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Re: Diamond Quest C

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A milestone event, the 100th Diamond Quest was the biggest in recent memory, with 20 entrants, some who hadn't graced the rings in many years! In seeded order, they were:
Hope Naharis
Gloria Blaze
Gren Blockman
Koyliak VanDuran-Simon
Jewell Ravenlock
Huma Evilbane
Eden Parker
Rachael Blackthorne
Matthew Algiers Simon
Jin Chae
Michelle Montoya
Harris D'Artianian
Jake Thrash
Corlanthis Wystansayr
Tarl Cabot
Olaf Von Trunk
Kheldar Drasinia
Aristotle Kruger Allen
Jaycynda Ashleana

For a long while, it looked like Michelle Montoya might take the night as she knocked several veterans out of the top bracket including Jewell, Jaycy and even Jake Thrash in a very close 6-5 duel that secured her spot as champion of the winner's bracket. The loser's bracket was no picnic but Jaycy, knocked down there after losing to Michelle in Round 3, battled her way through Gren, Harris, Eden, Amaris, and Jake to earn the right to face Michelle again for the title. The two women fought incredibly hard, with Jaycy winning to force a tiebreak duel, which she won with a 5-4 score to become the Outback's 100th Diamond as the lowest seed (20th) in the tournament!

The aftermath of the tournament, which resulted in the shattering and disappearance of the Opals made this historical night even more memorable...one that will live forever in the minds of all those who attended.

((Round by round results and brackets are here: https://challonge.com/DQ100de))
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