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Re: Harker & Hall Architecture Ltd. Portfolio

Post by Rhiannon D Harker » Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:05 pm

Dockside Medical Center (including Women's Health Clinic)


Basement Level 2 - Laboratory and Radiology, Pharmacy, Hospital Laundry, and Morgue/Autopsy

Medical Center - Basement Level 1 - Surgery, recovery, waiting rooms, and chapel/meditation room.

Medical Center - Ground Floor - Floor Plan - Child care, reception (with gaming area and TVs), gift shop, and ER (ER reception, triage, and exam area

Medical Center - Second Floor - Cafe/Snack bar, class room, and pediatric wing.

Medical Center - Third Floor - Floor Plan - Physical Therapy, Waiting Room, Lab, Staff Kitchen, Full Bathroom for Therapy Dept., Patient Rooms, Nurses' Station and break room

Medical Center - Fourth Floor - Floor Plan - Doctors' Offices

From the specifications and description of Harker and Hall Architecture Ltd.

The Dockside Medical Center is a full service hospital and teaching complex with a separate women's and newborn care building. Housing for staff as well as medical and nursing students is available nearby. The six floor primary care and hospital building houses a variety of services. Many opportunities for employment are available.

Mortuary preparation services are available through the medical examiner's office on Basement Level 2. The remains of deceased persons brought to the hospital and those that have died en route to or within the hospital will remain in the morgue until cause of death is determined and/or the deceased have been identified and claimed. Pharmacy, laboratory, imaging services, and the hospital's laundry are also located on this level.

Basement Level 1 houses the surgical and recovery suites. The chapel/mediation room is available at all times. Comfortable waiting areas include sleeping loungers and snack bar.

Ground floor services are the emergency room, primary waiting room and registration, child care for patients and staff, game room, and gift shop.

The Myria Graziano Pediatric Wing takes up the majority of space on the second floor. Due to concerns about children being removed from hospitals and other public areas, the wing is equipped with security doors to prevent visitors from entering and leaving without notifying staff. There are two emergency exits in the play area if there is need of an evacuation. Alarms will sound if doors are opened without a staff code. While such systems are not infallible, the goal is to keep the children as safe as possible. As an additional layer of protection, the halls and rooms are equipped with closed circuit cameras. The feed is viewable at all nurses' stations and registration/information desks. The nurses's station for pediatrics in located near the elevator at the rear of the building. While they do not appear on the floor plan, each of the children's rooms is equipped with an all-in-one bathroom.

The Peppermint Cafe and Sweets Shoppe serves soft drinks, coffee, tea, old-fashioned malts, floats, shakes, a variety of other ice cream creations, light meals, and snacks. The cafe is open daily from 7am-11pm, vending machines are available after hours. The classroom on this floor is for the training of medical and nursing students.

The third floor has rooms for patients needing to stay over night or long term for recovery. Rooms are single or double occupancy. Each has an all-in-one bathroom (shower, sink, and toilet) with safety features to aid in preventing falls. The nurses' station is centrally located to allow easy access to all patient rooms, staff comfort facilities and break room. The therapy department including a small lab, waiting area, full bathroom, and staff kitchen fill in the remaining space.

The fourth and uppermost floor houses doctors' offices, a small snack bar, and provides access to the roof and helipad.

((Larger pictures at https://www.deviantart.com/prlunicorn/a ... -764941826))
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