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The Brawl Bot

Post by Kalamere » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:03 pm

How to use the BrawlBot

First of all, the BrawlBot will need to be online. It won't be around all the time and will only log in for scheduled events. Usually I'll be the one to do this, but Jake also has the ability to download the code and run it from his linux machine (depending on his python set up).

I'll explain caller and player commands in more detail below, but the quick process is like this:

!open Winter Brawl
- This opens an event named "Winter Brawl"
- NOTE this is an in room command only, not sent via DM

- Preferably as a DM to the bot, but room sends work and will add them to the event.

- This closes down the event to new entry and begins the event! Players can begin sending moves.

!m who move1 move2
- technically the order doesn't matter and there's no checking. Whatever makes the caller happy. This registers the players move for the round and may be changed up until the caller locks the round (see next command). Once all active players have sent moves, the bot send the caller a DM with what they all are.

- This locks the round. Do this before actually calling anything or knocking anyone out. The bot will tell the room that the round is locked, then you can go ahead and tell people what happened. You may want to use !showall here after !call to just post all the moves to the room and then write up a summary to follow. (strongly suggest doing !out where appropriate first though).

<caller - maybe>
!out @player
- NOTE this is an in room command, because that's the only way to @ people.
- This tells the bot that @player has been eliminated.
- ALSO NOTE - that this should probably be done after !call, but before actually calling.

That's pretty much it. There are some other commands, but the above are all that are strictly necessary.

Caller Command List:
!open [event name] - Room Only - Opens a new event (only 1 event may be open at a time)
!close - Closes the event
!start - Closes registration and begins the event. Players may not send moves.
!reopen - Cancels the !start command as long as it isn't past the 1st round. re-opens for people to join. You'll send !start again when ready.
!call - locks in the moves for a round so you can call it.
!uncall - unlocks the round you just locked in case that was done by mistake. Send !call again when ready.
!out [@player] - Room Only - Tells the bot that @player is eliminated
!backin [@player] - Room Only - Tells the bot that @player is not actually eliminated if you'd !out'ed them by mistake
!showall [round#] - Shows what all the players sent you to the room. Round# is optional, it default to the last round called.
!show [round#] - Shows you in DM what the moves were for the round. Round# is optional and default to current round.

Player Command List:
!join - enters you into the event
!leave - leaves the event, assuming it hasn't begun. After that the caller will have to !out you.
!m [who move1 move2] - What you're doing in the round. Format could change by caller or event type, but !m is what you start with.
!show [round#] - Shows you want happened in round#. Round# is optional and default to current round. If it is current round, however, you won't get what the moves sent are.
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