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Under New Management?

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It’s no secret that the Duel of Swords has gone under a turbulent path of ownership. At one point the Head Coordinators themselves owned the Arena and Arcade (formerly Annex). But the frequent changes in management resulted in accounting errors, overdue payments, and drastic changes in vision. During the most recent transition, Kalamere Ar’Din purchased the Arena and Arcade and placed Conner Reid in charge as Head Coordinator.

Kalamere Ar’Din is known for his other business, The Line, which makes money off the backs of people who follow bad betting advice on sports events such as March Madness. Always looking for a lucrative deal, Kalamere has landed himself $10b nobles with the sale of the Arena, Arcade, and Duel of Swords (DoS) to the Canadian Fencing Federation (CFF).

Sources say the CFF is also looking to pick up The Outback. Matt Simon has to be considering their offer; the Duel of Fists (DoF) is bleeding money from at least three full renovations and an exorbitant pizza bill. We are still waiting on an official statement from the DoF Coordinators.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is also tendering offers to multiple Rhy’Din news outlets, such as RhyDinSportsDaily.com and Sync™, for exclusive rights regarding Rhy’Din Sports News.

In other news, local ale maker, Jake Thrash, rumoured to be changing the name of his brewery to Red Moose.
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