Broken Jade

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Broken Jade

Post by Sylva » Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:00 pm

Marketplace - Saturday (3/21) 7:12pm

Her mood was always brightened by music - something she was sure Doran was well aware of by now. Might be why he didn’t seem bothered when she went out to random places to dance. Usually out of the city limits or in the marketplace where traveling musicians gathered to make earnings for their daily bread. Today was no different.

The night was quickly starting to darken the sky, so she started saying her farewells to the handful of musicians and street performers. Spotting a familiar face marching down the street, she raised a hand she tried to flag the rusty haired young man. “Cratos!” she called out as she flailed a hand, causing the coin bracelets along her arm and hands to chime out. Really, her whole person had a scatter of the gold coins that created the lovely little sounds when she moved and they were a great accent to the opalescent fabric she was wearing. When it seemed he didn’t notice her, she excused herself from the small group she was with and started to follow.

She made it halfway down the block before a pair of men blocked her, getting in the way of her catching up with her friend. Blinking, she looked up to the nearest one with confusion but it was only when she focused on them that she realized - these guys looked like the blackguard from the night she helped smuggle a mother and her newborn across the city. That caused her to take a few steps back from the pair before trying to take a few steps to the side and just bypass them. No such luck as a hand that went out from the fella on the end.

“Hey, we are going to have to ask you to relinquish your weapons, missy.”

“Yeah, don’t forget those bracelets and belts of yours.” the other Blackguard spoke out as he gestured a finger up and down along Sylva.

A single word left Sylva’s lips, “No.” There was a touch of a pause and before either could speak, she continued, “My swords are used for my dancing and my decorations aren’t for men.” She spoke mostly to the first man who seemed in charge. His narrow dark eyes and black hair was completely different from his companion. The other man had dirty blond hair and grey eyes.

“Tch,” the dark-haired man spat, “A little girl like you shouldn’t even have weapons let alone be dancing with them. Come on, stop being difficult.” He reached out to grab Sylva’s arm.

“No. They are my belongings,” she grunted as she slid a step back, dodging the grab with grace. Just the simple movement seemed to cause a chained reaction. Sliding her hand down she pushed the sheathed swords over her shoulder to her front so she could hug them to her chest and so they couldn’t make a grab.

The second man grumbled as he tried to get to Sylva’s left while the other blackguard moved to her right. “Just leave them and we will let you go.”

The first man moved forward and on instinct, Sylva shoved the bottom of the sheath up causing the hilt of her sword to meet the man’s face. She flinched, almost instantly, when she heard metal and flesh meet. Long ago she had vowed she would never harm another person and while it didn’t leave a mark, more shocking the blackguard than anything, she regretted it. She almost apologized to him, in fact.

The blackguard cursed and shoved her back into the second guard who in turn sent her spiraling to the ground with a push. The moment her body hit the ground, he grabbed at the sheath. He yanked several times until the latch snapped, allowing the sheath to be pulled away. “We really don’t have time for this mess. Just give us what we want, already.” The second guard took the opportunity to reach forward, grasping her arm at the elbow so he could help himself to the bracelets and trinkets that Sylva wore around her wrist. “You are lucky we are feeling nice today.”

Sylva screamed, not because of the way she was being handled but what the second guard was putting his grubby hands on. Among those trinkets was one that was made of jade and she was a little more than protective over it. So when he pulled it free, she started flailing.

In response to the sudden thrashing, the second blackguard pulled his foot back and sent a well-placed kick into her torso, forcing the air out of her lungs and her eyes watering. Working the trinket free, he wrapped the fine strains of gold coins and jade between his fingers. His attention went to his comrade as he stood.

Before he could get out a word, Sylva sent a kick of her own as the man stood to admire his prize, aiming someplace that was far more delicate on the man. The man produced a howl was much louder than any scream Sylva had given and his reaction was almost instantaneous as he doubled over. In the moment of weakness, Sylva made a grab for the trinkets. She was not giving them up without a fight! But in doing so she left herself open.

The dark-haired blackguard saw her starting to move for the trinket and much like his friend, reeled his foot back to give her a swift kick.

When Sylva saw the boot from the corner of her eye, she tried to move out of the way only to be greeted with something she was not expecting. The steel-toed footwear met full force with her throat in a poorly aimed punt kick that sent her to her back. The force of it left an unusual taste of cooper in her mouth and her gasping irregularly for air.

“You f..hing lil bhch” huffed the second blackguard as he wobbled to his feet, shoving the trinkets of gold and jade in his pocket before unleashing several kicks at the stunned Sylva. After a dozen or so rage-induced kicks, he paused to remove a few more of the gypsy-like trinkets and pocket them, “Won’t need these where you are headed,” he muttered as he unsheathed his sword.

“Come on, Jol. Don’t kill her off. Just grab the shit and let's go,” the first guy muttered as he watched.

“You kidding me, right? She assaulted me! Don’t say you wouldn’t do the same, Dedrick!”

Sylva saw a flash of silver then red...rust? Then blue...She blinked slowly up at a familiar face that now was hovering her own. She knew this face.

“Huh? Where the hell you came from. Wanna die too?”

A young man had dived in just in time to take the sword’s bite to an arm, knocking it out of the path that it was originally meant. Gathering Sylva in his arms, the young man looked over his shoulder and flashed a wide grin. “Please. You couldn’t catch a cold.” With Sylva close to his person, the rusty haired man launched himself into a sprint.

“Motherfu-” Jol spluttered as he still strove to stand straight, which meant there was no way he was taking chase.

“Shit. Look what you did,” muttered Dedrick as he reached out to grab Jol pulled him along to take chase. More like dragged him along which meant the two were quickly getting away. “They won’t get past the guys at the gate. Bleeding and running like they are, they are going to catch attention.”

Not exactly easy running while carrying someone, but it didn’t take long before the fleeing pair was able to slip into a gathering crowd. “Hey, Sylva. You okay?” The young man puffed out the question and looked down at the young woman in his arms. He had only seen a little of what happened but it was enough to send his blood boiling. What he saw when he looked at Sylva, however, almost caused him to stop in his tracks. Sylva was just looked straight to the heavens, her eyes vacant as if nobody was home.

As he made his way to the outskirts of the marketplace, he could tell they were still being followed. It was one of the few times that Cratos appreciated his elven ancestry, though he didn’t exactly want to hear about another man complaining about his balls.

Shelter was taken in one of the rundown buildings forgotten by time or probably caught in one of the many explosions that happened in the marketplace. It didn’t matter how, as long as it was free from obstacles that meant entrance.

Entry was easy enough or would have been if he wasn’t carrying someone. Pulling two boards free of the boarded-up door took effort but once they were inside, they were able to keep out of sight. The place was dusty - that kind of dust that gave off hints that the place hadn’t been used in a month of Sundays. Furniture that was left behind looked like you could scrape off dust with a knife and still only break the surface.

Sighing, Cratos leaned Sylva against his side while he tried to dust off what he was sure was a couch. Hopefully, it didn’t fall through when he laid her down. “We are going to take a breather and wait for those two to scurry off, K?” He spoke quietly to her as he laid her down. The lack of response was worrisome. She needed a doctor but moving her at the moment was going to be difficult. Just clinging onto her while running had been difficult with the wound on his arm.

Slumping on the ground, he sighed. He shoulda ran towards the clinic but then again the blackguard had been pretty much all over the place so he just kind of ran on instinct. Pulling a strip of cloth from his shirt, he tied it around the wound while listening outside. Going out at night would be bad - They seemed to gather more at night. Leaving Sylva alone in her state was also a bad idea. “Ugh,” he sighed as he scratched at his head then looked over to see Sylva had fallen asleep. Well, that was good and bad. Slowly he lowered his hand to the bend of his knee and watched her sleep, keeping a close eye on the shallow breathing. “Doran is going to kill me.”
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Re: Broken Jade

Post by Sylva » Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:39 pm


When Sylva woke, a couple of days later, she was unaware of what had happened during the time she was unconscious.

Cratos managed to get her to the West Side Emergency Clinic and made sure she got aid before he was off to find Doran. It didn’t take long, with Cratos full sprinting, to find Doran but by the time they had returned to the Clinic, Sylva had already been ushered to surgery - the delicate surgery needed to remove slivers of shattered bone, clotted tissue, and assess the cartilage damage. While the surgery was being performed, Doran had been informed that the laryngeal trauma would likely leave long-standing issues but the doctors were doing their best.

By the time Sylva was out of surgery, Maggie had arrived to comfort Doran (or stop him from doing something rash) and Cratos returned from giving the news to those who needed to know about Sylva’s state.

A close eye was kept on her throughout a few days but when she woke, there was no reaction to her state of being. At first, the doctors were disturbed by far off look Sylva had. Clearly, not all of the damage done was physical. Cratos explained how she had that same expression when he managed to rescue her.

Something happened within twenty-four hours of physically waking up. She still wasn’t even sure what had happened but it was like she had truly woken up. Snapping out of the state by some familiar pull - a call to her very heart, that brought her to the here and now. However, she woke up confused and scared. For someone who never been a patient in a hospital, it was all new to her. Looking back on it now, she likely caused more trouble for Doran, Maggie, and the hospital staff than she would have liked. Where her voice couldn’t speak, her eyes surely did. To Maggie. To Cratos. To the staff. And abundantly to Doran - for she had lost the very first thing he had ever given her and now she was causing him - no, them all, so much trouble.

I’m sorry.

That feeling hadn’t gone away. Ten days later and being released from the clinic, her eyes still screamed the apology to all she turned her eyes to. She couldn’t help it. She knew she was only being released because she had a somewhat above average healing, so her body was healing faster than a normal person, but the wrap-around her throat was still tight and she had been informed to ‘take it easy’.

The feeling of weakness she had before the event was still there. The MP3 player and music that Maggie had brought her to cheer her up had helped, a lot, to occupy her mind during the stay at the clinic but there was still too much time to think. Too much room for the self-doubt that was steadily accumulating.

She was skilled with a sword, and a few other weapons, very efficiently but the thought of them seeing her like that scared her. How would they react? Maggie, Cratos, Doran...none of them knew what her life had been like before and from what she gathered, Katt spoke very little of her past as well and for good reason. Sylva swore off using weapons and harming others because she didn’t want to be like how she had been forced to grow up. She was tired of destroying...

When they got to the treehouse, Maggie reiterated the ’taking it easy’ order and also informed Sylva that Nicole had given Sylva time off from work to heal up, that way Sylva didn’t have to worry about losing her job. Her boss was nice like that.

Cratos wore his guilt on his sleeve, hanging behind the group and muttering something or another. He waited so he could escort Maggie home, leaving Doran and Sylva standing at the base of the great tree that the treehouse was built in harmony with. She had good friends and they meant the world to her.

Standing there alongside Doran, she couldn’t help but feel the swell of guilt rise again. Like she had let him down. He must have sensed it because his hand settled on top of her head, brushing at some of her hair.

"We'll get it back."

His words caused both comfort and concern but she smiled all the same. That smile lingered on her way up the stairs. For now, she would focus on healing and where to put the charming bonsai cherry blossom tree that Doran had brought her during her time at the clinic. The rest could wait for a few days.
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Re: Broken Jade

Post by Azure Wayfinder » Sun May 03, 2020 8:49 pm


It was a few days later that Doran brought someone new to visit Sylva. New, but with a sense of familiarity to her, her features... and then she looked into the woman's eyes, solid blue in color, and it clicked. "Hello, Sylva. I'm Doran's aunt, more or less. My name's Azure."

The young woman looked from Azure to Doran, a question on her face, and he shrugged. "She comes from a different time, much like you... she was my father's younger sister, but in that timeline she lived while in ours, she died far too young. She does a lot of travelling, which is why you haven't met her before now."

"It's part of my calling, seeking out what's lost. Sometimes it takes me far afield, but this is home, where I always return." Pulling up a chair next to Doran, Azure sat beside the bed. "Doran says you're missing something, something that was taken from you. Is that right?" When Sylva looked down, she gave the girl a warm, reassuring smile. "Nobody is blaming you. Not one bit. All blame falls on those who attacked you, and I... am going to find them. And that which they took." There was a pause. "It may take some time, the trail is cold but I will search, and I will find them. That is a promise."

Looking from her to Doran, Sylva frowned and mouthed a single word. How?

"She is psi-gifted, like my father and me. Her focus is on the senses, finding connections that reveal the way to a goal, be it a person, place, or object." He took Sylva's hand and held it close. "She'll locate those men, find where they've gone and what they took. When she does, we'll be ready. However long it takes."

With a nod, Azure rose and pulled her chair back against the wall. "I'll be in touch, to let you know when I've tracked them down. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sylva. Take care!"
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