Five Hundred Foot Devilry Dash!

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Five Hundred Foot Devilry Dash!

Post by Mallory » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:44 am

Come join Mallory Maeda this Thursday at 8 pm ET at Orktoberfest for The Five Hundred Foot Devilry Dash!

A large orange-and-black checkered beer tent stands across the entrance to the race course, with piping hot platters of carnival food and kegs of beer, broot, and BadCider ready to be cracked open by orcish axes. Fistmelda will be slinging drinks as usual (get her attention by saying something like "Fistmelda, beer / cider / broot me!") but so will Mallory, taking up a post behind the bar to fill up some mugs and take sign-ups for the event of the evening, The Devilry Dash.

Participants can sign up in pairs to race together or join a waiting list to be assigned to the next single sign-up, and each will be handed a large two-person SnuggleFleece™ robe in a dashing shade of cultist red. Once there are enough sign-ups (no sooner than half past but no later than nine!), racing pairs will enter their robes together and gather at the starting line for the race course:

A winding track of knee-high hay bales, with obstacles including hay barriers, rope nets just above the ground, jack-o-lanterns gone rotten, drop-in rubber spiders and pop-up plastic skeletons, and cardboard paladins looking to smite the hapless racers with their poster-tube weapons!

After making their way through the obstacles, racers cross the finish line back at the beer tent to claim their prizes: five hundred silver nobles apiece to the winning team, and a free drink and piece of pie for all participants!

(( When I prompt you to, participants should send ?roll 1d20 to the Green Room channel. The goal is not necessarily to roll high, but to get a roll similar to your partner, to see how well you're working together! Only a few points difference is great and earns you a bonus, while greater differences impose penalties. Mallory may give some cues about who's in the lead as the race goes on, but at the end of the race, I'll tally together all the bonuses and penalties and see who's crossed the finish line first! ))
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