Eversummer Hollow (Location)

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Eversummer Hollow (Location)

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When you know the language of the land, Eversummer will always call you home…

Set deep in the forests of Battlefield Park, maybe even a touch north of the district's true end but well before the edge of the wilds beyond, a mist shrouded hollow calls to those with nowhere else to go. The mists are kind to those seeking refuge, guiding them to the warmth of the hollow beyond. Those with ill intent however are redirected elsewhere, sent to the far edges of the forest or even into perilous parts of the woods. To find the way, listen for the call of the lark and follow your ear until you reach the edge of the fog.

Should one make it through the mists, you will find yourself in a veritable paradise known as Eversummer Hollow.

Eversummer Hollow lives up to every bit of its name. Even in the depths of winter, the grove is warm and pleasant, like a garden on the tail end of spring, full of life and greenery. Built upon a confluence of Power, the centerpoint seems to be a tall stone tower from which easily detected life-energy flows freely into the land around it.

At the base of the tower is a perpetually blooming rose garden made of red and white and pink giant roses with thorns to match. Pebblestone footpaths circle the garden and spread outward from there, winding through what seems to be the foundation of a small village that is less village and more a hamlet of faerie doors leading to a number of establishments including a warm and welcoming inn, a rowdy tavern, a few smaller businesses, and a large number of private homes.

The Mighty Oak Tavern

Wyldwood Inn

Between the mismatched faerie doors, an open air market has been cobbled together amidst booths made of salvaged lumber, unfinished wood, thatch, or bark. Hawkers sell wares like true silver jewelry, protective talismans and amulets, potions and salves, handmade trinkets and crafts, beautiful clothing, and more. It is said that on occasion, the Wild Hunt visits for provisions and even manages to keep their bloodthirsty ways in check until they leave.

The aforementioned faerie doors open to any number of homes, seemingly fit for the tiniest of the land's creatures or even some of the larger ones. A centaur couple and their young colt lived next door to a multi-generational home of brownies, on the other side of which was a "young" elven family who had fled the lands of Winter in search of a brighter future for their twin children. It all seemed so very... common. And best of all, there seemed to be room for anyone who sought refuge in the Hollow.

The only rule seemed to be posted at the most common entries to the Hollow, burned into wooden signs that all said the same three words;


One thing is for certain, it’s hard to say whether or not you’re even still in Rhy’Din when in Eversummer Hollow.

It certainly doesn’t feel like it.

But so long as you bring no interruption to the peace of the grove, you’re welcome to stay as long as you would like!


Rules for Use:

Eversummer Hollow is a peaceful place that welcomes people of all races and species, both fae and not. It is a refuge for those who have no home or for those who cannot go home.

The only real rule is that you do not bring violence or unrest to those living there. Those with ill intent are usually kept out by the mists and those that do get through are swiftly handled by a contingent of Red Caps and Owl Bears who have been given full permission to punish ne'er-do-wells in whatever way they see fit.

If you would like to come to visit the Hollow, stay there, shop there, etc, please feel free to do so. If you'd like a home there, that's totally okay too, just please keep in mind there is minimal technology and it's more akin to living in a medieval village or even something more primitive than that. If you're looking for a top of the line penthouse with all the gadgets and gizmos, Eversummer is not for you. If you do wish to have a home in Eversummer, please feel free to post about it. I would love to see what you come up with!

Other than that, don't burn it down, don't hurt the NPCs, etc etc, the usual respect things.

There doesn't seem to be any real authority figure save for 'The Princess in the Tower' who gives the Hollow life year round. Most local fae simply know her by that moniker. Others know her as Lady Larkspur or Daughter of the Hunt. There's any number of other names too, but most in the city would simply know her as Vaeluthil Whitevale, former Baron of Seaside. Hers is a benevolent oversight and her only real request is that nobody disturb her peace and that those who like tea are welcome to join her each day at noon in the rose garden outside of the old tower.

Any other requests or questions, drop me a line or reach out on discord!
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