Birth by Fire

Stories, continued and interrupted, of beings from wherever the sky calls to the dreamers, the wind whispers to the wanderers, and the road calls to the determined.

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Birth by Fire

Post by Juniper » Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:33 pm

“Come to us”
“It’s time”

Juniper lay in bed tossing and turning, muttering in her sleep. She was so warm that sweat formed on her brow, covers would be thrown back, only for a bit before she was shivering and pulling them back up. She lay on her left side supposing that was supposed to be more healthy for her during the pregnancy.

Sleeping on her side was so annoying. Juniper missed being able to sleep on her stomach but that baby bump wasn’t going to give her the comfort she needed when she slept on her stomach. After three hours of mostly tossing and turning, left to right and back to left she carefully got out of bed. Grabbing a sweater, Juniper moved to the window and looked outside.

The still night outside gave way to a soft harsh whisper
“Come to us”
“It’s time”

The sound of the voices made her look around. The first time she’d heard them, it had just been her half-awake, half-asleep mind playing tricks on her, but now not so much. She turned from the window and moved out of the house slowly and quietly.

As she walked the hallway and down the stairs, she marveled at the amazing house her husband had built for, not only her but for their growing family. As she walked to the door, she gazed around at all the woodwork, amazed at his skill.

Juniper stepped onto the wrap around porch. With the Waxing Crescent of the big moon and the dark of the smaller, there was no light to her surroundings, it was just after the new moon, so the dark night swallowed everything. Slowly, carefully she moved towards the forested area behind the house.

Embers started to strike the ground where Juniper walked. The embers skipped and danced along the ground; a strong gust of wind ushered the sparks away from Juniper. Strangely instead of going on they started to spread into a strange fire like bridge.
Once the fiery bridge stopped growing, it glowed gently in the night casting light and shadows. Juniper canted her head to the side and waddled towards the bridge, just on the other side of the bridge lights would flicker awake, candles igniting to light the way.

On the other side of the bridge stood Oberon with his court of fall fairies. Juniper blinked moving forward, stepping onto the smoldering bridge bare feet and all.

Juniper stood between two worlds; her wings moved forward and ignited as she gave an awkward bow. Oberon nodded his head and Juniper stood up. Words flowed to her as if distance divided them the words coming warbly

“Your transgressions have be absolved you are welcome to return to your home should you so desire.”

The sound of certainty in his voice rubbed her the wrong way. His confidence that she’d return made him sound smug. Juniper stepped between that barrier fully intending to give him a piece of her mind, the rippling air between the two worlds holding it open for her.

She collapsed to the ground, fire springing to life around her, the rush and roar left a pillar of fire around her reaching to the sky. Oberon had already vanished, message delivered and, well, he didn’t want to be around for the next part.

Juniper started to groan, knees buckling, falling to the ground. Pain was always there lately but this was not comfortable at all.
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Re: Birth by Fire

Post by Mist Gul » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:53 pm

Mist startled awake, sitting bolt up in his bed and panting slightly, disheveled and confused. Fire. Flames. New Life. Those all had filled his dreaming mind, pushing him abruptly from comfortable sleep.

New life? Mist's brows knit as he rubbed his eyes. A tray of various crystals lay neatly beside the clock. Each crystal represented a patient, each stone attuned to the patient, so that he could at a glance assess their baseline condition. Sometimes, he could get to the patient before something bad happened, but babies...?

Babies happened when they were ready to happen. And the pretty fire opal that represented Juniper was literally afire. He leaned over and blew out the flame, wide eyed, before pushing to his feet. He already knew that Juniper had a command of flames, but this was a little much.

"Where are you going?" Betsy called from her sprawl on the sofa with her own daughter, Jesse, and Amaris, and the cats. They were making a late night of eating popcorn and watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Mist paused in front of all of the accusing eyes as he pulled a set of white coveralls on.

"Juniper's in labor, I've got to get to her."

"...Wearing... that?" Amaris asked, making a face. Mist looked more like he was going to go bust some ghosts.

"Fire faes," Mist reminded her, and Amaris nodded slowly.


"Go get into the Caddy, you're not doing that alone," Betsy ordered, getting to her feet. She pulled on a robe and picked up her keys. Mist didn't bother arguing, he just leaned over to kiss Amaris's brow.

"Hopefully be back at dawn," he assured her.

Betsy drove fearlessly down the dark country roads, following her GPS and Mist's directions to Juniper and Nicklaus's home. A fiery glow in the night caught their attention before they reached the house, however. Betsy brought the SUV to a halt, her eyes wide.

"Let me guess..."

"Yup," Mist responded with a dry laughter, "You go on and get Nicklaus moving. I'll get to Juniper."

As Mist approached Juniper, he paused, casting a fire barrier around himself before going any closer. He exhaled softly, and cast a second spell to provide breathable air. She was a fireball of energy. After a moment's thought, he set a circle around her to prevent the fire spreading into the forest and fields alike.

It ate up precious moments, but it had to be done or he wouldn't be able to help her.

"It's all right, I'm here. Betsy's bringing Nicklaus," Mist reassured Juniper, carefully shifting her, an arm behind her shoulders to support her, "Did your water break, or perhaps your fire?"

Juniper giggled a little despite the pain and fear. Her breath hitching when he lifted her up a bit.

"...Don't know..." she panted.

"It's okay. Let's check and see where everything is. But I'm pretty sure the baby is coming," he noted, opening his bag. Where he would usually pull on a pair of latex gloves, this time, he pulled on a pair of heat resistant neoprene gloves. He started to tie his hair back when he remembered... and with a wry smile, just smoothed it back off of his face.

She grunted watching him as she held herself up on her elbows, since he needed his hands for the gloves. When she saw them she gasped “Pot holders…” She groaned as a contraction hit her, mixed with a laugh at his choice. She bore down pushing a bit before head fell back sweat on her brow panting. When he went to look he’d see a spattering of red hair, head already crowning.

“Well, yes, but Amaris insisted it would be rude if I took the happy hen pot holders,” Mist replied, humorous, as he got a look at his patient, which was rapidly becoming patients. He glanced around to see if Betsy had gotten Nicklaus out there, and returned to his bag.

“Baby’s coming, let me get you onto a clean surface,” he explained, removing a sheet of canvas and spreading it beside Amaris before lifting her to it, “Sorry, I know it hurts…”

After a quick introduction to explain who the hell the strange woman was rousing him out of bed and why Juniper wasn’t there instead, Nicklaus staggered from the house into the woods. He was dressed, at least, though his shirt was untucked and his boots tied only halfway up. In one hand, he carried the emergency bag he and Juniper had painstakingly assembled in preparation for their flight to the hospital. So much for those plans. Still, some of the supplies might come in handy. In Nick’s other hand was a physician’s bag of his own, an old design meant to carry medication bottles safely.

Seeing the corona of flame, he blinked, then shrugged as if the sight fell within an expected range of possibilities. Nicklaus set down both bags a distance away. From the emergency bag, he withdrew a heavy blanket, woven not of plant fiber but of a synthetic fire-resistant substance used for extinguishing industrial accidents. He set the blanket down just outside the range of the heat. Then, he went to the physician’s bag, opening it to reveal a selection of small glass bottles. Nick chose one, popped the seal, and drank.

Even in the autumn chill, condensing mist poured from him, as a rime of frost formed on Nicklaus’ skin. Only then did he risk coming close, into the actual fire… which parted like a veil before him.

“Either that potion works differently than I expected, or it was unnecessary,” he mused. “Not a waste of time… I wasn’t going to miss this for anything, be it blood, fire, or zombie apocalypse.” He turned to Mist with a grin. “Part of my philosophy for being a good father: think of my own father, then do the opposite of everything he did.”

“That sounds fair enough,” Mist responded, glancing up as Nicklaus joined him, “Here is your choice, you may deliver or you can support Juniper.”

An impish smile on the elf’s face, he knew the couple had well prepared for this moment after all. Now it was all a matter of allowing nature to do her work.

She reached for Nicklaus panting and wincing “Nicklaus” she cried out as another contraction wracked through her body

“I have dealt with the bloody part before,” Nicklaus commented, moving around to Juniper’s head, “but only with livestock. You’d better manage the medical side. I’m good at support… though if Inara starts fighting back, let me know. I’ve seen a giant infant knock out a grown human before.”

“Hang on. A little fairy lass can break a man’s hand,” he responded, humorous, turning to the matters at hand. He was swiftly glad they had taken precautions, as little Inara’s debut into the world was a glorious burning into the skies.

As all babies must when they are born, Inara left body of her mother with a loud and clear announcement of it to the world. Rather than just a wailing cry, it was as if she was singing a pure and clean note.

But with her second breath, she was good and mad and wailing for her mummy. Mist held her up, wide eyed, as the little creature was alight with flame. He finally offered her to her parents, very glad at the moment that his hair had been cut off.

“What do I do she’s on fire,” Mist blurted out.

“I imagine, same thing as her mother. Fire usually goes out when she calms down.” Nicklaus’ smile was forced, covering his own worries and confusion. He gestured toward Juniper. “There’s usually a cleanup afterward, but it looks like the flame clears away most of that mess.”

She reached forward for little Inara, she was a bit of a mess sweaty, puffing and panting but she wanted the little one.

“Give her here, please.”

Mist noticed that the fire only lapped and licked over his skin but did not burn, it was as if it were an illusion. Though there was a soft warmth to the touch, thankfully it did not burn. Whether this was because Inara was newly born or she didn’t want to hurt anyone who could say. Inara tried to grab at anything within reach. Observant eyes took in Mist, then Nicklaus, then she gave another wail, seeing Juniper.

“Here, Mummy, Papa,” Mist laughed faintly, seeing the little fists waving in the air for Juniper. He carefully lay the baby onto Juniper’s belly and sat back onto his heels with a soft woof of air escaping him, wiping his brow with his wrist.

“Bright blessings upon the child and new mother and father and family begun,” Mist called quietly, weaving not a spell but a blessing, “Warm with the fires, brilliant with the airs, wise with the earth and changing as the waters. Welcome to Life, Inara.”
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Re: Birth by Fire

Post by Nicklaus Burison » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:02 pm

Nicklaus wrapped his great arms around mother and child together, covering them in a hug. He gestured to Mist to bring the fire-blanket over, then wrapped it around Juniper's shoulders, with enough tail left to swaddle their daughter.

Daughter. Back home, a first-born daughter would bring laughter, whether to jeer at or to sympathize with the father's misfortune.

Fuck "home". This was home. Nicklaus was proud of his daughter, his first-born. He had sense enough to leave the suggestion of other children out of the conversation for at least a year or two, but the thoughts were there. He was a builder born, and a great family in an ever-growing home suited him just fine. Still, if it was just he and Juniper and Inara... and maybe a son-in-law... or daughter-in-law, or children-in-law, or not... Nick was learning quite a bit about family variation in Rhydin... that was fine.

He covered his racing thoughts, as always, with action. "As picturesque as this is, I think we should get everyone inside and to a proper bed. Doctor, am I safe to lift them up, or should we get some kind of stretcher organized?"
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Re: Birth by Fire

Post by Mist Gul » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:59 am

Betsy laughed heartily as she got to the scene, the simple joy of a newly born child and the confused mess that the child always wrought upon their new parents bubbled over with her good nature.

"Well, spectacular as that was, this is a simple clean up." the woman remarked, taking photos of the babe and her mum and pa while Mist figured out the logistics.

"Pretty sure fire births will not become popular, anyhow," Mist responded. He checked Juniper over, making sure she was beginning to recover before he nodded to Nicklaus.

"Let's get them to bed. Once she's resting, we'll get Inara checked up and diapered and put to bed, too," Mist nodded to Nicklaus, smiling warmly.
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