Midsummer Team Victory

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Midsummer Team Victory

Post by Michelle Montoya » Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:34 am

"After twenty-four long rounds, the two woman pair of Eden and Michelle have worn the Marvelous Mairead down! Michelle covers Eden, giving her double protection when it comes to Maggie's incoming attack. Eden follows up with one last shield against her, ending Maggie's run in the Midsummer Megacast!"

"Megacast 25! You can tell these two are quite familiar with how the other fights, which I attribute to their time spent together not just as friends but as dueling teammates. Michelle's quick on the draw, trying to get into Eden's head but Eden's fast with that bolt!"

Michelle stared intensely at Eden, "Eek!" then dove into the mud. Eden helped her into the mud, trying to look innocent.

"Eden, you know what I want right now? Burger Shack." Michelle scrambled out from the mud, exhausted.

Eden nodded, "Yeah, me too!"

"Do you want to just pick a prize and call it a tie?"

Eden looked over towards Claire. "Can we go to Burger Shack now?"

"Mmm Burger Shack..." They had barbecue, but it was hard to say no to burgers. Claire eyed the pair in the ring. "You two wanna call it here? If you can settle prizes, I'm willing to call it there."

"Yeah, I'm good with calling this a tie." Michelle winked at Eden. "But she can pick her prize first if she wants."

"Yeah! We can do that!" Eden starts to bounce out of the ring. Or she tries anyhow, but she's kind of weighed down by mud. Michelle followed behind Eden, trying to use her rod to magick the mud off of Eden. Or at least, most of it.

"It's past my bedtime." Claire conceded then called out, "The teammates, friends, have decided not to fight one another and after fighting through a pool of fourteen other fighters along with the elements and my calling, I declare Eden Parker and Michelle Montoya joint winners of the Midsummer Megacast! Give it up for them!"

((Adapted from Live Play with Eden and Claire during the Midsummer Megacast celebrating 25 years of DoM! Huge thanks to the other fourteen participants for their tough competition, and especially to Claire for orchestrating all of it.))
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