I assure you, As crazy as it sounds, this is probably normal."

Remus went on: "I would find the people you may have fought that night. Come to them and tell them the guilt you may be feeling. I'm nearly positive that they will be understanding of the situation. Especially if they were there and saw it happen.
I know it may not help much to hear this, but, you are no longer inhabited. So, the violence is gone from you. I would recommend concentrating on making things right with those you may have hurt while inhabited."

Michelle nodded, "Yes doctor, I've already done that. But, I just can't be at peace with this. I still feel that something is just not right."

Remus nodded, trying to grasp how she felt. "Perhaps some time away might help. Sometimes getting out of the environment that you are struggling with will help you sort through what the real problems are."

"Yes, perhaps that would help. I will consider that."

"Alright. I urge to go someplace where you can learn to trust yourself again. You can learn to trust your heart, and gain some confidence in the person that you are. Try not to think about this place, but the person you want to be. Remember that my door is always open Michelle, just let me know how things are going. If it helps, we may be able to set up an appointment with the other people as well, whatever you are comfortable with."

He rose and led Michelle out the door. "Goodday Michelle."

Michelle smiled gently and stepped out.

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