DOUBLE TROUBLE: Two-Squire Tournament for Battlefield Park and Old Market!

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DOUBLE TROUBLE: Two-Squire Tournament for Battlefield Park and Old Market!

Post by Mallory » Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:44 pm

The newly minted Baroness of Battlefield Park is looking for a squire -- and is holding a tournament to find the perfect candidate! On Thursday, November 29th at 9 PM ET in the Arena, Mallory St. Martin will be holding a tournament to determine who receives the squireship, and the benefit it confers. The format of the tournament will be determined by the number of participants.

Not the overall winner? Worry not, there’s a second squireship up for grabs! Myria Graziano will be on hand (or, if she’s unable to attend, she’ll review recordings) to award the Squireship of Old Market! All participants are in the running for this, regardless of their final standing in the tournament.

Myria will award the squireship (and, rumor has it, an offer to join Wrecking Crew on a trial basis, which could lead to full-fledged membership!) not solely based on tournament performance but also on the ‘it’ factor that WRC looks for in their members both in and out of the dueling rings. One of the most storied dueling teams in history, a stint as squire & WRC’s offer could serve as a giant boost for someone’s dueling career!

The Arena has been decorated with banners of blue and green, the colors of Battlefield Park and Old Market. Three ghosts from the armory have offered to serve refreshments, though they may appear invisible to those who are not sensitive to them, levitating trays of beer, wine, and the WRC-promoted sport drink Silver Mark: Blue to thirsty patrons. They may also offer cordials of “ghastly spirits” to those daring enough to try them, which may cause the drinker to glow with ghostly light, gain the ability to levitate small objects, begin to levitate themselves, or become invisible for a short time!

((If you like, you can use a die roller like this one to roll 1d4 and get a random result! 1: ghostly glow; 2: telekinesis; 3: levitation; 4: invisibility.))

While there are no registration requirements, space has been left on the corkboard for duelists to declare their intent to compete in the tournament.
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