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I want to be there with you

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I thought I saw you from a distance
I swore I'd found you once again
Touched on that feeling for an instant
Could not recall just where or when

Like a desert island so long ago
We had a love so hard to find
So full of life, so free and easy
Another place, another time

Take me back
I want to be there with you
It happened just like that
I slip into a dream of you
Take me back
Déjà vu

One soul, one mind
One light that shines
One love so hard to find
Mon dieu, take me back

Some call it fate, some superstition
Some call it luck, it's all the same
Just one of the mysteries of creation
Something you feel but can't explain

Take me back
I want to be there with you
It happens just like that
I've fallen deep into you

Send me a dream or two
Take me back
Oh, déjà vu


Sammy Hagar, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony
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Somewhere Somehow

Post by Elessaria »

Somewhere down the [road]
After you've gone from sight
Our love will be the same
And, whispering your name,
I'll cling to you with all my might

Let me dream of you
But it's true
And wake me up when this is over
Love will be there when this is over and

Somewhere far beyond today
I will find a way to find you
And somehow thru the lonely nights
I will leave a light in the dark
Let it lead you to my heart

There's a love inside us
Deep down inside
That goes without saying
Don't say a word
But I'll tell you just the same
And that love will fan the flame
And that flame will warm the heart that's waiting

You are mine and I'll wait for you my love
You are mine it may take some time
Even if it takes a lifetime
Tell me you'll wait

And somewhere alone
I will be praying you home
I know that somewhere our love

Our love will lead me to your arms

Writer(s): David W Foster, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Michael Whitaker Smith, Amy Lee Grant
When you can't walk and there's chains round your soul
The burden's too heavy and you've run out of road
You're praying out loud
As you stumble through the rain and snow
I'll walk out and find you, I'll carry you home
~I'll Carry You Home
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