2019 Winter Cycle Warlord Tournament Press Release

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2019 Winter Cycle Warlord Tournament Press Release

Post by Capistrano » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:54 pm

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Dear Wrecking Crew Fans and the Dueling Community at Large,

Wow, that’s a long greeting, huh? I guess when you’ve got a lot of people to thank, you gotta write a lot of words down. Anyways, I wanted to start by saying thank you for all the Tweeter posts, cards and letters, and voicemails you’ve left the Crew both congratulating me on becoming a father and wishing me a speedy recovery from the injury I suffered immediately following the Winter 2019 Warlord Tournament. Sami and I are greatly excited about the former. But as happy as we are for that, this letter’s more about the latter.

Some of you might remember that I left the Crew in 2015 to go back to school, and that when I graduated in 2017, I went to work for the Rhovnik Foundation instead of returning to dueling. You’re probably more likely to remember that I got seriously injured during my last deployment with them, and after taking some time to recover and reflect, and with my new family situation in mind, I decided to rejoin the Crew on a permanent basis.

After the Warlord Tournament, I re-injured the leg that I hurt on that deployment. We’re still waiting for test results to come back to confirm what we think the injury is, but the fact I hurt myself so quickly even after all the rehab I did -- and with a non-contact injury -- isn’t a good sign.

Some of you might remember seeing me duel with a hologram during the magical All Ranks Tournament, or against Anubis Karos during my recent Madness match. You might be wondering “Why not just use a hologram again?” Here’s the thing. The hologram for magic was just a way to participate in that without having any magical skills. The hologram for swords was an imperfect solution to thorny situations that sometimes came up in the duels. I don’t fight kids, and I don’t fight people who pose a threat to my livelihood. Sometimes, though, like if unexpected participants show up in the Warlord Tournament or you get lined up to fight someone like, say, Anubis in Madness, you don’t have a choice. Hence, the hologram. Generally speaking though, if I have a choice, I’d rather stick to the spirit of the duels, and fight them myself. WIth my leg screwed up, I can’t. And as much money as I’d make pressing a challenge even with a hologram, I respect the duels too much to water them down like that when there’s a choice. With that in mind -- and I’m not calling this retiring because who knows what the future holds and I reserve the right to change my mind -- I won’t be participating in future Madness or Warlord tournaments.

I’d like to especially thank Duel of Swords Assistant Coordinator Nat Candle, Penny Escobar, Patrick, and Cris for assisting me when I went down, picking me up, helping me get a hold of my wife, taking care of me until the paramedics came. Your aid in a time of extreme difficulty made it easier to deal with it. I’d also like to thank Michelle Montoya for getting ahold of Maria and the Crew, to Rachael Blackthorne for calling the paramedics to get me to the hospital, and to Duel of Swords Coordinator Na-Rae Takamine for handling a difficult and unforeseen situation with grace and kindness. And for everyone else watching, in person and on TV -- this’s gonna sound corny, I know, but I could feel all the positive vibes from you.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but I’ll still be doing as much as I can for the things I care about. You’ll still see me signing things at stores and at meet-and-greets, but more importantly, I’ll still be visiting hospitals and orphanages and helping out those who are less economically fortunate and whatever other activities I can do to raise money for the RhyDin Shield Association and any other charity working to make this city a better place.

Hopefully, I’ll see you in the rings soon.

Jay Capistrano
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