Case 001, Session 01: Klinton Caer

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Case 001, Session 01: Klinton Caer

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((The following is a session that occurred privately in Dr. Remus's office. It is placed here for the enjoyment of readers. Please do not refer to any of the topics discussed unless your characters already know about them.))

Klinton followed the directions on the doctor's office door, knocking and entering. At first glance this office looked rather normal. As he looked around, he saw a bookshelf, a couch, and two chairs. There was only one thing on the wall, his framed doctoral degree. Behind a desk at the far end of the room was Remus. Klinton moved in slowly as Remus looked up at him. Remus rose from his chair quickly, moving around his desk and extending a hand.

"Klinton...I'm glad you came."

Klinton grasped his hand firmly, with a nervous look in his eyes that the doctor sensed.

"No need to be nervous." Remus smiled encouragingly. "I'm here to help. Please, sit down" He motioned to Klinton into his office, allowing him to pick his own seat. Klinton, feeling quite vulnerable, chose the chair directly across from the desk. Remus sat down in the chair next to him.
"Just so you know Klinton, I do record all my sessions for my use. Noone will have access to the tapes or my notes for any reason." Klinton nodded in agreement as Remus pushed record on the tape recorder on his desk.

"I also want you to be comfortable, and honest, as that is the only way I can be of any assisstance. This is just a consultation, so I just want to get a bit of introduction to you.
First of all, I am eager to know what led you here. Are you needing a type of family counseling? Is there a problem with the dueling you'd like to work out? Or is it something else?"

Klinton took a deep breath to ease himself. "I guess it's more of a personal problem." Remus smiled and nodded in encouragement. "You sure noone else will hear this?" Remus nodded and Klinton continued. "Well," he paused as he tried to express his thought, "I suppose I just feel like I am constantly searching for something. I'm not quite sure what it is, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever find it." He looked at the doc hesitantly.

"Can you describe to me how that feeling feels?"

"Ya know how if you get up in the morning, and you are rushed, and you feel like you've forgotten something?" Remus verified that he understood. "I feel that way all day, every day it seems like."

"How long have you felt this way?"

"It's been several months now I guess." Klinton had a hard time expressing this. He cleared his throat and ran a hand through his red hair. Remus looked up at him, about to speak, when Klinton continued. "I guess it started when my father died."

Remus leaned back in his chair and nodded, to show that he was listening. Although he wasn't expecting that response. It seemed he'd have to learn to expect the unexpected in this business.

Remus spoke quietly, yet confidently, "Then perhaps that is where we should start. Can you tell me anything about your father?"

Klinton shut his eyes in thought, a small smile crept across his face as fond memories of his father moved into his mind. "He was an adventurer, to say the least," Klinton leaned back slightly, feeling more comfortable, "always travelling, always telling stories of the places he'd been and the things he'd seen."

Remus smiled, encouraged slightly by the fact that Klinton was relaxing a bit. "Did you see him alot? Or was he usually gone on his travels?"

"I usually travelled with him. We would make camp at some place, and then he would leave camp for a while each day. My job was to keep the camp straight, get supplies and food and things. I never really knew what he did while he was gone. It was great fun. When he would get home, we'd eat, then we would sit around a campfire, he'd teach me to play mandolin..." His voice trailed as he shut his eyes again, remembering.

"What else do you remember about your father?"

"That's really it I guess...just those memories that I keep coming back too."

Remus nodded, Klinton rose, indicating he was ready to leave. Remus rose quickly after him. "Klinton, while I understand that this is hard, I need you to understand that it will take time. This will not be solved by one little chat." Klint nodded that he understood, "I guess it's just hard to open up so quick ya know?" The doctor smiled...he did know.

After a few moments of the two of them standing silently, Remus spoke, "Okay...well....again, things probably won't change over night...but, come back next week okay? We'll continue then?"

Klinton nodded again. "THanks Doc." He turned and walked out the door.

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