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Real World: House Royal 2019

Post by JewellRavenlock » Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:17 pm


February 13, 2019

“...and here’s the latest update on IFL 2017 Champions Real RhyDin,” the newscaster for RhyDin Sports Network began after finishing a story on the new restrictions for unicorn racing this year.

“Since the Iron Fists League took a break year again, the members of championship team Real RhyDin have been floundering quite a bit. To keep the team from falling apart, they’ve apparently tried several other team sporting events including a ping pong league, a local bowling league, and a competitive yoga league which resulted in a surprising number of team injuries.

“After a brief break over the holidays, the team attempted box turtle racing before finally turning their focus to the Duel of Swords and its fairly new system of House Dueling just in time for Madness 2019. With the team made up of mostly Warlords, as well as a number of former (and current) barons and two former Overlords, this seemed like a natural progression in the absence of IFL. Thus House Royal was born with the following lineup: Hope Naharis, Jewell Ravenlock, Eden Parker, Gren Blockman, Kheldar Drasinia, and Kate Turner!

“Stay tuned on RhyDin Sports Network to follow House Royal’s adventures in the latest season of Real World: House Royal 2019.

“Now back to you, George!”
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IFL 2019 Press Conference

Post by Michelle Montoya » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:33 pm

IFL 2019 Press Conference Announcement

The stage was set with a long table and seven seats, yet none of them were occupied. The press and a field of fans who won tickets to the event via lottery stirred on their folding chairs. Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long. A young woman in a sharp suit walked up to the microphone set off to the side.

“Good morning, everyone! My name is Lexi Abrham. I’ll be acting as the new PR and Marketing Director for Real RhyDin this year. I’m thankful to have you all here for this exciting announcement: The lineup of Real RhyDin for IFL 2019. Will Tahlia and Jewell be back to renew their grudge match? Will Gren return, or has he had enough of Kate’s foul mouth? Has Kheldar gone on to a new team to bring them to the championships? What about too-cute Eden? And what other talent has Captain Hope Naharis found?

“Let’s not leave you in anticipation any longer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Real RhyDin’s Team Captain for IFL 2019: Hope Naharis! “A three-time diamond in the Duel of Fists, Hope is a champion of the sport, but she really shines as a team captain, coach, and mentor. Hope led the team to victory in 2017, and we have no doubt she’ll do it again this year. Hope made her way onto the stage sporting her own throwback Real Rhy’Din jersey, the gold and white prestige jacket from their winning season, matching joggers and a plastic infinity gauntlet on her right hand. She waved to the crowd and and took her seat. Before the ceremony could continue she leaned underneath the table and began placing different sponsored drinks atop it. Red Ox, Mt. Yasuo Code Yellow, a pair of wireless Yams by Dro and a Real Rhy’Din inspired handbag by Lewis Veeton.

“Thank you, Hope. Next up, we have Real RhyDin’s returning Assistant Captain: Jewell Ravenlock!” Jewell stepped out onto the stage, wearing some signature black, sequin hot pants and her Real RhyDin “Sugar Snatch” jacket with a pair of sky-high gold heels. Her natural blue hair had been turned black for this season of IFL. She waved to the crowd as she crossed the stage to take her seat next to Hope. “The Empress is returning as the team’s PowerHouse fighter after a perfect 2017 season with Real RhyDin and a notable three wins against Team Fist’s Fashionista, Koyliak VanDuran-Simon! Welcome back, Jewell! We expect great, and uh… interesting things from you, as always.” There was some laughter from the crowd at that, and at least one fan shouted: “Marry me, Empress!”

“Our third member of Real RhyDin 2019 is the current holder of the Opal ShadoWeaver and Four-Time Diamond, Gren Blockman!” Gren walked on stage wearing a black and gold House Royal sweatshirt. Waving happily to the crowd, he missed a cardboard cutout of Jewell in her hot pants and he unceremoniously bonked into it, sending him and the cutout sprawling. Laughter from the audience cascaded around him as he fumbled to his feet, trying to prop the cutout up as well. He realized - too late - in his haste that he was holding onto the breast region. He quickly yanked his hands away, before twirling over to the others, red-faced. After the announcer composed herself after Gren’s debut, she continued. “Gren had a winning record in IFL 2017, and has been on three different IFL Championship teams during his career!” The laughter had died down by now, and clapping and cheering could be heard for Gren’s introduction.

When Gren sat next to her, Jewell patted his shoulder consolingly while Lexi prepared to announce their next member.

“We also want to welcome Eden Parker back to team Real Rhydin 2019! Eden won her first Diamond just this past cycle and rejoins the team as one of its four Heavyweights! Please welcome, Eden Parker!” It took Eden a moment to step out onto the stage, confused by being made to wait and then asking the PA repeatedly, Now? But eventually, she bounced out, wearing an I AM THE CROWN t-shirt. It also read Real Rhydin on the back, but Eden had to cut slits for her wings, so hers just read eal ydi. She waved to the press, smiling brightly, “Hi!”

As soon as she sat down next to Gren, Eden leaned in his direction and whispered, “I thought there was gonna be pie!”

Gren sat with his head in his hands while Jewell tried to console him, then snapped out of it when Eden spoke. “Michelle’s up soon . . . ask her.”

"Our final returning dueler should need little introduction. Partially because he wasn't interested in giving us one," Lexi gave a brief pointed glance towards where the team members were waiting to come out, "but mainly because he is the league leader in total combined regular and postseason duels fought. He's got half a dozen Diamonds to his name, he has been part of a championship team in pretty much every combat league that's existed, and was the runner up in last season's PowerHouse Party Invitational. Kheldar Drasinia!"

The big man stepped out onto the stage. While he was not one for the spotlight, he had been doing these press conferences a long time and was well schooled in the procedure. He hit his mark, stone faced and raising his fists as if squaring off for a fight, held the pose a few moments for the barrage of camera flashes, and then eased and offered half a grin and a wave to the crowd on the way to his seat.

“So excited to see five Real RhyDin members return for a second season! Now we have some new talent to introduce. Up first is the newest Overbaker, Michelle Montoya!” Michelle walked on stage, wearing House Royal Muay Thai shorts over a pair of spats along with a gold and black lion rashguard. She waved at the crowd while the announcer continued: “Michelle is joining the league as Flyweight and trains under Hope at the Active Guard gym.” She took her seat beside Eden and accidentally reached for the wrong water.

“And last but certainly not least, we have Gloria Blaze!” After Michelle entered, a mature-in-age silvery haired woman followed as her name was announced. The newest to the sport of unarmed, she wore a jade, black and gold tunic open at the front showing a plain white shirt, with semi-tight black capri-style pants. “Gloria is a librarian, sorceress and swords-woman and more of an unknown talent joining the team. Judging by her success in other sports, though, we’re sure she’s going to be a valuable addition this season!”

Once everyone was seated, the PR agent waved to the team with a flourish, “I present to you: Real RhyDin 2019!” There was thunderous applause. “We’ll now open the floor, alternating questions from the press and fans. Yes?”

“Hope, will you and the team be cohabiting again this year?”

“Well, actually-” Hope started.

The PR agent interrupted before Hope could answer, “That is an excellent question! The team has a little gift for their friends at the press and most loyal fans. If you would all reach under your seat, you will find a voting card! Using this card, you can help choose where the team will live together this season! Take a moment now to vote, and we’ll tally them up and make the highly anticipated announcement at the end of the session!”

Poll Options on Where the Team Will Live:
  • Penthouse Apartment
  • Renovated Warehouse
  • Reality TV Fix ‘n Flip
  • Tour Bus
  • Survival Bunker
  • Cadentia Campsite
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