People of Importance

Tales of blood and bone from Matadero to the Grove, and all the places in Between.

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People of Importance

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The Law for the Wolves - Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

What started as a coterie consisting of a small motley group of outsiders who found family in each other has long since grown into a little kingdom ruled over by a newly risen fae lord. The relationship dynamic of the members of this court remains fluid and ever-changing, however, as it was from the beginning. Some are lovers. Some merely friends. Their numbers vary. Some stay and some go. All in all they have developed a silent bond to one another and an unspoken agreement to protect each other at all costs.

They are mostly humanoid, though different in numerous ways. Some are even simply human. They are a family of half-breeds and abominations, outcasts and orphans, monsters through and through. And some, even, are soft-hearted mortals who found themselves entangled in the protective web woven by the hearts they touched. Regardless, to mess with one is to mess with all.

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."

At present, the people of and/or protected by this small nation consists of the following individuals: Basic information can be found in each of their linked to character profiles. More extensive details may be added to this thread in the form of full character bios at the discretion of the writers in charge. Any members of the Coterie may post threads to this folder, and invite other writers to contribute to the stories posted here as well as post their own at the collective approval of the folder moderators.
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Re: People of Importance

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Name: Salvador Delahada
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual / Demiromantic
Relationship Status: It's Complicated*
Species: Human / Fae Hybrid (Abomination)
Ethnicity: Spanish
Date of Birth: March 20, 2004
Age: 16 (comparatively 29)
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Astrological Sign: Pisces/Aries Cusp
Current Residence: Matadero, 100 Rose Mill Point - East of Rhydin City
Height: 5 ' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Rust orange/red.
Hair Color: Black/brown blend.
Skin Tone: Tanned.

Distinguishing Features: There is a network of vein-traced black ink on his skin in some places, most notably under the tear duct of his right eye across the cheek. A single steel hoop is pierced through the lobe of his left ear. Two tiny steel spikes are pierced through the flesh under his lower lip on either side (snake bites). Numerous tattoos and scarification, listed as follows.
  • a person's EKG pulse is etched into the skin just under his left collarbone, trailing off into cursive reading l'amour fou done in black.
  • etched into the skin directly over his heart, is a five inch diameter sun with bands of words in a jumble of languages across it, like chains, done in black with slight traces of red.
  • on the back of his right shoulder are fingerprint sized burn scars that have been placed to form a striking resemblance to the star constellation of Orion.
  • from wrist to elbow, on the underside of his right forearm, is a tattoo done in a looping scrawl in black ink which reads: Right here, right now.
  • directly beneath that is a second message reading: Even now, even knowing.
  • the lower half of a compass tattoo on his left forearm, missing the north arrow
  • behind his right ear is an equal sign tattoo done in black.
  • on the curve of his left hip the letters S I N are carved into his skin, an old and continuously touched-up bit of scarring.
  • directly beneath the above is smaller script scar tissue reading the word siempre.
  • more decorative but faded scarring on his inner right thigh reads the message à moi.
  • off center above his navel and under his left pectoral, a curve of looping black script which reads: C'est un désign simple et élégant.
  • a cupcake shaped skull and crossbones with a cherry on top on his outer right deltoid, upper arm.
  • along the curve of an upper rib on the left side, under the arm, the phrase forever is a lie done in small script black ink.
It is important to note the spikes. These are not a form of newfangled elaborate body art. They are in fact a part of his body, connected to an extra joint attached to each of the five lumbar, twelve thoracic, and three of the lower cervical vertebrae of his spine. These spikes are hinged, capable of snapping and locking erect as a self-defense mechanism to protect his back when in danger. Mostly they lay flat along his spine, but in detail are all three inches long, tapering to a point, and serrated on the underside. Of twenty total, two are missing, leaving gaps along his thoracic curve, specifically at T5 and T10.

Physical Attributes: Salvador is somewhat pridefully athletic and exercises daily to maintain an optimum physique for running, swimming, and hunting. He is particularly talented at the free-form sport of parkour, though he never competes. He is adept at knife throwing and the handling of many various melee weapons (swords, flails, whips, chains, polearms and so on).

An extremely little known fact that is not common knowledge because he does not go around telling everybody he meets... Salvador is afflicted with monochromacy, a rare form of color blindness. With his condition he cannot see any colors at all. He perceives everything in shades of gray. On very rare occasions, and only with the aid of an ingested chemical compound, he can see color, but otherwise he is completely incapable. The only exception to this rule is when he is reading auras.

Salvador does not wear artificial fragrances and uses very mild soaps without scents to wash with. No signature cologne nor aftershave clings to his skin. However, beneath the layer of man scent, he smells of blood, steel, rot, and ruin. This is not an overpowering aroma, except for when he is bleeding profusely. See notes below about the properties of his blood.

Metaphysical Abilities: Unreadable to empaths and telepaths. He reads as static. Aura Sight and psychometry, as well as a variety of other supernatural skills, are at his disposal. Extreme aptitude with use of blood magic, blood crafting, and access to powers associated with the Faerie Winter Court. Can form a hardened, flexible exoskeleton on his skin that coats his entire body save for the head above the throat, palms of his hands, and soles of his feet. This carapace is strong enough to withstand and cushion the blows of bludgeoning and slashing weapons, though can be pierced with enough force backing the assault (bullets, for instance). This living physical armor can seal wounds and staunch blood flow to keep him fighting longer. He is also capable of shaping it to his will to form claws or other various lethal extensions of his body to use in combat.

It is important to note that Salvador's blood is toxic and destructive. His blood is infused with the purest essence of the avatar of natural decay. A single drop can be lethal, and he does not smell the least bit delicious to vampires. Though it is often described as acidic and burning cold (like liquid nitrogen), the truth is that the magical properties infused in his blood work swiftly to reduce any animal, vegetable, or mineral to its base elements, returning it to the dust from whence it came. Imagine one of those time elapsed videos of a rotting animal happening in real time. Enchanted items, iron, and fae silver are immune to the properties of his blood, as well as some people.

Due to the infusion of volatile fae essence in his blood, Salvador radiates an aura of death mingled with that of an apex predator that makes natural animals terrified of him on an instinctual level. Normal pets and wildlife tend to react unfavorably toward him, avoiding being in his presence at all costs. Animals of high intelligence such as familiars and other creatures of consciousness, however, may react with greater calm; he identifies such beings as unnatural and it is not a guarantee that he will be friendly with them.

Languages Known: Fae, Spanish, English, Irish, Drow, ASL, Italian, Latin, Russian, Greek, Draconic, Demonic, French, and Welsh.

Other Skills & Talents: Excels at chess and strategy games, puzzles. Exceptionally talented at parkour and knife-throwing. A mediocre duelist who engages in leisurely participation of the sports of Swords and Fists. Amateur woodworker; whittling hobby.

*Salvador is polyamorous and open to new relationships, though is not actively searching. At present, he is involved in serious, deep relationships with two different partners at the same time. They are aware of each other and perfectly accepting of the fact that Salvador is involved with both of them as well as his potential to seek and acquire other partners at his leisure. Though they are not necessarily likewise romantically or sexually involved with each other, his current long-term relationship partners are Skid and Sinjin Fai.
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Re: People of Importance

Post by BardGallant »

Name: Sheridan “Dris” Driscol
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual / Panromantic
Relationship Status: Committed / Unavailable
Species: Human (¼ Elvish on mother’s side)
Ethnicity: Irish
Date of Birth: February 14
Age: “25”
Place of Birth: Canterbury, England (AU Earth)
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Current Residence: Repurposed Pub & Rhys’ Apartment
Height: 5 ' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Fair

Distinguishing Features: Dris, being a rather vanilla sort of guy, has no purposeful markings or additional body modifications that make him stand out. However, being graced with a quarter elvish blood on his mother’s side and goddess blessed with eternal youth, he is a remarkably beautiful man who takes no offense to being called pretty. There is a musical quality to his voice that comes out in his laughter, which he indulges in frequently. His winsome smile is probably the one thing that stands out the most, and he takes great care to maintain personal hygiene.

Though he takes great care to hide them, being an extraordinarily vain creature, there are scars on the undersides of his forearms; a single long line stretching from his wrists nearly to his elbows. Often he wears an assortment of accessories (bracelets, bangles, and a watch) to cover them, and in colder months long sleeves. The only other scars are visible are on his back, old and faded across his shoulders; a rough patchwork of lines that suggest having once endured a medieval punishment.

Physical Attributes: Though he does not spend a lot of time working out, Dris is a lithe and swift individual with a high dexterity. This has helped him in various crafts, such as allowing him great aptitude for sleight of hand, lock-picking, pick-pocketing, juggling, and a bit of contortionism. Due to this, he is an accomplished cat burglar and limbo champion. As added bonuses, it not only makes him exceptionally talented at dancing, but also a remarkable marksman. He is just as adept at fighting with a gun in his hand as he is a sword. Dris favors pistols and the rapier.

Metaphysical Abilities: Dris is cursed with an untrained psionic wild talent of empathy. He has absolutely no control over this ability whatsoever and is “on” at all times. Fortunately, this cursed ability is proximity based and limited to within a ten foot radius. Generally he will pick up the emotions of those physically closest to him before anyone else. This ability can overwhelm him to the point that often he will mistake the feelings of others for his own. He can dampen and buffer this ability by sticking close to people who are capable of shielding against psionic intrusion, imbibing copious amounts of alcohol, indulging in other recreational drugs, and often with the aid of specially alchemically formulated lollipops.

As a bard, he has a very limited understanding of spellcraft, restricted to basic cantrips, ventriloquism, and other performative spells. Dris did not spend much time studying or practicing the arcane talents of his class, and instead concentrated on the more social skillsets of things such as romance, chivalry, diplomacy, deception, love languages, and music.

Languages Known: Irish, English, Elvish, French and Spanish.

Other Skills & Talents: Being an epic level bard makes Dris the quintessential Jack of all trades, master of none. However, for the entirety of his life he has been exceptionally gifted at singing and playing the piano (or other similar instruments such as the harpsichord). Additionally he is skilled at playing various string and wind instruments, such as the guitar and flute. He has expanded upon this to the point that he has learned also how to construct such instruments and for the past several years has developed a business of this trade as an accomplished luthier. Aside from the aforementioned skills of dancing, juggling and other roguery, he is also quite adept at card games (including cheating at them).

*Dris is loosely based off TSR's 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons tabletop fantasy role-playing game. I have been writing him both on- and offline for over 20 years.
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