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OOC: Locations

Post by PrlUnicorn » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:13 pm

This thread is for locations regularly used as backdrops or properties owned by the characters.
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Rhiannon D Harker
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Re: OOC: Locations

Post by Rhiannon D Harker » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:55 pm


Harker's Dueling and Defense Academy

Location: Old Temple on the same street as the Old Temple Baronial Manor and across from Nicole's Bistro and Pizzeria.

Owner: Rhiannon D. Harker

Current Staff:
Rhiannon Harker, Jacen Balthazar, Rhiannon Brock (part-time), and Nicole Brock (part-time).
Between them the staff teaching armed combat and magical arts currently hold or have held the following honors:
Three Talon of Redwin titles, three Baronial titles (Old Temple, Battlefield Park, Old Market), two Squire titles (Old Temple, Battlefield Park), and one Keeper of Earth title.

Christina MacLeod (General Studies Instructor)

Current Guest Instructors:
Colleen Fenner is teaching the healing arts.

The academy is a family owned and run business.

Currently, the enrollment is small, about thirty students. They range in age from three to sixteen years of age.

All children are welcomed, regardless of their family circumstances or initial abilities. General education classes such as reading, mathematics, basic science, and first aid are offered in addition to armed combat, martial arts, and, for those so inclined, magical control as well as other training in that area.

The balance of the students are magically gifted children that, due to various circumstances, do not have a magically gifted parent to guide them.

Additional Information

Self defense classes for non students are held after school hours, 7pm-9pm, as well as by appointment on weekends.
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Rhiannon D. Harker
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Re: OOC: Locations

Post by Nicole Brock » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:38 am

Nicole's Bistro and Pizzeria


Owner: Nicole Brock

Enjoy our Italian specialties and pizza in an indoor or outdoor garden setting. Separate dining rooms are available for private parties. We also offer off site catering services with food from many cultures for weddings and other special events.

We are located in the Old Temple District, down the street from the Old Temple Baronial Manor and across from Harker's Dueling and Defense Academy.

Restaurant Hours
Open Monday - Thursday from 10am-11pm.
Fridays and Saturdays - 10am-midnight
Closed Sundays. (with the exceptions of Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day)

Children's Day - During the week of the Children's Day celebrations, children, 13 and under, eat free and families will be given a packet of prepaid admission tickets to local attractions.

Open normal hours for most holidays with the following exceptions:
Thanksgiving Day - 1200 until 1800, but no charge will be applied to meals that day. All are welcome.

Christmas Eve - Catering pick up or delivery is available that day. However, the restaurant itself is closed to the general public to allow the staff time to celebrate the winter holidays.

Christmas Day - Restaurant is closed. No services available

New Year's Eve and Day - Open for private parties with reservations only.

Most deliveries, large and small, are available for a nominal fee. Delivery is free to Watch Units, Fire Stations, RASG station(s), urgent care and hospital employees that are on duty, and the Dueling Venues during regulation hours and tournaments.

Sample Menus

Winterfest 2014
Governor's Yule Ball 2013
Private party

Employee Information

Kitchen staff are salaried. Servers and delivery people are paid hourly wages. Raises for hourly jobs are given based on job performance and cost of living needs based on living in the city of Rhydin. Employees of the Bistro are paid double time for holidays that they opt to work. Those that have the day off for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Day will be given holiday pay of their normal wage for the day. Full time employees have paid time for vacation and sick leave. All employees will have paid health care coverage.
Rachael MacLeod
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Re: OOC: Locations

Post by Rachael MacLeod » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:39 am

Office of Rachael E. MacLeod, Barrister
Harker and Hall Architecture, Rhydin Office

Located in Old Temple, across from Harker's Dueling and Defense Academy and next door to Nicole's Bistro and Pizzeria.

The building houses the home and legal office of R. E. MacLeod as well as the Rhydin satellite offices for Harker and Hall Architecture and MacLeod Real Estate.
Owner of the legal office: Rachael E. MacLeod
Owners of Harker and Hall: R. D. Harker, Sr. and A. W. Hall
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Re: OOC: Locations

Post by Eregor » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:28 pm

Garden Tower

Home of Rhiannon Brock and Eregor, this unassuming stone tower sits in the middle of a forest meadow off the main road south of Rhydin from the Old Temple district.

A short driveway leads from the road to a garage where Eregor's vintage roadster is kept.

The drive is bordered by a stone path that continues past to a large meadow, which opens up to reveal a variety of gardens, colorful flowers interspersed with herbs and topiary bushes from dozens of worlds. In the back of the meadow, behind the tower itself, there are some small but productive orchards with apple, peach, plum and cherry trees. There are also a couple of beehives that provide an ample supply of honey. The highlight of the gardens, however, is undoubtedly the mallorn tree, a gift from Queen Teleperien.

Stepping through the front door, visitors to the Tower find that its interior dimensions are far more vast than the exterior would suggest. That is to say, it's bigger on the inside, a phenomenon that would likely be more shocking if this wasn't Rhydin. The wide, circular, two-story entry hall is the size of a small ballroom, with a polished hardwood floor and elegant wood panelling along the walls bearing paintings of landscapes--some familiar, others wonderfully alien. The ceiling glows with a soft light, and there is a decorative structure not unlike a chandelier in the center, though it gives off no light. (*)

Double doors lead further into the Tower from the entry hall, with stairs curving up on both side that lead to a second-level walkway. Other doors open off from there.

There are too many different chambers and halls to describe within the the Tower, but here are some highlights:
- playrooms for children, including one with a built-in slide...

((photo sources - www.the-red-kitchen.com))

- a small but well-stocked wine cellar

((photo source - www.prweb.com))

- several interior gardens

((photo sources: www.businessinsider.com, pinimg.com))

- a very large library

- swimming pool

((photo source for library & pool: tardis.wikia.net))

(*) - The Tower is Eregor's TARDIS, and the entry hall is the main console room; the description given above is when it is not moving. When active, the "decorative structure" descends to become the console and Time Rotor, while the paintings become viewscreens.
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Re: OOC: Locations

Post by Eregor » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:28 pm

Gardenhome Orchards

While the apple orchard outside the Tower was there before Eregor took up residence in the meadow, he has expanded it and added additional varieties of fruit since then. The pathway leading from the Tower to the orchards is lined with berry bushes as well.

These trees and bushes, along with citrus fruits and grapes grown inside the dimensionally-transcendent Tower itself, have come to supply a small but robust business, Gardenhome Orchards, providing both fresh fruits and choice beverages to buyers throughout Rhydin. Many a homemade pie or cobbler has been filled with Gardenhome apples or peaches.

Although Gardenhome does produce some beverages, inquiries about ciders or brandies are generally referred to The Brambles Orchard.

Available products

Fresh fruit:
- apples
- peaches
- plums
- cherries
- oranges
- grapefruit
- lemons
- red and white grapes
- blackberries
- raspberries
- strawberries

- orange juice
- grapefruit juice
- lemonade
- sangria and sangria blanca
- plum wine

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