Christmas Party 2020!

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Re: Christmas Party 2020!

Post by Canaan »

Unlike his handsome sunkissed beau, Cane returned from Greece the same shade of pale as the day he’d been born. The sun couldn’t touch him the same way it did others, but their vacation left its indelible mark on him in other ways. He was more relaxed than he’d been in recent months, wearing the easiest smile and radiating a serene and friendly warmth that had nothing at all to do with his natural furnace-like state.

He came bearing gifts again, but only for the white elephant exchange this year as Lucy’s invitation had come with explicit instructions! Courtesy of his friend Skid, Cane explained, who’d so very graciously allowed him to raid one of his dragon hoard stashes upon return from their trip, his offering checked both the silly and wacky prerequisites—a trio of Jurassic dinnertime accoutrements! Known for their hard shells and spicy dispositions, these taco-toting beasts are durable and dishwasher safe! There’d been a fantastically pink unicorn taco holder, too, complete with fluorescent mane and tail, but Skid had been unwilling to part with that particular treasure. And who could blame him?

The Cajun made his social rounds between visits to the buffet tables and bar, positively electric for all the interaction with friends and unfamiliar faces alike. He could be found with Isaac as much as without, happily introducing him to anyone he did not know, and spent a good chunk of time talking the ear off the man’s sister, Josette. Mallory and Eri earned a good portion of Cane’s attention now that the former was showing, teasing them about their child’s stubborn Taurean personality and debating the finer points of fixed earth signs. At some point he cornered Koyan and Aiden to say hello and catch up, asking after the death barge and sharing a few pictures of his own boat’s progress with anyone who cared to see it. (Spoiler: there was only a keel so far and a pair of long, perfectly planed strakes hewn from axe-cut timber.)

Towards the end of the evening he disappeared into the candlelit green house with Isaac for a time, and the two may have even been spotted wandering through the garden’s darker paths, hand in hand. Before leaving, Cane was sure to thank Lucy and August for their generous hospitality and wonderful company, and had one small request for the witchy woman that he whispered in her ear on their way out, prompting her to laugh and say, “She likes everyone else better than me, she’ll probably be happy to see you.”

The Cajun’s warm smile was pleased as anything as, after saying goodbye to all and sundry, he ushered Isaac from the garden through the kitchen and beyond.
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Re: Christmas Party 2020!

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The young man who arrived with Salvador had found a compromise between comfort and style, wearing neat blue jeans, newer boots, and a black shawl-necked sweater that was a little bit too big for him. He offered August a handshake, introducing himself as Sal’s friend, gatito, and politely bussed Lucy’s cheek, if she allowed. While telling her how lovely it was to see her again, he presented Lucy with a small box containing homemade macarons. Each of the little confections featured a seasonal color and iced design.

The gift he brought for the white elephant game was wrapped in silver and white snowflake paper. Inside the parcel was a litter box-themed zen garden kit.

After dropping off the latter gift, he made his way to the wet bar for a drink. The sight of so many bottles of champagne made him smile and he wasted no time mixing himself a glass of his favorite champagne cocktail, the kir royale. While he was there, he also grabbed a cold beer for Salvador. Then he went to track the man down in that quiet corner of the garden.

Tempting though it was to remain in the safety of the Spaniard’s shadow, gatito worked his way through the crowd, making polite conversation with everyone he called a friend and gathering hugs from those who were amenable. He returned to Salvador’s side frequently throughout the evening; sometimes, he stood alongside him and smoothed fingers through Salvador’s hair while relaying certain things he had learned during his mingling, and sometimes he retreated into the comfort of Salvador’s lap, leaning into his quiet strength while taking a breather from socializing.

For the first hour or so of the party, the young man frequently returned to the buffet table between conversations to replenish his grazing plate. Eventually, he made his way back to take a seat alongside the Spaniard. He was there eating when Lucy worked her way around to them and spoke to them of the garden and the magic she was cultivating along with her plants. He listened along as she and Salvador talked, and occasionally offered little bits of information he had learned recently while working with PathFinder under Dama’s tutelage.

Though he was curious about the man who seemed to be watching the party-goers and keeping Lucy in sight, he reserved his questions for a more private conversation at home.

When the night finally drew to its end, gatito wished his friends a good night and got in a few more hugs while expressing hope that he would see most of them again before the holidays were through. In particular, he couldn’t wait to see Colleen and her brood on Christmas Eve, and Dris and Rhys on Christmas Day. He also made a point to let Lucy know he was looking forward to having coffee with her sometime soon.

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Re: Christmas Party 2020!

Post by Rhys Germain »

“A party everyone’s invited to? This woman is your social soulmate,” Rhys teased as he and Dris arrived at Lucy and August’s residence.

Though he vaguely remembered seeing the couple during the previous year’s Christmas party at Seaside Manor, he couldn’t remember having been formally introduced, so he remained at Dris’ side through the introductions and gave them a little bit of information about himself. Namely, that he was a mechanic by trade, and that though he had once worked on aircraft, he now contented himself with restoring classic automobiles, both for his clients and for sale. He also gently pointed out his and Dris’ relation to Salvador, so Lucy and August wouldn’t think they were randos who had wandered in off of the street. He thought about things like that!

In addition to the Welsh whisky he and Dris had given to the host and hostess, Rhys had brought a gift for the white elephant game. Wrapped inside brilliant, blue paper was a rather vulgar desk calendar. Hopefully, whoever received it wouldn’t be offended by his rude humor.

After he had gotten himself a drink from the bar, he circulated through the gathering with a plate in hand, making conversation with those he knew. Often, he could be found at Dris’ side, allowing the bard’s gregarious nature to ease the way for him, but he ventured off on his own here and there, too, making sure to spend some time chatting with Koyan and Aiden, Ebon and Phen, Mallory and Eri, and others he considered friends. He even spent a little while watching the other party-goers and keeping a certain Spaniard, and his friend, company.

When it was finally time to head home, he took a moment to thank August and Lucy for having them at their party, and to invite the couple to attend the gathering he and Dris were having on Christmas Day. Then he made his rounds, reminding others of the same as he said goodnight. He was also sure to take the time to hug Colleen, Betty, Coydog, and others before leaving.
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Re: Christmas Party 2020!

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Benjamin strolled in with a lazy grin and bright glitter to green eyes. He was quick to hunt down Lucy for a hug and to pass her the latest photos from his rancho, kids and animals and often errant crows alike. Charming as ever, and looking as if he'd escaped some Lifetime Romance movie (he had), he wandered about chatting and catching up on gossip. He was delighted to see Dris and Rhys, indeed!


He also brought along a horrible, horrible set of prezzies.

"They're good for cats and spoiled foxes and terrier dogs, but... They just terrify everyone else. Don't give them to little kids, for goodness sakes, they run *towards* the screaming," Benjamin explained...

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Re: Christmas Party 2020!

Post by August Evans »

If anyone asked, August was thrilled that he was officially throwing the party with Lucy. He took his co-hosting duties seriously, and may or may not have surprised people by being a social butterfly. He was very practiced with parties, and made sure to meet and greet everyone and offer them a beverage or snack if he found them without either.

As for his gift, August did recently come to appreciate comfortable slippers, and wanted to spread that appreciation to others... even if they looked silly.

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Re: Christmas Party 2020!

Post by Lucy Mitford »

Lucy was thrilled to see Isaac and Cane at the party, her face lighting up at the pair of them. She apologized to Isaac for how quiet her gallery had been, but assured him she was hoping to have some new showings in the new year, and would try to make sure to direct a notice their way.

While she didn’t find the moment immediately on his arrival, Lucy did make a special effort to find Cane later on in the evening, hoping to spend some time catching up with him, and sharing with him some of her progress on her magical abilities. “My flying is pretty good now, but I have to be holding an umbrella. It helps me focus my energies, even if it does look ridiculous. But I have a really lovely one with a carved handle in the shape of a swan. Oh, I wish I had set it out so I could show it to you!”

Cuervo was a bit baffling to Lucy, not entirely sure who they were or who they represented, but she greeted them like any other guest -- warmly and with enthusiasm, welcoming them to something to eat and drink. It would take her some time to figure out (or until someone explained) that Cuervo was a representative of her old friend Bailey.

Lucy was pleasantly surprised when Annette arrived, welcoming her warmly, taking a moment to try to catch up on where she had been since the pair had last seen each other. Once she moved off into the party at large, Lucy leaned to whisper something to August. "I could swear she's a succubus or something. We might want to keep an eye on her."

She recognized Gatito from their recent introduction, thanking him for and marveling at the lovely macarons (“Have you ever seen anything so dainty!?”). When he reminded her of their plans to have coffee, she readily agreed. “Perhaps after Christmas?”

Lucy recalled having met Rhys, albeit briefly, at the Seaside Manor last Christmas, but was grateful for the reminder of his name. When he explained his occupation, Lucy blushed and laughingly confided, “Honestly, I never learned to drive.” But then she indicated her partner, “August has a car though!”

Benjamin got a fierce hug at his arrival, one of her oldest, dearest Rhydin friends. She lingered over the photos of his rancho. “Everyone’s getting so big!” By which she meant growing older---really where did the time go? “You look as handsome as ever, Benjamin.”

Before any guests left the party, Lucy made sure they had with them a swap gift to take or open right there!
At the end of the night, there were two gifts left for August & Lucy. August opened his to find Cane’s dino taco holders. Lucy opened hers and immediately laughed as she found Dris’ Flops the Narwhal inside.

Lucy was initially baffled by her gift, but after playing around with it a little bit she pretty much had the idea! She laughed and commented to August, “Let’s just keep it away from Kitty or she’ll keep us up all night making this thing sing. Or trying to kill it.”

Towards the end of the night, Lucy finally managed to sit down beside one of the fire pits, a glass of champagne in hand (with the bottle not too far away), and just enjoyed the evening and the company of any of her lingering friends.

((Please feel free to post again -- like your character’s reaction to their silly gift exchange gift, or if they wanted to say something to the recipient of their gift. You’re welcome to play it however you like. But I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone playing along and making this holiday thread something fun for another year in a row. I appreciate you taking the time to participate!))
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