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Messages Mundane and Magical

Post by Michelle Montoya » Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:43 am

For those who wish to communicate with Michelle or anyone else who claims Atrebla as their home.

- Messages dropped off at Bak'd and left for Michelle to pickup
- Text messages to Michelle's cell-phone in Rhy'din
- Books of Sending which connect with Michelle and other residents in Atrebla

Books of Sending

Due to the large distances of travel in Atrebla people often travel by way of portal. However, should you not want to make the journey there is a common practice of building enchanted books of sending. The paper is common enough but the binding is magically enchanted and crafted from the same tree. When bark or paper from that tree is no longer around to be incorporated into the soft-cover binding you can no longer add to that set of books.

You inscribe your name on the binding of the book when you first receive it. This book is connected to the others in its set or family. To send a message to another book in the set, merely start with the name they have inscribed on their bookbinding.

Nothern Paper Birch Set
Lady Michelle (Michelle Montoya)
Melly (Mel from Bak'd)
??? (Mallory)

East Quaking Aspen Set
The Lady Montoya (Ann Montoya)
Mickey (Michelle Montoya)
Young Sapling (Tatyana Montoya)
Honeybee (Siera Montoya)
Foreigner (Derrick Uldrick, Michelle's Husband)
Rock (Castel Drumroldie, Tatyana's Husband)
A-Game (Allen Montoya)
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