Diamond Quest CIII Announcement

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Re: Diamond Quest CIII Announcement

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As was the case in DQ CII, fifteen duelers vied for the Diamond in the 103rd Diamond Quest! In order of seeding, they were:

Jaycy Ashleana
Eden Parker
Caleb Feren
Strawberry Armstrong
Hope Naharis
Salvador Delahada
Ebon Ilnaren
Mallory Maeda
Koyliak VanDuran-Simon
Kheldar Drasinia
Gren Blockman
Terry King*
Bailey Raptis

Mallory breezed through the top bracket with her only close match coming at the hands of Jaycy in Round 2 (a 5-4 win) - otherwise, she beat Koy, King and Salvador with scores of 5-3 or better to lock her place in the championship round. Mallory's eventual companion in the finals was the creature known as Jigglypuff who was bumped to the bottom bracket by Salvador in Round 2 after beating Caleb in the first. From there, Jiggly fought Koy, Kheldar, advanced past King who withdrew from the event, and then Eden before facing, and this time besting, Salvador to advance to the finals.

Once there, though, Jiggly proved no match for Mallory and her opal-created construct as the witch powered her creation to an easy 5-2 victory to claim her very first Diamond! Congratulations to Mallory, and also to Jigglypuff who, perhaps to the surprise of nobody and to the horror of her caretaker, promptly swallowed FireStar, the night's other prize!

Keep and eye on the boards for word on how and when PathFinder will be put back in the mix, as Mallory gave up the green opal upon winning the Diamond!

*Notably, King had a shutout win over Bailey in the second round, the event's only shutout.

((Challonge Bracket is here: https://challonge.com/lb6g0eh9))
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