A-Hunting Katt Will Go

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A-Hunting Katt Will Go

Post by Issy »

Isuelt was dressed in clean leathers, though this was more than her usual working wear. This was not her patrol gear, this she'd picked from the closet but some of it was not familiar to her. She knew the leather pants and she vaguely remembered the leather corset, though she usually had something on underneath it. The boots, patent leather and over her thighs, she did not remember buying. She was moving south, away from the city's center. The sun was up and over the horizon, peeking out from clouds here and there. The early day was bustling with people off to work, off to errands, but Isuelt didn't really care about any of them. She passed by them, even bumping into a few here and there without an 'I'm sorry' or a 'pardon me.' She didn't hear the comments or whistles as she made her way toward the Temple of Divine Light, on her way to the Southern Gate.

Katt had spent most of the morning hunting for Issy. It started off at the docks but without more of a lead, she made her way back through the city. She tasted blood on the wind at one point but it was the scent that was blended with it. No matter how much you cleaned, blood left a coppery scent and it confused her why it was attached to this...other scent. It caused her steps to hurry along until she was all but prowling down the street. Spotting the woman from the side, she raised a brow. That..sure enough was Issy but what was she wearing? Why did her movements seem..off? Her thoughts went back to her brother's words but for now...she continued to slice the distance between them until she was close enough to call out.


Isuelt might have heard, but the smart money was on the negative. Her gait was smooth; long strides and a definite swagger. And her pace didn't pause. A man who was looking through a bag after having just left a shop, was bowled over by Isuelt as she pushed him out of her way. He rebounded off of the wall, dropping his bag. His precious books went flying.

Katt blinked - well that was very...un-Issy like. Her steps doubled in effort as she sped up, glancing to the man who had been shoved away. She made no excuses for Issy but rather once she caught up, she stayed a few feet behind. She considered waiting until they cleared the gates and maybe a few yards out of the city? Was that were Issy was heading? "Isulet." She called again, this time walking in time with the woman and practically living in her shadow.

Isuelt didn't turn around. But this time she did hear. She heard her name and she recognized the voice that uttered it. Her lips curled into a smirk as she stepped off the sidewalk and into the middle of the street. They had passed the orphanage now; it was clear that the Southern Gate was Isuelt's destination. Isuelt's lips puckered gently together as she began to whistle.

Well that struck a nerve. Katt knew Issy had to hear her. That woman's ears did not have cotton in them. She waited, long enough to pass the orphanage to where they were out of earshot before she reached out a hand, firmly settling it on Issy's shoulder (which considering the height difference was kinda weird!). She didn't yank, didn't pull, but definitely made herself known.

Like a flash, Isuelt grabbed Katt's hand tightly and turned her own body, using her height to her advantage to heave Katt's body toward her as Isuelt bent over. She aimed to pull Katt onto her hip and instantly roll her off, to flip her over her shoulder to the ground. Isuelt's speed in movement and her strength (which had always been admirable) seemed greater than usual.

"Gehn!" She was not expecting that! However, when Issy tried to toss her, she reached out with her other hand and grabbed Issy's side while at the same time lashing out the nearest leg to hook her foot to Issy's calf. Issy wouldn't have the ability to flip her to the ground but rather brought Katt to slide along in front of her. So if Issy wanted her on the ground, she would have to fall. Using the momentum and the position Issy was trying to put her into, in attempt to reverse the flip and using Issy's on movements against her.

Isuelt let go instantly, letting Katt fall where she may, digging her heels into the ground to remain upright. "What the fucking hell are you doing?" Her brows were lowered as she looked down to Katt. She kicked at Katt, presumably to free her leg from Katt's foot. Right.

Katt thudded to the ground and that was okay with her. Twisting at the hip, she kicked out with her other foot in attempt to deflect Issy's kick. Either way she unhooked her other foot and pushed off, shoving herself a few feet back before leaping to her feet. "What the hell? I just came to tell you that my brother was awake and you go off the handle. I know you heard me, Isuelt. You are many things but deaf isn't one of them."

Isuelt stared at Katt for a long moment. Probably too long. It was almost as if something in her reset. "Wait....what?" She narrowed her eyes.

Katt brushed herself off and grumped something under her breath before turning her eyes up to Issy. "He is awake and he is asking for you. I have been searching for you since. David is with him right now back at D4. So..." She gestured back the way they came.

"David..." There was a spark in her eye just then as her lips smirked.

She grunted quietly. "So are you coming or what?"

Isuelt looked down, not liking the feeling of the sun on her face as it came out from behind the clouds.

She thought Issy would be ecstatic. Running through the streets - frolic with me my friends! Frolic with me! So the way she casted her head down. "What is going on..?"

Her brow wrinkled, she shook her head lightly. "He's okay?" Isuelt was still looking down, her breath was coming quickly now. She could feel her blood pulsing through her body, throbbing.

"Yes? I guess. He was on the floor, asking for you. So you can ask him yourself, yeah?"

The hedonistic mixture flooding through her system was making her dizzy. He was asking for her, maybe it was that that pushed her to where she was. Rage, lust and apprehension were weaving together in toxic cocktail. Her eyes were palpitating between brown and crimson, though she kept her gaze down. She drew a deep breath and lifted her chin finally and looked at Katt. The crimson remained in a rim around her pupils.

Ahhh crap. Ah crap. Yep. Crappity crap crap. She pretended not to notice, though, her head craning slowly as she watched Issy. "He said to hurry. Rather for me to hurry to find you." she offered her hand out to Issy. "I can shadowstep us there if you don't feel like walking through town."

Isuelt's tongue licked at her upper lip. Lust won out. For now. She stepped closer to Katt, "Get us to him then?"

She reached out to grasp Issy's hand. "Sorry if this is uncomfortable." #Sorrynotsorry. The shadows around them whipped and suddenly swallowed them whole. If it wasn't for her grasp on Issy, the other woman would have felt a world of sickness in her head and body. She didn't shadow step. This was something entirely different. A shadow swap with her shadow servant allowed her to bring another with her. However, it did have...consequences. Those would be dealt with later...

The last time something like this happened, it was with Tass. And she nearly fell over. Though it was in fact Edward who had collapsed (for a separate reason), and Isuelt wasn’t too thrilled with it. But what was done was done. She would end up wherever Katt was planning them to. However, the surge of rage within her was beginning to gain ground on her lust...
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Re: A-Hunting Katt Will Go

Post by Issy »

Issy was not going to be happy with where they ended up. A brief moment and the shadows melted away to blinding white. Purity at its best. Sealed...white. If Renna was pulling strings, Renna knew this room. Katt was quick to pull her hand away and step away from Issy.

Isuelt flinched at the blinding white light, as her eyes finally focused, they widened in horror. She knew exactly where she was. "You....fucking....bitch!" Isuelt flew at Katt, her speed was inhuman. In an instant she was on Katt, tackling her to the ground. She was nearly roaring with rage. Lust had left her body, this was all white hot rage. There was a crackling, an energy that surged through her body; Katt could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand at attention as Isuelt came at her.

Yep. Katt saw it. Knew it was going to happen. Ah crap...Katt grunted on impact, still a little off from the shadow shifting with her servant. Even as she landed on the ground she just looked up at Issy and smirked, just a tad. It wasn't like she was trying to send Issy off the end of the pool. Issy was already there. "If it makes you feel any better, I didn't lie. He did send me after you. First thing he told me after he saw me was to find you." She didn't try to push Issy off. Nor did she fight her. Not just yet. While the energy that came from Issy was..new...She waited, stared even. She wasn't daring Issy in the least but considering how collected she still was and that heavy stare, it could come off as such.

Isuelt grabbed at Katt's neck, feeling as if she wanted to ring the very life from her. Isuelt had only heard what Katt had said in the very back of her mind. Something else was driving her now. Katt had tricked her! Had thrown her in this god-forsaken cell! She hated it in here, she was a hostage! She thought she was going to see Batten. Batten whom she'd fretted over since he collapsed, whom she'd spent the nights with in the chair in his room hoping he'd wake up. Katt lied to her and threw her in Renna’s prison cell! She gripped tightly on Katt's neck, Isuelt’s rage was white hot.

Katt let it happen. She made no attempt to stop or ease Issy's grip. She waited but would wait only so long. It was a dimming and she reached up, weaving her arm between Issy's and pushing against the opposite inner elbow of the woman while her other hand shot out, palm flat - with force and straight at Issy's nose. No, she wasn't going to let the woman kill her but just how far was she planning to go. Katt had her answer.

Isuelt's head snapped back with that strike to her nose. She lifted Katt's neck only a moment more before she tried to smash the back of Katt's head into the floor before she let go and got up off of her. Isuelt's nose was bleeding as she found when she wiped it with the back of her hand. She growled at Katt and began to circle her slowly, the sting to her face egging her on.

Even if you say Katt has a hard head, that hurt. She grunted and laid there for a moment before slowly sitting up. Tucking one leg under herself, she eyes Issy. "Heh. Guess you really do hate me..." She took a moment, waiting for the buzzing in her head to subside but even then, Issy could likely see traces of Reevi creeping up along Katt's skin. "I don't want to fight you. So can you please just go sit in a corner or something?" Asking too much, she knew..

Isuelt said nothing for a long, long time, still continuing to circle Katt. She indeed saw the telltale sign of the Reevi beginning to surge. Isuelt took that as a sign of challenge. Her voice, once she found it again, was low and controlled. "You... you claiming that I hate you? That's a fucking farce. I'm not the trickster, I'm not the liar. I'm not the one who threw you in a fucking cell!" She was starting to believe that Batten was not awake at all. Maybe he was dead? Maybe this was all a ruse of Katt's to get Isuelt locked up? "How dare you? How dare you tell me to go sit in a corner? I am not yours to command, I am not a slave to you!" The crimson orbs made their full-fledged appearance, Isuelt’s eyes burned like the setting sun. She stood out against the ghost-white backdrop: black leather silhouette, nearly-raven hair and red eyes. The cell seemed at home with her, like it knew her. Isuelt's circle toward Katt was winding in closer and closer. The crackling was heard again as Isuelt closed the distance between them, leaning in for a jab to punctuate her displeasure at being deceived.

"Hrmph. I didn't lie. I brought you here to see him but if you think I am going to let him near you while you are acting like this, you have another thing coming. You wanted to see him and you will." Katt stood up slowly, "In fact, he had been made aware of where we are the moment we arrived. " The Reevi moved to cover vital parts of her person but that was it. No weapons, no attempt to fully defend. If Rage was in control, then it was likely that all that Issy really felt was just being let loose. Yeah, she figured Issy had a bit of hatred for her and she took what followed as punishment. Tricking, however, was a matter of perspective here. She didn't even move from the jab though Issy would find that Katt didn't exactly budge from her spot when the hit landed. In fact, Katt seemed pretty well rooted into place. Her sharp gaze tilted to Issy, one eye that unnatural green and the other a color that should be familiar. His blue-grey. "I brought you here for your safety...for his safety...and for those past these walls." Did Issy's jab hurt? Well..yes...but out of anyone, Issy knew how Katt handled pain.

Isuelt was so enraged that the next punch at Katt was accompanied by a roar as her nostrils flared. Words seemed to fail her as adequate vehicles for expressing the intense emotions that she was buried by. Instead primal grunts and shrieks were hurled along with her punches. Katt was a tough cookie, perhaps somewhere deep inside Isuelt knew she could take it?

While Katt was a tough cookie, it didn't mean she couldn't bleed. One punch, followed by its successors, moved her back until her back was to the wall. She may have needed the brace for the incoming onslaught. She was more or less biding time. She couldn't shift out yet and she didn't want to hurt Issy. Not if what Edward had said was true. Part of her was tempted to ask DIANA to gas the room, though. Knock Issy out without hurting her. A few punches were deflected but she didn't move to land any of her own. Just hoped that her brother would manage to show up and handle things before she did. If Issy tried to land punches in vital places, the Reevi cushioned the punches and also gave Issy's knuckles a feeling as if she had punched spikes.

Isuelt did use Katt like the punching bag. Until her knuckles were bleeding from her trying to hit Katt in various places. Katt was deflecting like a champ, and Isuelt was getting tired of boxing her. She stopped abruptly and grabbed at the fabric at Katt's shoulders, trying to pull her off of the wall and throw her aside. She growled as she shifted her weight in an attempt to hurl Katt away from her.

And that is where Katt acted. When she was grabbed, Katt's arms reached out as well, snagging Issy's outstretched arm. Planting her feet down she yanked, trying to pull Issy off guard and swing her somewhat like a human baseball bat to be released at the wall. If Issy was good enough to plant, it would become a tug of war stance but she'd glare at Issy. She wanted to say something. Oh she did. But it would just enrage Issy more.

There was an impressive tug of war, Katt indeed was deceptively strong! Isuelt was frustrated and pushed out at Katt, then released her. Her long legs took backwards strides to put some distance between the two women.

Good! Maybe Issy had worn herself out. She could only hope because holding the guard end of this was wearing on Katt's nerves. Raising a hand she wiped the blood that stained the corner of her lips. She eyed Issy like she was some rabid dog. She should have placed Issy in here before but she was sure both Scarlett and Tass would have stood in her way. "Tch..." Hurry up, Edward . Not that she thought they had that type of connection but darn she was thinking it hard.

Isuelt began to pace in the room, the serene white was sterile to her eye and she felt like it was mocking her. Her breathing was shallow and rapid, she was beginning to panic. Renna's fears, anger and memories of this place were starkly in the forefront of her mind. Her heels clicked on the clinical floor as she walked back and forth like a tiger pacing in her cage. Her nose was no longer actively bleeding, but the blood trail from her left nostril to her upper lip remained.

Katt watched Issy pace and exhaled a slow breath. She was half expecting Issy to have weapons on her person and was about to get stabby stabby. She still might! That is why Katt kept an eye on her. "So I take it that Renna has taken full grasp of you, just like you stated in your nightmares..."

Isuelt's stilettoed steps stopped cold. Isuelt turned a slow, crimson eyed glare to Katt. You know what they say, If looks could kill… Katt would have probably keeled right over. Isuelt's jaw clenched as she sized Katt up. Almost without really thinking about it, Isuelt’s hands produced palm-sized black shards, they looked like daggers lacking hilts. As if she were a magician with the nothing up my sleeve mentality, she shifted the shards and each multiplied so that she now held two in each hand. She hadn't taken her eyes off of Katt this entire time.

Katt thought back to the past as she watched Issy. The last time this happened. Renna had beaten the shit out of her. Katt still couldn't fathom to what end. But still..She started to remember those words that Issy so venomously spat at her and for a moment, her expression darkened. It wasn't even the production of weapons that Issy seemed to call upon. No...She couldn't..nor would she...She held herself from doing anything drastic but part of her wanted to show Issy something she would never forget... Just like she did Race...

"Let. Me. Out. Of. This. Prison." Isuelt’s words were clipped and controlled in perfect pitch. Her eyes were pinned on Katt. There was no flailing or yelling, there was no throwing of weapons or punches. There was the simple sentence of petition. She was giving Katt a chance to collect her own thoughts and make the right choice.

"That is not my call. That will be his choice." Katt didn't dare tell Issy that the box was his idea otherwise she'd probably flip his lid. "You are here not just for his safety...but your own." Issy may not have realized it but Katt was putting herself in harm's way to protect Issy but that was fine. To be recognized for her deeds was never her thing. She hadn't really hurt Issy and she didn't want Issy to hurt herself - be it by harming herself or others that she may one day regret. "I mean if you haven't noticed I am kinda stuck in here too."

Isuelt’s nostrils flared, but that was the only movement she made. Her eyes did not falter from Katt. Isuelt was looking nearly past her, feeling her heart slam against her ribs. Yes, Katt was stuck in here too. But if Katt appeared in the cell with Isuelt, then surely she could get out again. Right? "Kathryn. I will say it one more time. Get me out of this cell." She was giving her friend a last chance? Perhaps there was something in her that was stalling her hand?

Katt gave Issy a dulled look. "Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you are partly deaf. That is not my call. Stuck in here too. I can only shadow transfer once every couple of days. Even my abilities are limited, thank you very much." She grunted quietly. "Like I said, Edward knows. You can take it up with him once he gets here." She uncurled a finger and pointed at Issy. "I told you I would bring you to see him. I didn't say anything else. So I did not lie." Huff!! Was...that what was bothering Katt? Not really...It kinda felt like she and Issy had been here before...in this dance. Just this time Issy was slicing a lot less deeper with her words.

After a long pregnant pause, the slight sound of creaking leather was heard. Isuelt hurled all four ebon shards at Katt. They left her fingers with a purpose, like they were sentient, doing her bidding. Two were thirsting for Katt's throat, while the other two had plans of their own and chose other targets. Isuelt reached over and grabbed the nearest vase, as there were several with the roses in them. The vase was flung at the glass wall with such a fury, such a force that she wasn't surprised to see it smash into a thousand pieces on impact.

Crap! Katt knew it was coming. She raised her hand to her face, palm flat with fingers flexed to guard her face which meant her hand and arm got two out of four shares. The other two found her side and thigh which got a quiet groan out of her. "Okay that....hurt..." She lowered her hand in order to rip one of the shards out of her hand. Gross..look..there was a hole now.

She ripped out the second one, holding both between her fingers as she looked to the source of the crash. Hmm.. "I think Renna grew those. She might not be happy you destroyed them..." Taunt? Well..not really. Just an observation.

Isuelt howled, she was vexed and saw no way to resolve the current situation. There were other roses in vases, but for the moment, the small bench was closer. The pretty white hassock was grabbed into her strong hands. Isuelt spun around to gain momentum and then let the small piece of furniture fly at the glass wall that was the largest window into the cell. Two legs cracked and splintered off of the hassock, sending shards of white wood flying in three directions. Isuelt yawped at the destruction after seeing that the glass was unaffected by her strength. Renna's memories indicated that the way out of this glass box would not be easy, if possible at all. Isuelt's eyes shut in exasperation, her breathing still rapid. If she was stuck in here, with no way to bludgeon her way out, then how could she satiate her rage? Her indignation? After a few moments, her gaze lifted. She was looking through her lashes at Katt, who she saw had been struck by the black shards she had unfurled earlier. Their viscosity now a soupy mess, small black puddles on the white floor where Katt had tossed them after she had plucked them from her flesh. Isuelt's red-brown eyes were glowering at her friend.

There was plenty going through Katt’s head and some things she was trying, desperately, not to think about. Being confined in a space was not ideal for her. Luckily it was made of glass and claustrophobia didn't settle in. Still, it was unnerving. Too many memories… She stared at her hand as the Reevi began to coat over her hand, effectively clotting the wound if not only temporarily. If Edward didn't hurry she was going to have to knock Issy out in a rather unfriendly fashion. Doing her best not to hurt the woman but damn she wasn't making it easy. Lifting her gaze she noticed the look Issy was giving her. Like a wild animal looking to fill a blood lust. She exhaled loudly, "Don't..." She didn't sound pleading nor did she sounded demanding. It was just a single word spoken. To add to that word, Reevi started to melt from her legs and puddle on the ground around her, crawling along the wall like it was trying to decorate the pristine white walls with a few stripes.

Isuelt's eyes watched the incredible display of Katt's Reevi, as it began to coat the floor and walls of the glass cell. Isuelt watched with two sets of memories, only one of which had any idea of what was going on: Renna's. "What....what are you?" Isuelt looked at Katt with a narrowed squint, appalled.

"You know...I don't even know anymore." She chuckled quietly as she tilted her head. It was true. Even Chaos flipped out when he realized that his 'precious Dark Lily' had been...transformed. Changed. One could thank Edward for that. "Now...if you stay over there you won't have any worries but give me a reason..." The warning came with a display as a line of the Reevi came to life and long, thin barbed spikes shot forth. Not at Issy but it stretched out far enough to take up half the room before retreating back into the thin line along the wall. Spiked walls, ftw!

Isuelt’s dark gaze watched Katt's show. Isuelt wasn't a barbarian; no matter what Renna did to her, there was still that disciplined soldier underneath everything. She understood when to attack and when to bide her time. Study the enemy, that is what she always did nearly every day of her life. Though 'enemy' was a loose term. Study people, study surroundings. Isuelt was a warrior deep in her blood, even if something added coursed through her now. The women were quiet for a long time, Isuelt paced only twice and slowly at that before she came to stop and turn her leather-encased body to Katt. "So, you're a prisoner in here, too? Why? Why did you choose to lock yourself up here with me if you thought I was such a danger as to put me in here in the first place?"

That question...Katt had reasons and some she didn't really want to admit. "It got you to come with me easier, for one. Yeah, I know...placing myself in a cage with a wild Isuelt isn't the best of ideas and you could very likely kill me..." Mostly because Katt really had no intentions on fighting back, "But it was the easiest and safest way to get you here." She rolled her shoulders slowly. "There is also the question I have... that I hope Edward will be able to answer when he arrives..." She tilted her head and eyed Issy, "That being...Yes he was able to remove the Manticore from me but what about Shadow? Or am I in the same boat as you...? If I am in the same boat, better I be here just in case, no?" Another shrug and she looked away, hoping to see her brother. "In any case, I took everything into consideration..."

Isuelt was silent as she listened to Katt, weighing several responses and retorts. She had indeed had gaps in her memories and for a number of months had been feeling like she was being haunted by Renna. But now, she knew that it wasn't magical demonology or a haunting, nor was she going crazy. She knew something in her had changed, deeply. But what was most frightening was that, deep down, she liked it. Isuelt's leather corset creaked lightly as she took in a deep breath and landed her hands on her hips. "So...he's okay really?" She shifted her line of questioning away from Katt, away from herself.

"I guess? He basically had DIANA tell me he needed me only to tell me to find you and bring you back. Here is just safer. For both you and him. He is probably weak from not moving for the past few days so he is just being slow. I mean seriously...why would I lie to you about him?" When had she ever lied? Tch. She tried not to feel insulted...

Isuelt considered everything Katt was sharing. "He took on DIANA, unto himself. His mind...his mind is...." She chewed on that for a moment, he had asked for her. Why? Isuelt's eyes narrowed as she pondered.

"Great. That means he is even more of a smart idiot..." She grumbled.

"Not necessarily..." Isuelt’s crimson eyes flicked their attention to Katt.

Katt raised a brow but didn't ask. Mostly because she didn't know what she wanted to ask. It was just nice that Issy was no longer lusting for her blood. For now...

"If DIANA has caused damage to receptors or skewed the neurochemicals so they can no longer reach his synapses, then...maybe the Sister Network would be able to help repair the damage with an infusion of nano technology to help bridge the ...gaps..in...his...brain chemistry." Isuelt looked puzzled just then as she stared at Katt, half surprised that those words came out of her mouth. She didn't know she knew any of those words, much less understand what they meant.

Katt looked somewhat surprised herself. Wtfery just came out of Issy's mouth. No...no...back to the subject, "I would object but my voice has little sway so..." She just shrugged.
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Re: A-Hunting Katt Will Go

Post by Issy »

The Glass Box was designed to be unreachable, save for a lift system that was completely isolated from the rest of the building, directly from the penthouse to the sublevel. The layers of security required to get to the penthouse level itself were near impregnable if you came at it from the ground, and then there was the owner himself to deal with if you could get that far. And then, naturally, there were multiple levels of security to deal with in the elevator itself on the way down. The Glass Box itself was a box within a box within another box, multiple levels of shielding that were supposed to be impregnable to physical assault as well as nearly impossible to transport through.

It still baffled Edward Batten how his sister could get in, though of course there was no getting out for her once she was in there, except by his access alone. It was meant to contain...well, anything. Including him, if things came to such straits. Far easier to get into than out of. So when the odd little shadowy creature came to inform him that Issy was in the Box, it didn't take him long to reach the proper conclusion as to why his sister wasn't delivering this message himself.

He took a moment to strap on the belt that contained his quick-deployment armor around his waist before stepping into the list and descending into the Box. Several minutes later, a door in the single alcove just outside the glassed-in rooms of the Box, so cunningly placed that it appeared part of the wall itself, slid open and he stepped into the starkly lit area. Batten found the two easily enough, his grey-blue eyes finding his sister first. "Well...Ah see Ah ain't de only one in de family fond of gettin' m'self stuck." He looked to Issy next, his expression unreadable as he stared at her a long moment in silence, before he finally spoke. "So. Here we are again, hm?"

Isuelt slid her eyes to the opening door, sliding as smoothly and as silently as you please. Isuelt, at this moment in time, was a paradox. She was all at once seething with rage for him having had this hellhole to throw her into, and overjoyed with emotion at seeing him conscious and walking around. Isuelt's eyes, now two colors: deep espresso rimmed with crimson, watched him with two sets of emotions, with two sets of memories. She trembled only slightly at the sight of him, at the sound of his voice. For the most part, she held herself in check. Her posture, no doubt aided by her wardrobe choice, remained stalwart and straight; the warrior standing at her full height (plus four inches, for a total of 6'3"). She couldn't quite bring her lips and tongue to form any words that wouldn't betray her emotions. So, for now, she simply raised her chin, her tanned skin standing out against the starkness of the room.

Katt gave Edward a look. "It got her here, didn't it? She already looked like she was out for blood..." She glanced from him as she moved from him and Issy as if she was giving them privacy. Right...

Batten stepped up closer to the glass, turning to the side to touch a panel recessed into the wall, glancing into the room at Katt. "Ah can let ya outta dere, if ya want. Ah know how much ya love enclosed spaces." He stood by to open a way of she wanted it, looking back at Issy again. "Ya know...it felt like I was never gonna find what I was lookin' for, lost in all dat light, when Ah was out. Felt like Ah lost somet'in', only Ah couldn' r'member what I lost. Wasn't till Ah saw you, lookin' t'rough dat light, dat I hadn' lost it at all...Ah just didn' recognize what Ah'd found de last time Ah saw it. So, b'fore we get started, tell me...who'm Ah talkin' to?"

Isuelt silently watched Batten and then glanced to Katt at the promise of an exit. Then he addressed her again. She listened to his words; words that a romantic might deem as meaningful. But Isuelt thought that would be too easy, too unlike the Playboy. She stepped forward, slowly making her way toward the glass. For a long moment her neutral expression studied him, belying the tumultuous storm raging beneath her skin, in her mind. She blinked slowly and raised her right hand to lay her palm against the cold glass before Batten, her fingers pointed up. Another few breaths and she finally spoke in a voice that sounded more like the Isuelt who had first arrived in Rhydin all those years ago: a whisky-soaked mix of rasp and velvet. "Who do you want to be talking to right now?"

Yeah, Edward knew far too well that Katt didn't like this situation without her saying a word. Luckily for him, he didn't have to relive the nightmare of her wailing bloody murder. Oddly enough she seemed to be holding on quite well. Sorta. "That..would be lovely. If you can do it without letting her out. If there is even the slimmest chance she can get out, just leave me in here. I am sure she enjoys a punching bag." Was she...avoiding looking at him? Or trying not to pay attention to the situation between him and Issy? It sure did seem that way. In fact, the Reevi was drawn back to her person, seemingly soaked in by the shadows at her feet.

There was a rippling motion, a wave of black and silver that moved along his body, beginning at the belt and traveling to coat his arm in armor, which he held up, palm out and leveled at Issy and the shadowy wraith that appeared to be Renna, his other hand still on the panel. "Ah'm gonna let my sister out, but b'fore Ah do, ya should know dat Ah've picked up a few tricks. Ya should prob'ly also know dat Ah got a real good, long look at what's goin' on here b'fore Ah woke up." The circular inset portion of the palm began to glow as a familiar upcycling electronic whine was heard. "Ah don't wanna hurt eit'er of ya. But ya better b'lieve Ah came prepared, if it comes to dat." He nodded to his sister, touching a control on the panel. He stepped back and to the side as a section of the 'glass' seemed to melt out and away, leaving an opening for Katt to get through, keeping the pulse emitter aimed at Issy/Renna all the while.
Stepping from behind Isuelt---or rather, from her, came the darkly cloaked visage of someone oh-so familiar. Like a shade, a ghost or---no pun intended, a shadow of her former self; the ethereal thing paced away from Isuelt's body studying the cell with avid interest. It raked its hands along the partitions, then, rounded to look with its large, tattered hood in the direction of Edward, Katt, and then finally Isuelt. Her image flickered, like a bad terrestrial television set, then reformed and appeared behind Isuelt herself; her arms wrapping around the woman's waist with unfeeling, ethereal arms. Two burning eyes glaring at Edward, with a primordial threat. It said nothing.

As the shadowy form left her body, Isuelt’s eyes closed. They remained closed as the cloaked visage took stock of the surroundings, though it seemed as if Isuelt’s breathing and heart rate picked up. Once Renna's ethereal form slid up alongside Isuelt again and wrapped its arms around her body, the warrior's eyes opened. A fleeting, possibly easily missed whimper of euphoria escaped Isuelt’s lips. Her eyes opened to the sound of Batten's voice then focused on the image of him leveling his pulse emitter at her. For a moment Isuelt’s expression registered as hurt as she blinked at him. She glanced to her own naked palm that was still up against the glass in a gesture of connection, of touch. She let her hand slide down and away so that it was once more at her side. This time when she shifted her dark gaze to Batten, the heartbroken expression had evaporated. What was left now for him was a cold glare of bitterness.

There was a soundless sigh as Katt listened to her brother and turned just in time to see him nod in her direction. A side glance was made to Issy and that is when she saw the spectre. A small frowned tugged her lips as she looked to her brother. There was so much she could say at that moment but she didn't. She bit her tongue and stepped through the exit her brother provided, an extra bit of protection was a rather elongated shadow left in her wake that would only retract once she was out and the door was on its way to closing. She moved to the far end of the room, staying out of her brother's way while he did what he needed to do but just far enough that if anything happened, she was going to step in. By the way he held himself, however, she doubted he would need her in the slightest. Heck, part of her was expecting to be dismissed.

Batten moved just enough to let his sister out, his eyes on Renna/Issy all the while. He hadn't missed a single thing - the gesture, the look on her face, the way the shade had moved around looking at this...cage. Any of it. Yes, this was his Renna in this cage. But that didn't matter. His Renna or not, he wasn't about to let her take over the body of one of his best friends. But, like most situations in his life, this was not simply a matter of 'lock it in a box and forget about it.' As soon as she slipped out, he stepped through the hole, into the box, speaking over his shoulder. "Now, close it up. And no arguments, sis. Ah promise, Ah know what Ah'm doing." Pause. "Fer real dis time." The arm stayed up until the wall closed up behind him, at which point he lowered it. The armor withdrew at the motion, and he moved towards a nearby chair - stark white, like the rest of the room - and sat in it. "Now, to answer your question, Ah'd rat'er not be havin' dis talk at all. But we got a problem. See...dere's only room enough in dat body fer one person. An' it's already got a claim on it, so dat means dere's one person too many in dat head. Question is, what we gonna do to fix dat?"

As Batten stepped through the glass and the opening closed behind him, Isuelt's eyebrow arched lightly. And as the armor peeled away, she canted her head. He was stepping into the chamber with her? And disarming himself for the moment? Isuelt watched in silence, still standing near the glass as he picked his way to the chair, stepping past shattered glass and wooden scraps about the floor. Perhaps it was a good thing she left that one chair alone instead of smashing it like she had the other. Where Katt had been standing remained small pools of black goop, the melted shards Isuelt had sent flying. The pristine room had seen a bit of action this morning. Isuelt turned her head to study Batten in the chair. She was having such a difficult time concentrating on his words; there were two sets of thoughts running through her brain. She was ravished at the sight of him; he was okay, he was walking around, he sounded like himself. Half of her wanted to run to him and crush him in a bear hug. The other half of her wanted to crush his skull against the wall; she was infuriated to be in this prison once again. She felt like screaming at him until his ears bled...and she felt like screaming for help. Isuelt was fighting for control of one or the other, this in-between was making her head ache. The blood at her nostril and upper lip was a dark red, but if she went on longer in this mental anguish, she would not be surprised if it started to flow again. Her legs faltered slightly and in the wardrobe choice of the day, she looked like a long-legged colt starting to walk. She half-stepped, half-stumbled over to another of the vases with the white roses and grabbed onto it only to smash it against the wall nearest to her. The gentle tinkling of crystal fragments as they hit the floor tried their best to sound like music. Isuelt turned in her frustration to approach Batten, though halfway there, she fell and went down to a knee as she winced.

Katt sighed quietly. She knew he was going to do that before she even stepped out. Scratching the back of her neck she watched him helplessly as he entered the 'glass cage'. She didn't say anything but rather just painfully sat back and waited.

Batten watched Issy, though he didn't move. This was all kinds of confusing. He could see both women in the same body, in every expression, every movement, every breath she took. One, a woman he loved, the mother of his son, in spirit if not substance; the other, one of the two toughest, most loyal women he'd ever known, a true friend and, as the saying goes, tough as nails. Fortunately, he'd had some time to consider how to handle this...at least, in the short term. "Ya know, Ah had a lot of time out dere. At least, it seems like it. S'all still a bit fuzzy, 'cept for a couple things." He looked a Katt with a lopsided grin. "Dere was you, pokin' at me. Or...somet'in' like dat. Not sure if ya heard me tellin' ya to hold yer horses or not." The grin faded from his features as he looked back at Issy. "And den dere was...dis. You. So...Ah'd like to talk to Issy first, please. Ah'd much rat'er ya let her talk to me willingly, but...well, like Ah said before, Ah came prepared."

Isuelt was now sitting on the floor, looking at the impractical stiletto boots she was wearing. Again, Isuelt couldn't remember buying them, but her fingers eventually got to work unbuckling them and sliding the patent leather from her thighs and calves, letting the shoes (street walker boots, as she would call them) collapse to the side. Her dark hair tumbled past her shoulders, half obscuring her face. She shivered as she somehow managed to sit cross-legged on the floor, now barefoot. She hung her head in silence for a while before her voice began. "I'm sorry," quietly and almost small. "I didn't understand what was happening. And I ....I just didn't know how to tell you. And then everything happened with Scarlett. And that was so much more important. And then you....you just collapsed. And I...I spent as much time with you as I could just hoping you'd wake up." She was rambling now. "I didn't realize...my drinking, my...my vices would bring about what it did. I'm so sorry...." A hand reached up to her face, though her hair still half hid her shame.

Katt turned a bit, glancing out of the door. She had her talks with Issy but it did little. She had told Issy to tell Edward but...not like this. And it was painful to watch. So she turned an eye, but not her ears. Just in case her brother called for her.

That was quite a bit easier than Batten had thought, and for a moment he was taken aback. Still, he'd ever been one to recover quickly, and he shook his head, holding up a hand to stop her. "S'funny, we got dat in common." He turned a half glance towards his sister, a rueful smirk on his lips for a moment. "Ah keep saying Ah'm gonna get better 'bout it, but...well, when ya grow up most o'yer life only relyin' on yerself, it gets to be a hard habit t'break. But I do wish you had told me. Now dat's outta de way..." He sat back in the chair, and for just a moment, he looked...tired. Not just tired, but near exhaustion. He'd physically recovered - mostly - from his little jaunt into the network, and the resulting coma, but he still felt like he hadn't slept in weeks, mentally. "Lemme tell ya what's goin' on. Ya prob'ly remember de last time ya had one-a Renna's viruses...Rage, Ah t'ink it was called. It's pretty much de only virus of Renna's Ah can't beat...least not wit'out changin' de host in de process, an dere's no guarantees on dat workin' once someone's already infected, 'cause it could end up killin' 'em. Renna removed it herself. An' Ah remember it was a li'l weird, 'cause Ah didn' make her do it. She just...showed up after you were unconscious, said de virus had done its job, took it out, an' left."

He paused a moment, remembering. He had never understood what that particular encounter had been all about, but it had deepened the nature of his and Issy's friendship somewhat. "Ah did all kinds of checks on ya after it was out. Hell, you were awake for most of 'em. Ah ain't a doctor, but Ah do have DIANA, who has a complete medical database. An' de only t'ing we found was what looked like minor genetic damage dat should fix itself, which it did. What Ah didn't know was dat 'damage' was really alterations dat..."

He paused a moment, stopping himself before he launched into a technical barrage that would probably just give her a headache and bring a request for a simpler explanation. "...well, to put it simply...she turned yer brain and nervous system into an antenna dat's tuned to her frequency. An' it looks like she's been doin' it for a while, uploadin' herself into you at a trickle, using DIANA's network to route de signal." He was careful to keep his tone clinical. In truth, despite the horror of Renna trying to integrate herself into Issy's body, he had to admire the ingenuity of it.

Isuelt was fighting hard for control. She had never been a quitter, she had never been one to admit weakness. Isuelt was the kind who would rather kill herself going down swinging than let it seem that she was incapable of success. She was mentally wrestling with Renna; and while Renna was more than a formidable enemy, Isuelt had been fighting demons in her head for most of her life. And right now, she had the upper hand. She wouldn’t let it go without one hell of a fight. She listened to Batten, catching most of it. Isuelt finally managed to lift her head to look at him. Her eyes were mostly espresso, though that rim of crimson around her iris was still present. She wiped at her nose, a thin trickle of blood had resumed, but it was not much. Her head was killing her and she seemed out of breath, but she kept her gaze level. Failure was not an option; she was battling for the spotlight, trying to push Renna as far down as she could. It was possible that this was one of the only times that she knew more than Edward Batten. After all, Renna had been whispering into her ear and haunting her dreams, telling her things that horrified Isuelt. Batten was correct, well, mostly.

“She…” she had to catch her breath, “She never took it out of me. The virus. She told me that she…” another round of breathing. “That she pushed it to the next phase. It was just dormant until it finished its metamorphosis. She…she uploaded herself into me, like you said. I…I have all of her memories, her feelings, emotions.” She sharpened her gaze on Batten just then. “All of them.” She held his gaze for as long as she dared. Isuelt was watching images of Batten in the theater of her mind as Renna played them for her; they flipped quickly like a picture book. Isuelt shut her eyes and looked away from him, unable to stop the flow of emotions or memories. Isuelt tried to shift gears and tell Batten what she had told Katt. After all, Katt had scolded Isuelt for not going to her brother. “The virus was only the start. The anchor. She killed herself in front of me. That set everything into motion.” She shivered. “I see her in every dream, every mirror. I’m…I’m losing myself. I’m hanging on by a fucking thread!” She did not yet impart to Batten the suicide confession that she had left with his sister. She was still deeply ashamed about that.

Seeing Issy crying bothered Katt...a lot. It bothered her that the only way she could help Issy’s situation was by telling her to go see her brother or DIANA, both of which Issy venomously declined repeatedly. People seemed to think she and Issy were at odds all the time when the truth was, Katt respected and cherished Issy as one of the few people Katt allowed to get close. So when Issy started acting weird...Katt knew something was up. Didn’t mean that Issy’s words didn’t hurt but she had to keep her cool otherwise who knows what would have happened. Now people thought she had some hatred towards Issy...Pfff...whatever. She’d bear that blame and weight silently. As for Issy's little confession, unless Issy brought that up herself, that would go to the grave with Katt. As far as she was concerned, that was nobody's business unless Issy tells someone.

Hearing her brother was something else entirely. Time and time again he promised her that he wouldn’t keep things from her and yet knowingly repeatedly doing...yeah that hurt on a special level. ‘Specially when she was one that didn’t take promises so lightly. She had much love for the man that was her brother so maybe that was why she wanted to prove to him that she could be there for him? After her talk with Mesteno, though, she had backed off trying or even showing she was bothered with it. As much as it hurt, she wasn't about to let him know any longer. Something else she would carry in silence. Granted, that wasn't going to stop her from calling him the smartest idiot she knows...So she listened silently to the pair though between her brother’s words hurting, and the way Issy looked stinging, she was simply staring at the wall - her back still to them but by now her arms were folded across her chest and her shoulder leaning against the wall. There were no comments from this peanut gallery - just a silent sentinel standing guard.

There was a moment - just a moment - when that unreadable façade cracked, just a little. Grief. Just a flash of it. Grief and...something else. For just a moment there, he looked...old, before he managed to pull it back together. The storm of emotions raging through him was far more complex. There was something he'd seen in Renna, once, that had convinced him she was worth loving, a hidden little glint of light that he was sure very precious few had ever seen, like a tiny but powerful star hiding in the gravitational shadow of a black hole. She had borne his son...she had even saved his life. But that was his life. He was willing to sacrifice it, if needs be. It was true he liked to live walking on the blade of a razor, and that risk often involved as many spectacular failures as it did successes. There might come a time he slipped on that edge and the cut would be too deep to recover from. But it was his life, and while others might be willing to walk that edge with him, he couldn't allow them to be harmed if he could stop it. His voice was soft as he spoke to Issy. Gentle. Not pitying, but soothing. "Like Ah said...Ah came prepared. Not wit'...anyt'in' dat'll fix dis completely, not yet. Ah'm workin' on dat. But Ah do have kind of a...temporary patch dat'll stall t'ings fer a bit. Jus' so ya know...it's prob'ly gonna sting fer a minute." His voice hardened then, just a touch. "But first Ah wanna talk to her." He gave Katt a glance aside for a moment, then looked back at Issy.

Isuelt looked up at Batten once more and shook her head 'no'. She read the expression on his features, she knew the softness of his voice; she'd known him so long and catharsis at his hands had always been a healing experience for her. But this might be asking too much. Isuelt continued to shake her head, her voice wasn't much past a whisper, as if she didn't want Renna to hear. "I don't want her to hurt you." She swallowed and came forward a bit, slowly getting up off the floor. "She's so angry at you. And...what if...what if I can't find myself again?" On her bare feet, she was finally standing once again, not wanting to be looked at as the ailing woman splayed on the ground; though that was what her body was telling her she was. Stubborn. Until the very end. Always.

It was odd. Even though Katt’s back was to them, Edward got a sort of huff from his sister at a distance when he looked her way. It wasn't a happy or playful sound either. If anything, it sounded tired. Well, she was! Physically tired but that was because between looking for him and her nightmares, she had got less sleep than she normally skipped out on. Her foot tapped the ground a number of times, as if she was trying to drown out the sound of them talking. That was impossible of course - their voices echoed like she was hearing them in stereo.

Batten stood from his seat, though he didn't move towards Issy. His voice was, if anything, harder than it was before. "She's...angry at me?" His steely blue eyes darkened as his voice hardened further. "Dat's a goddamn hoot. She's tried to take my sister, now my best friend. She keeps hurtin' people Ah care about, an' Ah keep lettin' it go, 'cause dere's dis part of her dat..." He stopped, looking away, pacing around, anywhere but at the room's other two occupants for a moment. When he spoke again, his voice "Ya know what? It don't matter. She can do whatever she wants to me, but she's done hurtin' all of you." He turned to look at Issy. "Ah really just wanted t'ask her why it was so important to her t'take away de people Ah love most. But it don't matter, 'cause Ah'm done playin' dis game. Katt?"

As he said his sister's name he raised his arm, that rippling pixelated wave sliding over his body and encasing his forearm and hand in silver-and-black armor, his fist closed. What was fired off was no blast of energy, however, but instead a silvery ball of metal aimed at her head. On impact it proved to be almost gelatinous, spreading in a disc against her skin and adhering. "Sorry, Iss...like Ah said, dis is gonna sting." He triggered the device, a means of electronic neural inhibition that tapped directly into her nervous system and began isolating and confining those neural patterns that had been programmed into it.

She can do whatever she wants to me, but she's done hurtin' all of you. When Katt heard her brother say that, her expression flat lined but boy was there wasn’t a feeling there she could tuck away. She shoved it to the side when she heard her name and then there was finally movement. With all her aches and pains, she still moved with silent grace to the panel in the wall. Out lash her hand to smack, rather hard, the black and white panel. That poor flashing blue button didn’t stand a chance. No...she didn’t break it, but she seemed to make extra sure it was pressed.

There may have been the beginning of a smirk on Isuelt’s face as Batten stood up and started to find a little bit of fire within himself. Perhaps that's what she was waiting for. But to do what exactly? He would never know. The silvery adherent plastered itself to Isuelt and a moment's time was all she had to express her fury. As soon as it was activated, Isuelt screamed aloud and again hit the ground, going to her knees. Her hands were at her face and temples trying to pull the substance from her skin as the sharp pain ripped through her head. If she thought she had a headache before, this was a new level. It wasn't long before she was on the floor, unable to hold herself up any longer; she was laying on her side, her hands around her ears.

The button Katt had pressed sent a command into the network, one he had programmed in himself. It was interesting, what having to piece together your whole brain from inside a vast network of information had taught him. It cut off every anomalous signal inside the network that matched the protocols he had found when tracing the signal to its destination. He had tried tracing it to its source, but wherever it was, it originated outside his network, and he had been unable to pass that point. But Batten had been able to isolate the signal and program the network firewalls to cut it off, eliminate the backdoor they had been coming through, and finally alert DIANA to be on the lookout for further signals of the sort. All this was carried out by a simple button press. He couldn't access the network from in here, the Box had been designed to be as cut off from the rest of the world as he could make it. Batten went and knelt next to Issy, not touching her just yet. The neural inhibitor he had designed was sending electrical impulses through her nervous system, which, while not extremely powerful, would make every sensation amplified to the point of pain, even a gentle touch. Her nerves would take a moment to adjust to the heightened input...the best he could do was wait quietly until her body had acclimated.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Isuelt was able to release her head and open her eyes. She blinked softly as she laid there, breathing heavily. Was it over? She could feel her heart slamming against her ribcage and she was halfway afraid to sit up, so she stayed laying on the ground. Her dark eyes, still rimmed in that crimson (perhaps that was there for the long haul?), looked around the room, not really seeing all that well. After a wince, she pushed herself up off the floor so that she was sitting, though she was leaning heavily on her hands for support.

Katt had no idea what Edward had planned and she trusted him enough that she did what was 'asked' without question. For now. There would be some later, especially after watching what transpired. It was when he got close to Issy, she got mildly antsy.

As the room came back into focus, Isuelt sat very still. For the first time in a long time, her mind was quiet. Everything was quiet. She listened to the room and heard....absolutely nothing. Her eyes widened as she looked tentatively to Batten who was next to her, she opened her mouth to say something, but how could words do at a time like this? She launched herself forward at him and gripped him as tightly as she could in a hug. Her body shivered as, at least for this brief moment, she felt alone in her body and in her mind. The silence was glorious and it was a miracle to her.

Batten was almost bowled over when Issy leapt into him but managed to keep his balance, mostly by holding onto her for support. A soft chuckle sounded from him as he pushed up to his feet, helping Issy up with him. "Careful now, chere. Don't get too excited, dat bit o'tech ain't quite perfected yet. Yer liable to feel a little tingle in yer nerves now 'n' den, an' Ah'll need to check it to see how it's holdin' up." He leaned back a little to look her over. "How ya feelin'?"

Isuelt clung to him, her strong fingertips claiming fistfuls of the material at his back, not letting go as the two of them stood up. His question was one that she nodded to, wondering that herself as she sought her mind over. After a moment, she nodded. "Renna's not gone anywhere, but she's quiet. For now." She was immensely grateful and as she looked at Batten, she remembered a similar scenario years ago when she was equally as grateful and how she felt moved to thank him. Today however, there was no passionate kiss. Instead, she gazed at him with a mix of gratitude and concern. "I'm just so glad that you're okay. When you fell... I've never heard a scream like that before. Your pain... I didn't know what to think."

Batten nodded at her response. He hadn't expected to expel her, but he could at least keep her down for a while. "Well, Like Ah said, be careful. Try t'keep a...calm mental state, if ya can." He paused, looking around. "And...Ah hate t'say it, but ya might hafta bunk down here when ya need to sleep. De inhibitor should keep her down while yer asleep, but it's a chance Ah'd rat'er not take. Ah'll make sure it gets cleaned up an' made more comfortable for ya, o'course." He looked up at her forehead, where the silvery disc stood out rather starkly against her skin. "An' Ah t'ink we can find a better look dan dat for ya."

He was concerned about her, of course she was appreciative of that. Isuelt would have expected nothing less from him really. But what about him? "Roommates again, as it were?" Trying to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing. Her smirk eventually slipped, though her hands did not. While she may not have been as stubborn as his sister, she was resolute and waiting for an answer. "You don't look so great, Batten." Said the woman with the blood smear on her upper lip. She really only knew half of what he had been through. And in an instant, it came back to her. The state of the cell, glass everywhere, Katt. What had she done to Katt? It was like she was in the back seat and Renna was at the wheel. She didn't remember how far Renna had gone. "Katt! I...I hurt Katt!" Only then did she loosen her hold on Batten to look around, half expecting to see Katt slumped in a corner.

Batten waved her statement off. "Physically, ne'er better. Mentally...well, Ah had my mind scattered around a huge network o'data and sensors. Just took some piecin' back toget'er. Y'know how Ah like a good puzzle." He turned towards where Katt sat on the other side of the glass, arching an eyebrow. Her physiology was, if anything, even more unique than his, but - as he'd discovered many times - that didn't make them immune to pain. "How ya doin' out dere, sis? Still wanna strangle me?" He tried to make it sound light-hearted, at least.

Isuelt let go of Batten in all except for a tight squeeze on his hand. She knew he'd been through a lot. She also knew that he had gone from helping one person to the next. She looked at him for a moment completely convinced that he was a hero through and through, no matter how he might object to that title. There was a small smile on her lips, and even though it was modest it was the first real smile that had touched her lips unencumbered by another personality in a very, very long time. Her gaze then followed Batten's to see Katt on the other side of the glass. There was a wash of relief over Isuelt’s features to see that Katt was upright, looking no worse for wear than she did. Katt was a tough cookie, Isuelt knew that for a fact. But the realization that she had brought pain to her friend caused planet of regret to sit on her shoulders.

Katt blinked at them slowly from the other side of the glass. Whatever her brother planned had worked. For now. It was a start at least. She looked like she felt but no worse for wear. "I am alive. I will go see the doc about some blood when I have time but for now the reevi has the blood stopped. I won't die today." She assured Issy. "I am glad you have a moment of peace." She tilted her gaze to her brother. There was a promise I'm that stare. "I would never strangle you..." but you are going to get smacked was unsaid.

There was a little twitch of his lips as she said that. No, some things didn't need to be said between them. And it wasn't like he didn't deserve some kind of verbal lashing at the very least. Probably. "Well, in dat case, could ya do me a solid an' let us out? Ah'd like to get Issy to de med floor an' start gettin' a look at what we can do wit' dis."

Isuelt took a brief moment to look behind her, she saw the patient leather boots, shattered crystal and shards of a wooden chair all over the floor. A sigh, "Take it out of my paycheck?" She shrugged lightly, wondering if she was looking ahead to many more incidents like this. For now, she felt more like herself though she was already starting to feel the scratching at the inside of her head. Tickling. Or was that the sensation that Batten had alluded to?

Katt gave him a flat lined look before looking to Issy. Slowly her gaze went to her brother. If he was sure about it...who was she to say no? ...she was tempted to tell him to toughen it out for the night but she was worried that would affect the time Issy had for peace. "Fine." She'd open the door and lucky for Edward, she wasn't on him for a good Gibbs smacking. "On the condition you get some food and rest as well.." a little late in her demands.

The wall melted away at the touch of a button, leaving space for him and Issy to step out. He gave his sister a faint smile and nodded. "Deal, if you will too." Not that he could enforce that, any more than she could, really, but, as they say, it's the thought that counts.
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