Warden of Overlook (Cycle Title)

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Warden of Overlook (Cycle Title)

Post by PC » Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:11 pm

Warden of Overlook

Perched on the mountainside the majestic Overlook spies all to the horizon. At one point in time it served as a home away from home for nomads and pilgrims alike. Stark white walls have set many traveler's minds at ease when they crest the tumultuous path along the mountain; its sight with the unmistakable mahogany roof has stood the test of time to grant a safe hearth in the wild seasons. Many cycles later the Overlook has now been fit to serve as a hospitable estate surrounded on all sides by the rich seclusion of the wilderness. With one winding road in and out you can be assured of your privacy during your stay. Equipped with several boilers, an expansive kitchen, countless rooms and halls you will find no shortage of exploration in the Overlook. A myriad of trails exist surrounding the property in the nature and many have dubbed them the Fickle Roads. Depending on your season of choice the webwork of natural paths change due to nature's ways. In the Spring one might find themselves walking along a clearing in the fields; in the cold clutches of Winter a bridge might freeze that wasn't there before. Many a mystery remain undisclosed in this historic site, awaiting its next tenant to share.

Criteria for Winning Overlook
A duelist with the best winning percentage starting at the beginning of a cycle (50% or higher).
There are two brackets, the lower bracket where the race begins at 4-7 duels, and the higher bracket of 8+ duels. The higher bracket will always supersede the lower.
A King of the Hill title. The duelist who holds Overlook at the end of the cycle will receive not only a special grant, the King's Decree, but also a special achievement.

King's Decree
This special grant is awarded to a duelist who performs excellently throughout the previous cycle and became the supreme Warden of Overlook.

Usage One
1. Can be used as a challenge grant against a Barony of the grant holders choosing (so long as the title holder is not under grace).
2. Can be paired with one (1) challenge right to convert the grant into an Overlord Challenge Grant.
In both cases of usage read above -- the grant holder will be allowed to appoint their own counter should an Overlord issue a test of worthiness against them. This appointment will supersede the right of a Renegade Baron to counter an Overlords test of worthiness should the grant holder see fit.

Usage Two
1. The King's Decree can be used by its holder to either counter or issue a test of worthiness.
a. Should this be a Test of Worthiness: The grant holder will be acting as "Overlord" (without the benefits of the rank: fancies). Renegade Barons may counter this Test of Worthiness as if it were issued by the Overlord.
b. Should this be a counter to a Test of Worthiness then the grant user will act in the role of a Renegade Baron. Like a Renegade Baron, this counter cannot be refused by a challenger.
- Na-rae Takamine
Duel of Swords Coordinator
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