Grant of Karnafexx: 2019 Spring Cycle Ranks Winner!

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Grant of Karnafexx: 2019 Spring Cycle Ranks Winner!

Post by PC » Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:42 pm

With the Spring Cycle coming an end it's time to name the Cycle Ranks winner! The grant of Karnafexx goes to...

Gren Blockman!

Gren fought throughout the cycle with a 80% winrate from 8 wins, two losses, and a single tie!

Congratulations Gren!
The Grant of Karnafexx

This special grant is awarded to a duelist who performs excellently throughout the previous cycle with 8+ duels and a win-rate above 50%.

Usage One
1. Can be used as a challenge grant against a Barony of the grant holders choosing (so long as the title holder is not under grace).
2. Can be paired with one (1) challenge right to convert the grant into an Overlord Challenge Grant.
In both cases of usage read above -- the grant holder will be allowed to appoint their own counter should an Overlord issue a test of worthiness against them. This appointment will supersede the right of a Renegade Baron to counter an Overlords test of worthiness should the grant holder see fit.

Usage Two
1. The Grant of Karnafexx can be used by its holder to either counter or issue a test of worthiness.
a. Should this be a Test of Worthiness: The grant holder will be acting as "Overlord" (without the benefits of the rank: fancies). Renegade Barons may counter this Test of Worthiness as if it were issued by the Overlord.
b. Should this be a counter to a Test of Worthiness then the grant user will act in the role of a Renegade Baron. Like a Renegade Baron, this counter cannot be refused by a challenger.

-- This grant must be used within the 2019 Summer Cycle.
- Na-rae Takamine
Duel of Swords Coordinator
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