Case 002, Session 01: Vincent Smith

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Case 002, Session 01: Vincent Smith

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There was a knock at the door, and Vinny entered. Peering around the office, he saw the doctor sitting at his desk chair. Finn rose quickly, smiling brightly and welcoming the stranger into the office.

"Greetings! I'm Doctor Remus Finn."

"Hello doctor. Vincent Smith...most around here call me Vinny."

The doctor shook hands with the man. "Please have a seat." Vinny moved to the couch, the doctor smiled slightly, apparently this man would be a bit more receptive to things than his previous patient.

"Well, Mr. Smith, I must inform you of a few things. First, I do record all my sessions here. This is solely for my purposes and notes, and noone will have access to these other than me." Vinny nodded in understanding, the doc continued, "Secondly, this session is purely a consultation. Most of the time counseling takes several sessions. Your honesty and patience with this process will create the best results for you." Again, Vinny nodded in agreement.

"Great. Now that I've said my bit, I'm eager to know what brings you to my office."

Remus looked to him, and Vinny relaxed on the couch. Actually doc, I think I've got a bit of a mental block, and I sort of know where it comes from, but I haven't been able to get around it. I've got women troubles, and it's affecting me in the rings."

Remus nodded. "How have the women troubles affected you in the rings?"

"Well, my dueling just isn't what it seems. And, again, I think it relates back to the fact that I have some women issues."

Remus nodded again, "Why do you feel that women have lead to this rut?"

Vinny responded with a tone of frustration. "Everytime I find a nice woman who likes me, she ends up dying one way or another. It really depresses me. It makes me think that I'm never going to be able to settle down."

Remus took a quiet breath, his thoughts glanced back to his previous session with Klinton, death seems to be a recurring theme in his sessions. He gained quick composure of himself and continued, "Okay, I'm not wanting to go into specific details just yet, however, I would like to know why you feel it is every woman. Surely this can't have happened more than once?"

Vinny shook his head, "Two times doc...two times." Remus paused before continuing. "How did the women die?"

Vinny responded again, Remus sensed the grief in his tone, "They were murdered. Both of them. One was somewhat of a death trap, and I was forced to choose between two women. One of the women killed herself, so that I wouldn't have to choose. The second was Raven." He paused slightly to collect himself. "She was killed by Shakira, right in front of my eyes."

Remus nodded, his eyes giving the best reassuring look he could muster. "THese are tough emotions to get through, and I don't want to take to big of a jump into it tonight." He rose, and Vinny rose as well. "Let's meet again next week, and we'll get a little more into the specifics."

Vinny nodded that he understood, and stepped to the door. "Have a good night Doc."

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