Dearest Callister's Petting Zoo

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Dearest Callister's Petting Zoo

Post by Jackie Von Tombs » Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:01 am

"Don't worry, Mrs. Tapack. Tell your niece that there will be a casket and a grave for her son," Jackie soothed the old woman, grimacing. Mrs. Tapack exhaled, leaning into Jackie, grateful and dabbing at her eyes with an embroidered handkerchief.

"Thank you, my dear. It was all so sudden. So horrible. We're all so poor, we... didn't know what we could do."

"We'll be there tomorrow after the service," Jackie promised, "Then we'll have him prepared for the funeral by morning. I'll leave the directions to the cemetery."

"Thank you so much," the old woman squeaked, squeezing Jackie's hand. Jackie smiled, easy warmth, and let Mrs. Tapack murmur a prayer before the girl patted her hand and moved off. Once her back was turned, Jackie exhaled, shaking her head. There were entirely too many little ones passing on in that little backwater village.


Over the summer, and often beyond, Jackie was a common sight in the slums and backwoods towns around the main city. With her gang of Parkour super villain cosplayers, they used what they'd discovered on their runs through the city to help out those in need.

All too often, it was for the last deposition of a loved one. Jackie would make a plain but decent pine coffin and find space in the nearest cemetery, dig a grave, and help transport the body. This time, it was for a small child.

The family lived in one of the very low tech suburbs of the city, which gave Jackie the opportunity to bring out a newly restored children's hearse. It was a rare and beautiful horse drawn vehicle she had found while free running with her friends. Half the size of a typical hearse, it was white, carven with a floral motif, with glass sides and heavenly blue velvet curtains.

Daisy pulled the little hearse somberly through town, a plume of matching blue feathers on her head stall. Desdenova drove the little nightmare, appropriately garbed in a black suit, top hat, and gloves. Jackie rode alongside the boy, wearing a deep purple skirt and blouse, mourning for a girl from the 1900s.

The little house where their client waited was dark and gloomy. The family had gathered for the wake along with the neighborhood. They all removed their hats as the hearse pulled up.

"Thank you both so much. We just … we don't have any money and..." the boy's father whispered as he walked to meet Jackie and Desdenova. Jackie shook her head, giving the perfect mortician smile, a strange blend of comfort, sorrow, and warmth.

"This is what we do, Mr. Ismil," she assured him, "We'll go in and move him to the coffin, now. Perhaps you and your wife should go say your goodbyes."

Mr. Ismil nodded, exhaling, his head hung for a moment before he turned back to the house. Jackie and Desdenova watched him go, both with the sad-comforting smiles on their faces.

"Ugh. I hate these. But he'll be happy playing with new friends, soon," Desdenova sighed as he helped Jackie pulled the disturbingly tiny coffin from the hearse. Jackie nearly fumbled the coffin, blinking several times. Desdenova stared at her.

"There's nothing dead here," she whispered sharply.

Desdenova's brows knit. He looked around, then carefully opened his mind to scan around the little house. Jackie had received the lion's share of their father's abilities, such things came to her easily. Desdenova had to focus.

"...There isn't. Then... what's going on?" he responded, indicating the quiet group of people waiting out front, "None of these people want to hurt us. They're just sad."

"Follow my lead," Jackie responded, gripping the leather hand holds on the tiny coffin. Desdenova helped, but it was mainly for show. Jackie was stronger than she looked. They entered the house slowly, both looking around for anything out of place.

The parlor had been draped and the windows and mirrors all covered in black cloths. There were a few flowers, mostly boughs of cedar and pine and ivy decorated the table where the child was lain out. He wore his best clothes, which were still shabby and worn. He had a few toys set out with him.

His mother, heavily pregnant, knelt by his head, sobbing inconsolably. His father helplessly tried to comfort her.

"She's in bad shape," Desdenova hissed to Jackie. He moved as she set the coffin onto the floor.

"I know. Later," Jackie responded quickly before she pulled her mortician smile back to her lips, "We're going to move him now. Why don't you take Mrs. Ismil to your room? My brother wants to see her later, he can heal her."

"Why can't you heal him?! Why can't you heal my baby?!" Mrs. Ismil wailed. Desdenova flinched and stepped back, wide eyed, but Jackie simply smiled, helping Mr. Ismil get the poor woman to her feet.

"He's going to try. But you need to lay down."

"Jackie!" Desdenova hissed. He could often bring back the dead, but it wasn't easy, and it wasn't fair to give false hope.

"There is nothing dead here," Jackie reminded him curtly. Desdenova frowned, biting his lip and nodding. He watched as Mrs. Ismil tottered to her room, then exhaled heavily. He looked over the child, his brows knitting. When Jackie returned, he shrugged to her.

"There's nothing alive here, either, Jackie. I mean, this may as well be a bundle of sticks and leaves," he told her in an undertone, indicating the child's body. Jackie eyed him oddly, then moved to lift the boy's head.

It came off in her hands. Jackie and Desdenova stared flatly at this. Jackie's fingers flexed.

What had seemed to be a little boy's head of some four years crumpled into a dirty cloth bag filled with leaves and trash. Stunned, Jackie grabbed for the body, only to have it come undone in her hands, as well. Just a lot of sticks bound together in a rude human form.

"...Crap," Jackie whispered, wide eyed.

"...He's been kidnapped. Maybe by fae? This is a changeling," Desdenova pointed out, shuddering, "What do we do? When they do this, they aren't going to give him back."

"Is there fae magic on it?" Jackie asked, rubbing her brow with her fingers. She tossed the 'head' back to the body. Desdenova regarded it keenly, then shook his head.

"No. It wasn't glamour, it was a spell, and not a very good one. It broke apart when you touched it, probably because you're a necromancer."

"And probably because they didn't expect a necromancer to handle the remains. Fuck. What do we do now?" Jackie hissed. Desdenova exhaled, wide eyed. Then he said something monumental, something which had rarely left the lips of any Jones, let alone a Von Tombs.

"...Call the Police. I mean. Call. Like. Katt. She'll get real cops, detectives, over here."

Jackie exhaled and nodded, pulling her phone out. She waited as Desdenova put in Katt's phone number, and then stepped away to talk.

Desdenova blew out a quantity of air. He turned as Mrs. Tapack stepped in, indicating the dummy haplessly. She stared, her handkerchief at her lips.

"I knew it," she whispered, though she was still stunned, "I knew there was something weird going on with Jannes. He didn't know me. He didn't know anyone."

"Jackie's calling for help. He must have been kidnapped," Desdenova explained, "I don't know what to do, he still might be dead, there's been no ransom demand, and these are poor people..."

So many terrible things could happen to a poor child snatched from the slums like this. Desdenova winced faintly.

"First off, we've got to get it around that he was kidnapped. There's been … ten children in the past year or so who have inexplicably died like this. But that happens around here. I wonder how many of them have rags and sticks in their graves...?" Mrs. Tapack whispered, "I'll go tell everyone."

"I'd better tell the parents. She's in a bad way, she needs to be healed or her and the baby won't make it," Desdenova nodded, drawing in his breath slowly.
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Re: Dearest Callister's Petting Zoo

Post by Jackie Von Tombs » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:38 pm

Mrs. Ismil kept a precise and neat diary. Mr. Ismil gave it to Desdenova and Jackie to read some time later. The siblings left Mrs. Ismil laying in bed with her new born, somewhere between terrified and hopeful. At least with the new baby to comfort her.

Jackie flipped through the pages of the diary, frowning, leaning to Daisy's shoulder. The nightmare muttered, shifting her hooves. Desdenova climbed to the hearse and released the hand brake.

"Home all day, Jannes plays in the yard. Home all day, Jannes plays in the yard..." Jackie reported as she read, "No mention of strangers or people acting oddly..."

"Nuffin's been here bad," the nightmare announced, clopping a dainty hoof.

"Went to Dearest's lovely petting zoo. I could scarce believe it, it was free for children under ten. There's so few places we can afford, but I saved up the admission for me, it was only ten coppers, and we had a lovely time. Why, there was even a bear, but I didn't have the money for Jannes to pet it. It is kept apart from the other animals. I promised Jannes we would return soon," Jackie read, frowning.

"Under ten free? That's the bread and butter for outfits like that," Desdenova pointed out, "Especially if the adult admission is only ten coppers."

"Yeah. It's all we've got. I'll take this back to Mrs. Ismil, she can show it to Katt's people when they get here. What is and where is Dearest's petting zoo?"

"Passed it on da way here," Daisy called, shifting in the harness, "C'mon."

"Hang on," Jackie replied, swinging to the seat. She picked up the reins and gave them a shake. Soon, they were returning the way they'd come, heading back for the city proper. A long stretch of roadway ran between the city and the small town, dirt but maintained well enough. Along the road were random homes, some made over into businesses.

A carpenter, a truck farm, a junkyard, and then, what at first looked like another junkyard turned out to be the zoo, 'Dearest Callister's Petting Zoo' painted neatly onto a white washed board sign. It was open. A few families were milling around in the enclosure with the animals.

Daisy came to a halt, and Desdenova and Jackie regarded the place. It was on about a half acre of land, surrounded by a ten foot chain link fence topped with barbed wire. That looked as if it'd been scavenged from the junk yard, it was rusted and crooked.

A doublewide trailer hunkered at the back of the property, rusted and bent as if it'd been abandoned for some time before being reopened, more or less. It was as shabby and rusty as everything else. Two old garden sheds, cheap tin, sagged between the house and zoo.

The petting zoo seemed typical of most petting zoos. There was a four foot fence enclosing a small area, a few canvas sun shades stretched overhead. Several feed vending machines were fastened to the petting zoo fence. However...

The animals all looked weary and thin. There was no sign of a larger enclosure for them to exercise in, no sign of stables. They lived in that small enclosure their entire lives. Most hung out by the feed vendors, and greedily gobbled down the small handfuls of food they were offered, but were too weak to really push or shove for the feed.

A few of the animals seemed to have given up entirely, and sat miserably by the water troughs. A small spectacled bear cub was chained in a small space away from the others. It groaned unhappily as it sat at the end of its short tether.

"Oh Lady Fate. Call animal control," Jackie snapped, appalled.

"For what good that will do. They'll take these away, and she'll just get more," Desdenova pointed out dryly, "And it will take animal control a while to get on this."

"There's a dog. Go talk to it," Jackie noted, picking out a sad eyed basset hound laying with a pair of large gray tabby kittens. The poor thing looked hellish, dispirited.

Desdenova slid off of the hearse seat, removing his gloves, then dug out ten coppers. He started to walk for the zoo, and to his surprise, was met at the front gate by a gaunt gray haired woman. She had been sitting by the petting zoo, taking money, but moved when Desdenova moved.

She looked like a kindly grandmotherly sort, her hair in a bun, wearing a fussy print dress under a flour sack apron. Steel rim glasses, twinkling gray eyes and a kindly smile finished off the look. Desdenova regarded her solemnly.

"What a lovely little pony. I don't suppose she's for sale? I've been looking for a new pony since poor Sugar passed away. She'd have a lovely life here, I've got two miniature horses and a miniature donkey. And she'll never have to work again. Just get petted and have fun," the woman crooned. Desdenova eyed her, then looked into the petting zoo enclosure.

Sell Daisy to the lady? A fun way to steal a little cash, horrify Daisy, and stick it to the old lady, but that wasn't why Desdenova was there. He bit back the impulse for evil.

"Ahhh, no, we need her," he replied slowly, "We're just taking a break, I thought I'd come look at the animals."

"Oh. Oh! You must be here for that little Jannes Ismil boy. Such a shame. He was just a skinny little thing. He and his mum stopped by here a week or so ago. Well, if you've got the coppers, lad, come on in." she replied, going from a mournful little moue to a beaming smile.

Desdenova eyed her sidelong. The woman had a mouthful of some bright white teeth. They looked like old fashioned dentures made with radiated enamel.

"You're Dearest Callister?" he asked, handing over the change. She smiled again, eyes obscured when the sunlight gilded her glasses.

"I am, I've been running this petting zoo for oh, decades. Sometimes we pack up and go here or there. Going to be joining the circus for a spell in fact, so we'll be gone after next week. Better get in your petting now."

"Yeah, I guess so," Desdenova nodded, eying her a moment longer before he went to the set of gates to enter the petting zoo enclosure. Two gates, to prevent the animals from escaping. He slid through and walked past the other animals to the dog.

Both kittens climbed Desdenova hysterically, trying to burrow under his clothing, clinging tightly as they could, which was a considerable amount more than Desdenova was used to from kittens. He winced and stifled a few yelps as he knelt beside the dog.

"Now don't be thinking you're going to sneak my kittens out of here, lad! You can have 'em when they're grown, though!" Dearest caroled. Desdenova waved back at her, nodding. He touched the dog's head.
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Re: Dearest Callister's Petting Zoo

Post by Jackie Von Tombs » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:29 pm

Misery. Utter Misery. The dog was in deep mourning and distress. Desdenova woofed softly, glancing back to see where Dearest was. The animal turned immensely sorrowful eyes to the boy, a few soft chuffs and whimpers escaping her.

Desdenova stared at the dog, horrified. After a long moment, he nodded, then carefully dislodged the kittens from under his coat. They spat and growled unhappily at him, but he petted them and tucked them under the dog's head. She groaned, cuddling the kittens to her.

The bear cub was far too small and skinny. All of the animals were. He frowned faintly as he wandered through the small enclosure. He made sure the animals by the water all had a good pile of feed to eat, protecting them from the more able ones until they had fed, and then wandered out.

"Is there a bathroom I could use?" Desdenova asked Dearest, doleful and blushing.

"Yeah, necessary's over there. Don't you pee on the seat, now!"

Desdenova shuddered faintly, then more, as he realized she'd pointed out an ancient portable john. It did not look safe, and smelled worse. The kid vomiting just outside the door did not enhance that smell.

It did give him opportunity to look the property over, however.

A large animal trailer was parked behind the sheds. A truck that looked like it had been dredged out of a river ten years ago was hooked up to it, half under a decaying canvas cover. A midden pile of animal poop and household waste was to the west of the doublewide. It had overtaken the chain link fence, in fact.

Despite the fact that the animals seemed to be kept in the petting zoo enclosure, there were three large wooden hutches huddled around the back of the trailer home. An awning stretched over them. Desdenova glanced back, realizing that Dearest was starting to watch him. Sighing deeply and holding his breath, Desdenova ventured into the old port-a-poddy.

His head was still spinning when he returned to his sister and Daisy.


"Now what?" Jackie asked, frowning. Desdenova exhaled, climbing to the hearse. Jackie reached over for his hand to pull him beside her. Once he settled, she clicked her tongue, and Daisy started off.

"Prolly get into trouble, but we really need to move fast. Dearest is getting ready to leave here, to join up with a circus, and you can bet that's just as bad as this, and from what the dog says, she'll have eaten all of the 'puppies' before then."

"She ate the dog's puppies?" Jackie asked, making a face.

"The dog's a little crazy," Desdenova explained with a wry grimace, "Her name's Juno. She was bought to guard the property. Dearest was kidnapping kids and shoving them into hutches..."

"Hutches? Really? And fattening them up?" Jackie put in, incredulous. Desdenova shrugged.

"It happens."

"Go on," she responded, aggravated.

"Juno believes human children are puppies, and when she realized Dearest was eating the children, Juno tried to protect them. Dearest did a bad magic to Juno, that's all I could get from her, and since then, Juno's been locked in the petting zoo," Desdenova explained, shaking his head.

"Any idea how powerful Dearest is?" Jackie asked with a thoughtful frown. Desdenova shrugged again.

"Probably not as powerful as she'd like people to believe, but there are some heavy blots of evil on the lot. What did Katt say?"

Jackie shook her head, her lips pressed together.

"I had to leave a voice message, so I think bad things are going on with her, too."

"So, what do we do?" Desdenova asked slowly. Jackie rotated her jaw side to side, her eyes narrowing.

"Dearest needs a new picture pony, does she? I need to make some calls once we get back to the RhyDin house. You see if you can get hold of Sard," she finally announced.
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Re: Dearest Callister's Petting Zoo

Post by Jackie Von Tombs » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:04 pm

No zippy convertible tonight, no, Jackie carefully piloted the old Chevy panel van through the city.  It was just that, a big old Army surplus delivery vehicle, kept in surprisingly good shape for its age and class.  She handled the streets easily in the large van, while her little brother sat firmly strapped (and not very happy about it) to a jump seat behind the driver.  She pulled in quietly and took in the building curiously, hot green eyes curious as cats.  

Desdenova couldn’t really see anything, and as the warding had never been changed on the seat straps, he was stuck there until released.  While he was wearing dark pants, shoes, and hoodie, Jackie had her usual Jackiepool free running kit on, red and black, but with long pants rather than boy shorts, and long sleeves.  She pushed back the door, and hopped out before remembering her brother.  Thus, she turned back to release him.  He grumbled, but what can you do?  

“This going to be a park…?  It looks epic already,”  Jackie asked as she barged up, making sure to keep Desdenova pulled up close behind her. Most places Sard was working on had Monster Plants, and she didn’t want to explain to her parents how her little brother got composted.

The Greenswarden took a swallow of coffee as he watched the van pull up, absently lifting a hand to rake his hair back. It could use a few hours of getting brushed out, most likely, but he'd been working. Priorities.

A grunt greeted the girl as she climbed out, nod following for Des, and he tips his head toward the waiting cups. "Help yourself. Black, little bag has cream and sugar in it if you want." His is untainted, not even by Sekal. Pushing to his feet, Sard climbed the steps to pull one of the doors open, and shook his head.

"Not exactly. We can talk inside. Been meaning to show this place to you two, anyway, and it's almost done now. Good for the Guardians to get to know you two."

And that's all the explanation he offers, at least for the moment. The door is left open, and the biker's movement betrays that inside, there are steps going down - just a couple, as they'd find when they followed.

"Going to be a community garden. A place where anyone can come, and claim an unused planter, to grow their own food. Grow flowers, herbs, medicines. Anything but drugs. To remember that there's more than pavement and steel to being alive."

"What are your plans for approaching this... Petting Zoo? And what are you going to do with the animals, once you get them out of there? Can't just turn them loose."

“Blessed coffee,”  Jackie noted, grabbing a cup and drinking it black.  Desdenova, however, used up all the packets for his cup.  Coffee was bleh to him, but it was hot and now sweet and creamy.  He mumbled his thanks after Jackie, and they trailed after him, wide eyed taking in the structure.  

“Awesome,”  Desdenova noted, wandering through the plots.  He stopped here and there and graffitted onto the bricks, etching random wardings with a small pen knife.  

“It’s gorgeous,”  Jackie echoed, then she exhaled as she put her thoughts into order, and removed a small notebook.  She rattled off the animals that they had observed at the zoo, frowning faintly.

“I’m not sure any of the wild type animals, the deer and the bear particularly, can be released at all. However, I called several rescues to get in contact with their ‘ambassador animal’ people, so though they wouldn’t be wild, they would be properly tended and happy." she turned a page.

“BUT," Jackie continued, holding up her pen, "Before they’ll touch any of them, they have to go through a vet, and I do have one lined up prepared to take them, and they will have other vets to help as they assess the condition of the animals. Des’ll heal them as he can, but he can only do so much before he starts getting to a bad seizure place.”

Propping his ass against the edge of a mortared-brick planting box, Sard folded his arms across his chest, coffee cup still dangling from one hand, and nodded as Jackie worked througth the plan. The watchful sense escalates dramatically as soon as Desdenova started to 'graffiti', and for a moment it might well feel like a building presence getting ready to swat - but a glance by Sard, and a deep, resonant hum, diffused the situation before it escalates.

“As for getting in there. I was able to get a friend’s granddad to call Dearest and ask her to meet him to discuss purchasing a pony and other cute animals. He’ll keep her busy as best he can till at least ten pm, so we have a few hours to get in, get the animals into the van and trailer, and hopefully search the property to find out if she is involved in Janne’s disappearance. Des will deal with the animals, you and I do the snooping…” Jackie paused to take a Breath, and drink.

Desdenova, meantime, handed his Ipad over to Sard, a very cool wood framed steampunk affair. It was open to a folder of photos of the house and property.

Accepting Des' notebook, the biker studied the place critically, a grunt evidencing his opinion of the situation.

"Getting in's no problem. Can have that fence, and the trailer as well, down in a matter of minutes. Can put some of the animals out at my place, but not long-term. Just until they can be processed through the vet. Stable's fixed up, all but Muharib's stall."

Pushing away from the planter, the biker headed for the inner door, and again climbed a few steps to open it. The door frames were at the original height, though the floors were no longer at floor level. Stepping through, the biker nods to the two to take a look, rather than taking them on an escorted tour.

A few steps back down, into a brick-cobbled courtyard, now with a glass roof arching above it. More brick-framed planting plots, raised only a foot off the ground and larger - six of them, spaced around the coutyard. In the middle, a low fountain tiled in blue ceramic, with a tree growing so close that it leans over the fountain, braced against it with bark growing onto the edge.

The hint of eyes in rippling water, and a rustling in the boughs just above, where nyad and dryad keep watch. The tree looked strong. On the far side of it, there's a clear patch of earth and a sturdy bench facing both.

"Guardians. Place was going to be bulldozed, would have killed them both. Trees roots extend to the edge of the property now. So does the spring's water. Inner area's just for a few people, not open to everyone. That's all you need to see about this place - Sylva's got a plot in here, Lucy as well if she wants it. You two, if you want them. Now - let's close up here and go get the lay of the land outside that prison, before we go in. I'll follow you on my bike."

“Oh wow…” Jackie noted as she followed after the man, Des a few paces after. She bowed politely to the naiad and dryad, “Forgive me, Old Ones, I didn’t bring a proper offering this time, but I will next time."

Desdenova scoffed softly and squirmed by. He always had crunchy cat food and tobacco and sage on him. So he stepped as close as allowed and left a bit of each in a hollow near the fountain, then bowed a bit.

“Greetings,” he chirped, “It’s very nice to meet you.”

Jackie muttered something like ‘suck up’, and Des noodled his tongue out at her as the turned back to them.

“Prolly find a nice offering bowl if they like that kind of thing.” he decided, looking the space over, “I’ll plant you a Moon garden.”

 Jackie nodded, jerking her head to indicate the van. No trailer on it - yet.  She wasn’t planning on stealing the old horse carrier at the zoo, but there would be one waiting.  “Okay, let me make sure Des is strapped in and we’ll get moving.  It’s not a long drive, but it’s a bad drive, the roads are caca.”

"Once we get the animals out, we'll need to do something about the place. Have to see what the area around it looks like, and what we can do, when we get there." Sard took one last glance over the pictures, and the biker nodded, returning Desdenova's tablet.

A chuckle vibrated the biker's chest without any sound, as he shook his head at the two and closed the door behind them all, ushering them out ahead of himself so he can secure the outer door, as well.

Swinging onto his bike, the Greenswarden folded the kick up and buckled his helmet on. Appearances and 'bravado' be damned - Sard always wore a helmet when he rodes, unless he carried a passenger and needed to put it on them.

"If we can come at the back, do it that way. The trailer will block sight from the main road and delay any curiosity. That fence is already rusty - I can have it down in a few minutes, just the area we need, when we get there. I'll take the rest of it down once we're done extracting them. When they're loaded up, you need to get out of there immediately, so there's no risk of getting tied up with any legal claims if this woman comes back."

“I left a message with our aunt Hally, she’ll get the paperwork through I’m sure as soon as possible,”  Jackie nodded as she turned to help secure Desdenova. It wasn’t that the straps or buckles were difficult, it was that it wasn’t made for him to work the buckles, in fact, the opposite.  So he had to be buckled in and out, unless in an accident or other issue, where they would open on their own.

“Okay, don’t listen to Pollyanna, once Aunt Hally gets that message, she’ll be there with bells on and armed and ready to take down anything she has to,” Desdenova called with a scoff. Jackie rolled her eyes and poked a Tootsiepop into his mouth. He glared at her. But Tootsiepop.

A grunt answered the news about Halcyon, from both sources, but there's a twitch to Sard's lips that suggests humor as he watches Desdenova get strapped in. Draining the last swallow from his coffee cup, he tosses it aside. It's not littering... not when, by the time he's started the bike and pulled out behind the van, a smaller shadow in its wake, the cup has already decomposed and filtered into the ground.

Jackie got behind the wheel and started the van up.  She pulled out slowly, then drove a fair clip through the streets.  She was actually a fairly safe driver, though on the aggressive side.  Clearly she’d cut her teeth on the Los Angeles freeways!  

(Written with Sard <3)
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